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Why am I feeling hungry? Its 3’o clock! Where are your parents? They said they will visit Chilkur Balaji temple, where are they? I am feeling hungry. Please cook something I don’t know right Don’t know? What are you saying? They are seeking alliances for you Why can’t you cook? I am educated independent women What did I ask & what is she saying? Don’t know! What do you want me to do? Order online! What do you want? Order biryani Okay Which location do you want me to select? Select current location No, no current location please But why? It will become a problem! Why will it become a problem? Since morning current is fluctuating Now if the power goes off during delivery time We will not get the food & will lose money too! Sir, Sir Sir Sir Wow, the white board looks awesome! The LED TV is just too god, should I sell it? Look at the marvellous AC Should I sell that? Your coat without ironing looks good, should I sell it? You only tell me which has to be sold! Who the hell are you, planning to sell all my stuff? Why are you speaking like that? You have put up a board for Sales Executive right? I am the most decent & dynamic sales executive! You & sales executive? You are just shouting like a fisherman! Give me a chance & will sell them too!!! I like your confidence levels! Sell this pen to me now! ** Describing the qualities of the pen ** Dear bro! I don’t have intelligence! You need not say that anymore! Since your intelligence levels will increase ** Describing how friends will appreciate upon using this pen ** Even after telling you so much, if you do not buy you will called a fool Super!!! To give you this job you should have a lot of experience! Experience? Since childhood I have been doing marketing! Yes yes, in which company? Since childhood I have sold everything at home, who will have more experience than this!! How dare he cheats me No one has cheated me till now Hey Adivi, wait wait! You went to Himalaya for penance right? Did you see God? Yes, I saw! I got angry & I came off! What, you got angry with Lord? He should send Ramba, Urvasi & such apsaras right thus I got angry! Shit! This car always troubles me! Hello mechanic! I am sending you my location come soon, my car has trouble! Sir, there is some issue in the engine It will cost around 20,000rs Only 20,000/- Its my pure salary! Don’t delay, do it soon! 20,000/- only ? You earn all this with just a single patient & we slog all day to earn this money! We should have luck for everything! You are working on an engine that is stopped engine Try repairing an engine that is still on, then you will realise the value of a Doctor!! Don’t mess with a doctor & do your work We make a stopped engine work, can you make a dead person alive? Hope you have understood that you should not mess with an engineer! Baby Prabhas received 6000 alliances after Bahubali movie itseems Do you know why? For his body he received them, do you want me to get a body like that? You anyways cannot do it That is not the correct reason, think properly! He fought against Kalakeya right, thats why! Why will girls propose if he wins against Kalakeya? Idiot, think properly! What could it be? You only tell Just because he said you are wrong mom & my wife is correct, that’s why!!!

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  1. బాబూ ఆ మైమ్ స్కిట్ లు ఆపండి రా నాయనా…. చూడలేక చస్తున్నాం 🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂

  2. సోది మళ్లీ మొదలైంది…. ఆ సైలెంట్ కామెడి ఆపండరా బాబూ

  3. Doctor and Engineer ది అందులో జోక్ ఏముంది? 🤷🏻‍♂🤷🏻‍♂🤷🏻‍♂

  4. Why are you behaving like this from 4 episodes

    First 2 to 3 minutes why are you doing like this

  5. మీరు చేసే జోక్స్ మేం పేపర్లో చదవడం వల్ల మీ జోక్స్ మాకు నవ్వు రావడం లేదు

  6. ఈమధ్య కామెడీ లో దమ్ము వుండట్ల చప్పగా సాగుతుంది.

  7. Anna me skits ni miss avvakunda chustuntam..we really love n laugh a lot..but e skit lo medicine vaallani takkuva chesi chupinchaaru..dts not oka aeroplane ni tayaaru chesthe neeku evvadu chethulu ethi mokkadu ade oka life ni save chesi chudu telustadi daani value entha mandi mokkutaaro..inka chala cheppalani undi but i hope u guys can nit bhayya

  8. Disliking this video first time and I'm unsubscribing this channel waste of time watching this kullu jokulu

  9. నాకు మీరు అంటే చాలా ఇష్టం మీతో ఒక షో కుడా చెయ్యలేన ఒక్క చాన్స్ ఎవడి

  10. జోక్స్ లేక ముకి చేస్తున్నారు ఇంత కంటే వీడియోలు చేయాడం ఆపేయండి … తు రొటీన్ జోకులు చూడలేక సస్తున్నాం

  11. Nice episode
    First lo vochina mooki drama cheyadam chaalaa kashtam
    We know that
    But ee channel lo episodes anni baaga navvukodanike chustamu🥰
    Aa episodes lo koncham kuda navvu raadu
    Better vere seperate channel okati start chesi andulo aa videos upload cheyandi
    We want to relax from our mental tensins through ur fun bucket episodes😔😔😔😔

  12. galli cricket comedy

    current location ni power location ga marcharu super.

    sales executive lu alagey vundali funny ga.
    బట్టతల వాడికి దువ్వెన అమ్మటం నాకు తెలుసు.Pen కి Charminar అంత history చేబితే, Audi కారు కి ఏమి చెప్పాలి

    Doctor Mechanic comedy బాగుంది.

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