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Tell me Bala Hey dear, where are you? Just came out of office! Because it is weekend, don’t go & booze with your friends in bar Get it & drink at home! If you want I will do chicken fry, omelet everything for you at home! Whats wrong with her, she has suddenly changed so much? What happened dear, you are behaving so nice with me? ** Telugu Saying ** You will drink & then get Rs.10,000 fined for drink & drive If you give that money to me, will get 2 sarees! Shut up & drink at home! Son What are you doing? Nothing uncle Feeling very irritating to always remove all the proofs from inside & show it to police! Thus sticking my RC, License and Insurance to helmet! I am impressed to see you If you are so preplanned to escape traffic challans If I get my daughter to you, she will be very happy If you agree I will get my daughter married to you! Your daughter? Son… My daughter will not be like me at all, don’t worry She will be very fair just like you & her mother Okay But suddenly wedding… I take care of future so much right Tell me if your daughter too has some special quality like that, I will marry Oh dude My daughter since her childhood not gone for any special classes!! ** Blabbering angrily ** Hey whom are you scolding so badly this morning? Who else, these traffic police only They have increased the fine badly! A fine of Rs.10,000 for drunk & drive itseems You come drunk from office daily Are you not coming by bike? Why did you ask like that, did you not see me coming in bike now? Are traffic police not catching you? They are fining Rs.10,000 right? ** Telugu Saying ** With that 10,000 I have kept a driver for myself Sravya What? Yesterday your parents had seen an alliance for you right? What happened? Hey cancelled him Why? Is the groom not handsome like me? He is handsome but not like you Did he ask for more dowry? No no Then gold or something… When I am only a gold, why will he ask for more? He did not ask for that at all Then why did you cancel? We should pay all his traffic challans it seems, thus I cancelled!! Will seek another alliance!!! Oh god, what a twist, what a twist!! Mind blocking Saaho climax right, even I did not expect that! Your head I am not talking about Saaho twist I am talking about the popcorn rate outside One min Hello Tell me bro Our friend’s father has got a blood clot in brain & has gone to coma! Oh God, is his brain so weak? He used to stop the ball always with his head during football! Ok ok I will come to see him tomorrow! Because of that only may be there is a blood clot! What happened? One of my friend’s father went into coma itseems Went into coma? Rich people go anywhere!!! Hello Tell me dear son in law How are you? I am very fine son in law! You will be fine even at that age, anyway how is my wife? She is very fine! When are you going to send her to me? I cannot send your wife in near future! Why are you irritating me daily? Whenever you tell me this, I feel relaxed thus I keep asking!!! Stop it Even after government passed so many rules, how dare you roam without helmet? Take out 5000 Sir, I don’t have 5000, I just have 500. Please take it! You think I am an LIC agent to take 10% commission? Take out 5000 or keep your bike aside Sir, hold the helmet Take driving license RC Aadhar card Pan card Voter card Visiting card Seat belt License, RC, Pollution was okay but Why Aadhar card, PAN card & visiting? We can’t trust your overnight rule changes since we belong to middle class family All that is okay, but why seat belt? Seems like you fined a rickshaw fellow for not wearing helmet, thus wore seat belt! If you have everything right, how will we survive? We are middleclass too! Take all this But where is your bike? At home sir! There at home? Then why did you get all this to me? If you okay all this then will get bike outside! Hello hello Stop stop stop Take out all your documents Please move aside License C book Pollution Insurance Everything is right with him! Has helmet too! How can I fine him! Go, go fast! Immediately pay a fine of Rs.2000 But why should I pay, when I have everything? Alongwith everything else you also have a plastic cover That is banned already, thus you must pay fine!!

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Hi What? I am following you since many days! Want to tell you something! What is that? I love you I love you? Do you have so much range that I should love you? Ofcourse I do, tell me what you want I shall get! Will you get? Which apple product will you get me now? Apple product? With the money I have I can get apple juice for you!!! Why are you looking at me like that? I will buy another apple juice too! Hey hey hey Why are you beating him like that, will you kill him? He is going to everyone’s house except ours for asking alms! What’s wrong? It’s his wish, for that also you will beat him? I should kill him!! Why did you beat me? Why are you so angry at him? If he does not come, everyone in the street will know that I don’t cook well!! Listen I am unable to show my face to anyone because of you! You and your stingy nature! Because of you even beggar has stopped coming! Getting scared that you will eat his food! What do you think of me then? I am unable to bear you, I will hang myself Don’t buy rope for hanging, waste of money! There is an old rope there, hang yourself with that!!

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  1. ట్రాఫిక్ చలానా పై జోక్స్ చాలా బాగున్నాయి…
    అందులో ఫస్ట్ జోక్ లో బంపర్ ఆఫర్ ఇంకా బాగుంది

  2. Asalu comedy na idi….aa makeup chusta chala darunam ga vundi…please comedy lekapota no issue. Smart look maintain cheyandi….please

  3. Evvi Anni avoid Chesi cycle ne use chesa eposide cheyochu kadha apudu a chalana undadhu a fines undhav alaga money kuda safe and health kuda baguntadhi kadha Adho China advice

  4. Hai lovely team congrats and thanks. May be You forget to post this as 200 episode . Ok no prob. Guys this episode jokes nice. The first joke byc and penalties i already posted r days back in my group. I feel very funny. Parelle thoughts. Very nice. God bless you all. All the best.

  5. Why people so much worried about new challan system. If you are obeying rules you are not going to pay single penny. Then why worries?

  6. Who did that coma joke that person acting is too much over & his dressing & hair style looks too much ugly & irritating action

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