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Listen girl! You did not any other place except this mortuary to see your phone? Nothing grandpa Signals are not proper inside this coffin, thus sitting out!!! Is it? So you are…. Who is this? Hello ** Singing Song ** Its me, did you recognize? Who the hell are you calling me & singing song for me Next time you call me I will kill you! Just stop it What is that anger? Its me who kissed you in Krishnakanth Park! You kissed? Shiva? Shiva who is he? I am Bharath! Bharath? Punjagutta Bharath or Ameerpet Bharath! Ameerpet Bharath or Punjagutta Bharath aa? She is just too much! I am unable abuse too! They will take it out in editing! Hey you are looking healthy man! Then why were you taking to hospital yesterday? I saw too many videos & thus my net balance was over! You idiot What is the relation between you going to hospital & your mobile issue? However net balance was over so I slept at 8.00 pm itself! So what? What do you mean by so what? If a person who sleeps at midnight suddenly sleeps at 8.00pm Will the family not be shocked? Thus they took me to the hospital Hello bro Tell me bro I am going to die bro Why bro? Your hair will be black right, then why dye? I am saying I want to die! Going to die? Why bro? Everything is fake in this life My girlfriend cheated me bro! Everything including her car, house, beauty is fake bro! How can beauty be fake bro? She used all filters in her video & when thus I proposed But when I saw her in real, I realised it was all fake! Make up will cover all that bro! She introduced me to a man &said its her brother He is also fake bro! This is too much How can blood relation be fake bro? He is not her blood relation bro He is her ex boyfriend 90% of the girls who introduce a guy as their brother are their ex boyfriend bro! I cannot survive in this society, I will die bro!! So bro, how are you going to die? I have bought poison, will drink it & sit in Yama’s bike & go! All the best for your journey bro! Bro, send your full HD pics Why bro? I will post that pic in facebook with your story! That post will become viral & I will also become viral! You are my real friend & only friendship is real ** Singing song ** Bro has died or not, let me call & check! Bro, tell bro! Did you sit in Yema’s bike? No bro I did not climb his vehicle bro! Why bro? Was there any traffic because of the clouds? Even the poison which I drank was fake bro! Swami Swami Hey Swami Swami is in deep meditation Lets see some video in Youtube! Seems like Tamannah’s new item song is released! Lets see this! Why is it buffering like this? Seems like there is no signal, will see at night! Swamiiii When did you open your eyes? I have just come out of meditation, tell me what is your problem? Nothing Swami So why did you come then? For prasadam? Swami, you are cracking good jokes! Seems like you are seeing a lot of YouTube videos! I am not understanding the mistakes done by me Swami How to understand them, please guide swami Get married soon! Get married? How will we know I mistakes if I marry? Which videos are you watching in YouTube Idiot, listen to me fully! After you marry, point out one mistake of your wife She will not only tell your mistakes but also tell your family members mistakes too!! Why are you dull bro? I helped my girlfriend but still she is angry with me Ohh.. What did you do like that? She said she was alone at home Hey seems like you had a lot of fun! I immediately called her dad & asked where did he go leaving her alone!!! Where is he? I am not feeling sleepy Hello Get sleeping pills for me, I am not feeling sleepy! Take the tablets bro Why were you late? Traffic jam You know right I cannot sleep without pills I am controlling my sleep for this Hello doctor! Hello Who is the patient? He the patient doctor I guessed He shouts my name while sleeping I am worried sir Please treat him doctor! You should be happy Why are you worried? Tomorrow his wife is coming from vacation! We should somehow catch those eve-teasers today! Okay sir Hello You have to catch hold of serial killer Serial killer? Just a second, we are coming now Come lets go Come come Where is the serial killer? Who is he? My husband sir Is your husband a serial killer? Yes sir, from the time IPL has started he is not letting me serials!!! Tell me what is your problem? Seems like my wife has some problem She is not sleeping until 2.00 am at night Not sleeping till 2.00 am? Doctor… Nothing of that sort Then what is she doing until 2? She is waiting to catch me if I drink & come Please treat her!

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  1. Girl friend ki help joke, wife joke, serial killer jokes a bagunnai. Migilinavi assala baledu. Konchem improve cheyandi bro

  2. Kkk concept not bad all the best team harsha anna koncham new ga chapechu anna jai vulli army jai miss u sai

  3. ఎంత సేపు ఆడవాళ్ళ మీద జోక్స్ భార్య లా మీద జోక్స్ ఆ.. అంతా రక్షసులా భార్యలు అంటే .. చూడలంటేనే చిరాకు వస్తుంది.. ఎంత ఇష్టం ఉండేది చూడటానికి మొత్తం చెడగొడుతున్నారు

  4. ఈ వీడియో లో ఎక్కడ నవ్వాలో చెప్పలేదు చి దీనెమ్మ జీవితం

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