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** Humming a Song ** Hey Bharath… Hey Bharath…. Hey Bharath… ** Humming a Song ** Bharathuuuu I am seeing you since 3 days, you are not noticing me! Looking at this stone like Big Boss camera! This stone is costlier than the Big Boss camera Ya… I did not notice but this stone seems different!! What do you think of this stone then? Really I feel something is fishy… The ring & the stone do not match each other Did not match? ** Native Proverb ** This stone costs 2 Lakh rupees 2 lakhs? The ring which my uncle gave has many stones but it was 30 thousand Then why 2lakhs for this single stone? You think this is a normal stone? Doctors removed this stone from my kidney For this stone they charged 2lakh rupees!!! Why are you crying like a lady contestant in Big Boss? I look so smart, but no girl proposes me Will you cry for that? Think that you are a boy & I am a girl Why should I think when I am a boy? Listen to what I say! Okay, tell! Thought right? There are 2 people in my house I love you & I hate you I hate you went out Ask me who is there in my house? Who is there in your house? I love you Hey you proposed me With this trick girls will tell me I love you I will apply it on a girl now Hello Why are you getting scared as if you saw a gorilla? You look like that only I will ask you a question What? There are 2 people in your house, I love you & I hate you I hate you goes out Who will be there in your house now? Who else, me my hubby & our maid!!! ** Laughing Therapy ** ** Laughing Therapy ** We have to warm up daily you know Doctor, are you seeing the man who is coming near us? Yes, I saw doctor He is coming to us only! You are joking early in the morning! As a doctor, can you tell me why is he limping? I think he has exerted his left leg a lot & due to that he is limping You have seen all such cases thus feeling like that I think he is having ortho problem in his left leg Oh No Mr.Ruterford You guys have gone wrong My guess says he has sprained his left leg Did he do MBBS in US? Now he is an RMP Thats why his English is like that Hey you Yes, its me ** Native Proverb ** Seems like he is having pain in his feet You are a vet right? Then how are you telling human beings? Is it a human being? Sorry, please carry on He is unable to lift his left leg He must have lower motor neuron No, I object that doctor I think he is hemiplegic Excuse me uncle, can you tell me where can I get my slippers stitched? My left slipper broke Huh this rain Nice smell Girl is also superb If she becomes my girlfriend, I will be the luckiest Let me flirt with her! Excuse me What? Which spray do you use? Why? The smell is nice & I want to buy for my sister Not required Why? Now because of that spray some idiot will flirt with your sister too! What’s your name? Zubeda? You look like gorilla in jungle book cinema How can you be Zubeda? We should only talk about gorilla & chimpanzee Giving builtups like you are the hero of Titanic movie! Why did you come to jail? Why did you come, tell that? Since I was unable to travel in bumpy roads to office, I stole a boat! You stole a boat to go to office? Good you did not steal camera from Big Boss house Tell me why are you here? I got arrested because I did window shopping! Arrested for window shopping, why? After opening others windows, if you shop their stuff will they not arrest? You got 25Lakhs? Do festival my boy! It will be nice even if we get money like this What will you do if you win a lottery of 1 crore rupees? I will divorce my wife with a good lawyer Will it take 1crore for divorce & lawyer? My wife is a lawyer What will you do with 1crore rupees? Go to Bangkok & enjoy my life Will you not take divorce? No because I will not spend money on things that are not going to happen Whom are you calling since morning? Trying to call Mahesh Vitta & tell him that I support him But as soon I call, he is cutting the call Hey they have told to give a missed call Thats online support Don’t you know phones are not allowed in Big Boss house? Hey you get coffee Coffee or tea, take… Hey this is tea Oh is it tea? Don’t you know if it is tea or coffee? Because I did not know, I asked coffee or tea right? Namastey sir My name is chain smoker I am Nagaraju, what can I do for you? Do you know chain smoker Chennai? Chain smoker Chennai, who is he? The one who quit smoking & bought car… Yes, he is my manager Is he there? No Where did he go? After saving for 6 years he bought a car Next day he met with an accident in same car & died!

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  1. నా లైఫ్ జరిగిన సంఘటన నేను నా ఫ్రెండ్స్ ఉన్నాము అప్పుడు నా ఫ్రెండ్ ఒక్కడు ఒరే మనికి ఉనపాలంగా లక్ష రూపాయలు దొరికితే యటి చేశాతవు అన్ని అడిగాడు నేనూ అన్నాను బెక్ కొనుకుంటాను అని అన్న వేరే వాడు నేను బంగారం కొనుకుంటాను అన్నాడు వేరే వాడు టీవీ ఆనాడు వేరే వాడు అన్నాడు నేను మాత్రం రేండూ డ్రయర్ కొనుకుంటును అన్నాడు నేను ఆడిగాను నీకు పిచ్చ అన్ని వాడు దానికి అన్నాడు మీకు లేనిది మీరు అడిగారు నాకు లేనిది నేనూ అడిగా యందుకంటే నా డ్రయర్ నిన్ననే చిరిగిపోయింది అన్నాడు సరదాగా

  2. Its my openion ….

    Bro meru mahesh vitta ni support cheyamante ne channel un subscribe avtha bro bczz

    Me vedios chusevallu okkokkaluki okko fans unatru meru mahesh vittaki vote veyamante vere contestent fans ki kalthadi so un subscribe avtharu

    So bro iam un subscribing ur channel

  3. ఏదైనా రాయే కదా అని Kidney లో రాయి తో ఉంగరం చెయించుకున్నావా

    నేను మా ఆయన పనిమనిషా
    తాడి తన్నే వాడోకడుంటే వాడి తల తన్నే వాడు ఒకడుంటాడు అని

    డాక్టర్స్ అందరూ మీటింగ్, చాటింగ్ ఎక్కడ పడితే అక్కడ పేడితే అలాగే ఉంటుంది.

    Shopping కి బదులు House Searching అనవలసింది బాగుండేది.

    నిజంగా కోటి రూపాయలు వస్తే 9 గంటలకు లేచేవాడు 5 గంటలకే లేస్తాడు.

    సిగరేట్లు మానేసినా ప్రమాదమే అన్నమాట

    super episode
    పెళ్ళికాదేమో అని భయపడేవాడోకడైతే
    పెళ్ళైందని భయపడేవాడోకడా !!!!!

  4. voice and acting of a girl in this video was too good…. She added beauty to #funbucket…. Want more section of videos on her…

  5. Mahesh vitta the waste fellow,cunning and very very worst guy …… The black sheep in the big boss house THE WASTE MAHESH

  6. U r very nearest to 200 episode let's rock those episodes with full of fun this video is very nice but we miss Mahesh vitta a lot and I heartly wishing that Mahesh should win big boss 3

  7. ఈ వీడియోలో అమ్మాయి ఏక్షన్, మాటలు బాగున్నాయి. ప్రతి ఎపిసోడ్ లో వుండేలా చూడండి.

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