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My ear phones!!! My ear phones bro… I bought ear phones at Koti & seems like this rats have bitten it! What happened? Rats have bitten my ear phones bro! Rats did not bite them! I got a dream of eating noodles… May be… Welcome back to the program “Luck Unte Lakshsdhikari” We have Bharath Behera infront of us! He has answered many questions & earned manoy Shall we go to the last but one question now? Sure, lets go sir! Phone ji get the question please If you are your father’s first wife’s son Which wife’s son will you be to your father? Options A First wife’s son Option B Second wife’s son Option C Third wife’s son! Option D none of these Sir, I have not seen such tough question in my life! I will go with 50 50 sir! So Bharath Behera wants to use 50 50 option! Phone ji, 2 options on the screen please Option A First wife Option D, none of these Masteru I will go with option D, none of these You think you answered it correctly! Why is he asking question upon question? ** Deciding the answer ** Option A, first wife sir! So you want me to freeze option 1? Phoneji Option A Congratulations, you have won 90,000/- So shall we go to the next & final question? Definitely Sir You can take 1Lakh if you answer this I will take it sir What will you do first with 1Lakh rupees? I will count if you have given correctly or not! Very funny answer! Thank you sir Should I ask the last question? Phone ji question on the screen please How does your wife look when she is sleeping? Option A Hot Option B Sexy Option C Ugly Option D None of These In this universe, for anybody it will be a difficult question! Sir, I will go with phone a friend sir!!! I have got a good match for you & his name is Ravi He is a software engineer in America He earns Rs.2Lakhs per month You will not get a better match than this, should I confirm? I am not interested in boys basically I will not marry boys, I like girls daddy What do you mean, you are not interested in men? How did you become my daughter? Oh God, dear second daughter will you atleast marry? Actually I am also not interested in men like her Interested in girls only I will get married to any girl you choose dad What, even you are like this? My God? Why are my daughters like this? Satti, why are your sisters like this? Don’t worry dad, I like men I will marry him!!! Daddy Why should you suffer like this, take treatment in Ramesh Hospital? No son, they will take money from us for unnecessary tests How are you feeling dad? Why should you sleep here, you can happily sleep in AC room right? No dear, it will waste of electricity Why did you give back medicines worth 1Lakh & took money? None of us get money simply son! Daddy Hey last son… Have you also come? If all of you are here then who will take care of the shop there? Hubby dear… What? What are you doing? Seeing spiritual videos of Chaganti Koteswara Rao ji, will you also see? Really, so boring.. Now see.. Now see more Now you know right what to do? You idiot I will book a case against you How can you expect me to wash clothes at mid-night 12.00? Extra marital affairs Its regarding property Dear Give me your phone once Why dear? Give me Why dear? I told to give right? Why are you behaving so wired from past few days checking my whatsaap & messages? You checked my suitcase also last week What is your complexion? What is my complexion? Whitish No I am also fair Because of the electric shock incident, I have become like this! So what happened now? He should be born in a fair complexion like me or you, but why is he black? Is that the reason for your checking? Both of us are hot & unable to bear this heat, our baby has become black!!! Dear, disciple Your life has changed now & it will be full of joy Good time for you has started I am changing your hand lines now Thank god My phone has been unlocked, my lines have not been changed!! Sravya Your eyes are big as Kajal’s Really Your nose is cute as Rashi Khanna Your lips will be very soft like that of Samatha Your dimples are exactly like that of Keerthy Suresh Sravya I told you so many things about you right? Now you can tell a few words about me right? Really? Just now your wife saw us & went home angry!!! Hey Mallesh How are you? I am fine ya Are they your sons? Yes, he is my elder son Namastey uncle I am Dr.Amaram Not the one you think, just Amaram Hmm, so you are a doctor He is my second son Hello, I am CEO Rishi Kumar He? Yes you heard me right! He is my 3rd son I am Alya, Businessman Oh, businessman What does your 4th son do? Wait wait, I will guess 1st one is doctor, 2nd one is CEO, 3rd one is Businessman 4th one is engineer right? No uncle you have mistaken I am a thief Thief? When the other 3 have done so well, why is he a thief? Don’t underestimate him! He is the one who takes care of all of us!! Take it uncle.. Welcome to the Sabha See you have written wrong spelling there Sorry sorry Anjaneyulu, who worked with us for so many years The one who worked with us for so many days Mr. Anjaneyulu He is leaving us & going off Today, he is leaving us Why are they clapping hand when I am going? A new lady is going to come here A new aunty is entering your place that’s why they are happy Unprofessional employees Even after doing the household chores, he used to be here on time Even though he washed so many clothes at home He came timely to the office Though his wife used to beat him, he never used to tell anyone here Even though he got many beatings from his wife He did not tell anyone He is getting over excited, how much did you pay him? No payment nothing, he is going to sit beside the new aunty Oh is it Anjaneyulu who proved there is no short cut to work He said there is no need to work, so claps And the much awaited shawl ceremony The felicitation which you are waiting for begins now! Sir If we have to felicitate, we will have to climb the stool We cant reach you Hey what is this? Why is it so heavy? Since we did not have money, we bought the office carpet sir Because of no money, we bought floor mats from office Oh, remove it Remove Now our Anjaneyulu garu will speak Action Anjaneyulu will give a speech A warm welcome to you So many days Since so many days thank you for bearing me as your co employee Along with all of you, I should also be fine I am unable to control, please cover your nose All are there here, go at the back Now cover me with that carpet!!!

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  1. Sry …………… Late ga chusa and once again congratulations keep contineu all the best for best comedy videos …………………

  2. ఇలాగే చిన్న పిల్లలు నుండి పెద్దలు వరకు ఇలాగే ఎప్పటికీ నవ్విచాలి అని కోరుకుంటూ మన ఫన్ బకెట్ బృందం సభ్యులు అందరికీ హృదయ పూర్వక శుభాకాంక్షలు

  3. the worst copy of fun bucket is 200th copy it is a big disaster in fun bucket history there is no comedy i the jokes we have to laugh forcibly chetha fun bucket i have unsubscribed to fun bucket after immediately watching this video

  4. conversation between arab n customer care(c.c)
    c.c:name plzz
    arab:haa 3times a week
    c.c:i mean male r female
    arab:haa haa male,female shemale,sometimes even camel..
    arab rockzzz..just for fun,its an old joke but generated lot of too a big fan of fun bucket but as every one said nowadays the comedy is getting deficient anna..hope u could do alot better all d best fr ur team n congrats gr ur 200 episodes

  5. నూడిస్స్ అనుకోని Ear Phones తిన్నారా!
    ఎలుకలు ఉన్నాయి అవి చనిపోవడానికి ఎలుకల మందు తేవాల్సింది మంచి నీళ్ళు అనుకోని……………………

    Questions & Answers round joke
    భార్య నిద్రపోతున్నప్పుడు అందంగా కనిపిస్తుంది.silent గా ఉండేది అప్పుడే కదా !

    కలియుగ పిసినారిమారాజు లాగ ఉన్నారు. ఎంతైనా నలుగురు పిల్లల తండ్రి కదా!

    భార్యమీద చాలా ప్రేమ ఎక్కువ లేకపోతే అర్ధ్రరాత్రి బట్టలు ఉతుకుతానండాట ఎవ్వరైనా!

    తమలపాకు,వక్క,సున్నం కధ చాలా బాగుంది.

  6. Congratulations Fun bucket…
    అక్కడ పిడుగు పడింది …కాపాడి ర 😀😀😀😀

  7. Hi fun bucket team please try to support mahesh vitta in your skits because if he win that credit will go to fun bucket

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