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Idiot, why are you following a dog like this? Leave me the dog is going I will not leave you till you tell me the reason If you hold me like this the dog will run away A new voice app, it will enable us to keep a voice password itseems! What should I keep? Let me keep, I love you baby! Anyway I do not have a lover, thus with this app I can repeat saying that! No, it won’t be good if someone sees They will think wired about me! Let me keep a dialogue from SyeRaa ** SyeRaa dialogue ** No it is nice only if Pawan Kalyan says this! Hey let me keep my signature dialogue! ** Signature dialogue ** This is fix ** Dog Barks ** Why are you shouting? I am telling my dialogue here right? Why is it not opening? Did the dog’s voice get recorded? Then my signature tune? Where is she? Heyy…… That’s the matter If I don’t make the dog bark now, my phone will not open idiot! Leave me now!! Hello Yes, I am in hospital only! Now they have taken him to the operation theatre Okay, okay Dear God, I have never asked you anything! Please help my brother God, please save him! What happened? Let us go to another hospital bro Why? The nurse is constantly telling it’s a small operation & nothing will happen bro! That nurse is giving your confidence No bro, you just know half the story She is not telling me but the doctor bro!! After getting married 5 times, the hero is all set to marry 6th time! Is it because of money? Why a question mark when that is the only reason! Oh lord, why did you not give property worth crores? By this time…. Dad What? I want to get married! Enough of feeling happy, will tell a story listen! After the story, you will get me married right? Sure Tell The ladies in the society will have different opinions about different people! What opinions What kind means… Person who struggles more in life Is her father The most innocent person in their life Is her brother The most handsome person in her life Her son only And finally do you know who earns the most? Sister’s husband or aunt’s husband etc In short every other person around her earn more And the most stupid, idiot person in life Just stop it, who is he? Not anyone else, but her husband! I don’t want to get married dad, I will go & study! Why are they sitting with empty bottles infront of them? Waiter Please tell sir Get one beer for me Give beer to everyone here on my behalf! They should also enjoy the beer just the way I do! Go Okay sir! Waiter Tell me sir! Chicken biryani with chilli chicken Give other also the same They should also enjoy the way I am enjoying Go Sir Bill sir Give my bill separately to me & others to them Just the way I am paying my bill, they should also do!!! Take coffee Dear If I tell you to go to your mother’s place & 1 lakh rupees, what will you do? Why will I not get dear? Will you give me a kidney? Why only kidney, I will give my heart too! My wife is so sweet! Will you stop seeing that Karteeka Deepam serial? I will add poison in the same coffee & kill you! God, she might really mix!! Why is our neighbor crying so hard? I did not tell you right? Our neighbor, she bought saree worth 25,000 without telling her husband! Just because she bought saree, should he beat her? Is he a man? Will he not get angry if she spends so much? So cheap! Actually I bought that saree I did not know you will react like this, thus gave it to her I will go & get it!!! Ramana Rao How are you? Yes, I ate. Did you eat? I am going to market, will you come? Oh I have to go to market I thought you would accompany me to the market! If I keep speaking to you, I will be late to market! Okay You will not come to market right? ** Beating ** Will you give me your punches? Wait ma How can you beat a man like this? I should actually cut him, for what he did! Tell me what happened? When I told him to draw money, he asked for paper & color pencils!! Idiot Hello I am in the hospital now, will call later! Hello Hi Your dress is very nice This is not a dress, it is a saree Your saree is very nice Thank you so much! Your make up is very nice! Thank you brother! But still you are not beautiful!! Who is this, I got a call from this number Fan Why was it a miss call then? Diehard fans! Okay, I will talk later Why are you laughing so much? Nothing I made a cab driver mad this morning! How did you do? I booked a cab He came I went near He told me to sit I sat I got down exactly when he started He went away thinking I was there sitting!! Why are you seeing like that? Was your payment mode by cash or by paytm? I have the habit of forgetting! Thus I paid by paytm in advance!

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  1. Super jokes bad comments ni pattinchkokandi bros Bharat Anna nee common dialogue odiyaaamma super adi vinnappudalla navvu aagatle super Tone channel

  2. Doctor joke super
    Krishna astami shubakanshlu
    Telegu one family members👌👌👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. ఓడియామ్మ.. కుక్క ఎంత పని చేసింది 😅😅😅😅పట్టుకోండి.. పట్టుకోండి

  4. పక్కింటి వాళ్ళ భార్యల మీద సానుభూతి మన సొంత భార్య మీద ఎందుకు ఉండదో మనకి.. 😜😜😜😜

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  6. The girl @7:30 looks ugly both with acting skills and looks. Not sure why u guys picked her up. If u continue to work with people like these – ur channel would start loosing subscribers.

  7. SuperB Fun.

    Please Support to Mahesh Vitta for Voting.
    In Bigg Boss house Mahesh was only one only fight please Support him your Team.

  8. కుక్క అరుపులు Dialogue గా Open app లో record అయ్యాయా మరి ఉరుములు,మెరుపులు record అయితే!!!

    నర్స్ ,డాక్టర్ కి ధైర్యం చెబితే మరి నర్స్ కి Ward boy చెబుతాడా ?

    మొగుడుకి పెళ్ళాం దగ్గర ఎప్పుడూ విలువ ఉండదు.

    మొగుడి జేబులో డబ్బులు తీసి పక్కింటావిడ కు ఇచ్చి ఇటు నీ సంసారం అటు ఆవిడ కాపురం రెండూ కూల్చావుకదా!

    మూగవాడు News Paper చెదువుతుంటే చెవిటివాడు విని ఆనందిస్తున్నాడంట.అలా వుంది.

    color pencils & paper తో money draw చెస్తావా ? super

    జుట్టుకి కూడ మంచి నూనె వాడితే అందంగా కనిపించేది.

    డబ్బు కట్టి దూల తీర్చుకున్నాడంట వేనకటికి ఎవడో ?

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