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Where are you running so fast? I am running to get pension You look so fit, who is giving you pension? Hey there is faceaap right, I updated myself as old man in Aadhar Don’t make me wait, if the queue increases I will have to wait till next month Did all of you have tiffin, everyone is okay right? You told the muhurtam is at 12 & its already 1 now If you have any dowry issues tell me, I will clear it using Paytm Your stupid phone will not have all that, sit down Oh, so people who have come from groom’s side, please get up! Okay People from bride’s side get up Good Good All of you please get out for 5 mins Why should I go, we are beer mates sir I am also a very near by relative Me & bride are good friends Me an d bride are childhood friends She said she will not get married without me Have you arranged chicken, mutton or anything like that? ** Telugu Proverb ** This is not wedding, it is birthday party! Baby, are you ready for the ride? Yes Actually, I want to tell you something What? I hid a truth from you Hid a truth from me, what is that? I am married & have 2 kids Thank god, you scared me I thought you would say this Benz is not yours!!! Ameerpet, Punjagutta.. Ameerpet Punjagutta Will you come to ameerpet Yes, please sit! Will you go to Durgamma temple near Ameerpet? Yes, please sit Why should I come, you go to the temple & get prasadam for me too! Aye zubeda… Nice name like buffalo Bomb blast in Punjagutta pan shop Is there your involvement in that? Yes There is, that is why you are here Bomb blast in Almas ameerpet Is there your involvement in that? Yes, there is that is why you are here! Begum Rani in begumpet kidnapped Is there your involvement in that? Yes, that is why you are here Baburao’s banglaw has been seized Is there your involvement in that? Yes, that is why you are here A person who came from somewhere Very simply you have done all the international crimes But still we caught you How did you communicate all these crimes? No voice calls Which means? You communicated via chatting Where did you chat? Come on tell me Am asking you only Zubeda, tell me Zubedaaa… Don’t wake the lion in me Answer my question Answer my question ** Shouting ** Why do I need so much emotion? Not like this. My dear Zubeda, please tell me how did you chat? Google pay Why is he sitting like this? Hey Adivi What happened, why are you crying? Police bet me like hell! That is why I told you to remove the beard & mustach Not like that Then what happened? We were going in car for a friends birthday I kept my hand out while he was taking a U turn Police held me and bet me badly Police bet because you kept the hands out? That is good right, then why did they beat you? Nothing like that That time I had beer bottle in my hand! We all get scared of Narakam, but there is nothing like that there! How can you say that? They only said its narakam right! Why is he calling so many times? Hey, wait I will call you again Tell bobby Hey its urgent Where are you? Come soon its urgent! First tell me where are you? I am beside JNTU lane Near JNTU? I am in Ameerpet & it is 6 7 kms to reach there Poor fellow don’t know what he wants? I am coming wait Thank you What happened, you said its urgent? I want Rs.250 urgently Rs.250? Come lets go… Why did you get me to Ameerpet? Get down, I will tell you What did you ask me urgently? I asked you Rs.250 Really.. huh Sorry I don’t have Don’t have money? You could have told that in phone only right, why did you get me here? ** Native proverb ** To ask that money why did you call me to Ameerpet? ** Native proverb ** Please help me What do you do sir? I am hotel manager! You are great that you serve so many people What are you doing here? Waiting for bus Please help me sir Go What do you do sir? I am a lead actor in a serial Being in so much trouble also you helped me, you are great Are you also waiting for bus? Yes Help me sir What do you sir? Software engineer Software has fallen right? I am trying to lift it Because of people like you only, its still there! Waiting for bus right? Yes, waiting for bus Auto, will you come to Punjagutta? Sir, why walking in civil dress? If we go in police dress, the thieves are running away from us That is why planned in mufty! Now we should chase & catch the thieves Care for people is our duty Who are they sir? Punch ah? This is fun bucket! Sorry sir Who is he running like mad? Catch him Who caught me? Who do you think Sir is? He is an SI in mufty Who do you think am I? I am constable Ranga I am searching for you only, arrest me sir Arrest me sir What happened? Now tell me what happened? Arrest me sir If you don’t tell me why, I will kill you Nothing sir I pushed my wife from floor 2 So please arrest me He did a good work right, why is he scared Sir, we are police Did she die? No sir, not even a scratch for her, she will kill me sir Thus please arrest me sir, I will be safe sir!

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