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** Crying ** Why are you crying so much? Have you lost way? No, my father has got lost! Father got lost? But where did he get lost? In Tirupati You should have gone to the police & told to announce Why are you crying now? His name is Govind! Whenever his name was announced, people started telling Govinda Govindaaa!!! All these ads will come, exactly when we are eating! Hemanth What? What are you doing? I am watching TV Enough of watching, go and get Maggi! I want to eat Maggi Answer this question first sis! What? You want me to go in lake or river? Where is the noise coming from? ** Asking for help ** Start the car fast! They are running away! Sir sir… These are only those people sir! There was no air flow inside! Now there will be proper airflow sir! Ammu Do you have shame? What happened? You entered in episode in 15 Now it is 100th episode! Why are you eating? He is scolding you right! That will be there, you give me! Now you tell It is 100th episode now! You height, weight & hair style has changed! You have lost tooth & got new tooth as well! But no change in studies at all! Look at Jaswica First in sports & education. Their showcase is filled with her shields itseems When her brother was telling that, I was feeling ashamed! Does Jaswica study so well? Then how do I hear so many scolding everyday? Those scolding are just eye wash so that people do not feel jealous! Ohh You should bother only about her studies! Go and get tips on how to study Bharath has become mad, next whom should I target? You just keep thinking all this! Oh, I spoke loudly? Yes & I heard it as well! Why do you have to always think like this without studying? Learn from Ammu! First in sports, education & everything! Their showcase is filled with her shields itseems When her dad was telling that, I was feeling ashamed! Does Ammu study so well? Then how do I hear so many scolding everyday? Those scolding are just eye wash so that people do not feel jealous! Ohh You should be only thinking about how she manages to study! If possible go & take tips from her! I know Jaswica does not study so well! I have heard that she is a dumbo! Are they manipulating me? Let me find out! Why has Ammu come? The scene is syncing somewhere! Is she so clever? What is the matter? My mother told me to get some sugar from your house! Okay, go. And you? My mother asked me to get sugar from your mom. Oh, go. Go There is no one right? Where might have she kept her report card? God, she failed in everything! Oh god, she failed in everything!! So they lied to us? Ammu… Yes sister!!! ** Crying ** See how we got cheated! Yes… They cheated us so badly!! What is that? How should I convey it to an english medium kid? We were cheated! You told English & explained in telugu? You are in English medium but I did not say you know English! You & your question mark face. Cry now!!! ** Crying ** Small kids Who are innocent One Jaswica One Ammu They lie to us? Come let us sort it out with them How dare you cheat us? So you came to know? We thought that you both will surely discuss with each other! What else could we do to make you both study? We thought you would understand this way! Fir that you guys lied to us? But the truth cannot be hidden, it will come out always! Nothing of that sort, but there is really someone who really studies well. He is really brilliant! Who is he? He is G U L L U Gullu! Hi Gullu Hi Ammu, hi sister! Come, lets play! I just played with Maths, will play with science in tuition! Why is he behaving like this? Why to play with maths & science? I play with them only Ammu! Science has already got angry with me! Because I am not playing with him!! Okay will you come tomorrow morning, we can play? No I have meeting with Telugu guru & Hindi teacher!! He has got spoilt badly Yes Come Gullu, let us sit & talk there! Ok sister! You are making a big mistake! What mistake am I doing? You should not study like that! But my brother has told, if we don’t study we cannot become successful What did Sachin study to become such a big cricketer? What has AR Rahman studied to become a big musician? What did Dirubhai Ambani study to become so successful? What did Pawan Kalyan study to become a power star? ** Discussing about kids ** What have you told your kids? What did we say? Gullu studies well, learn from them we said! Will anyone say like that? Should we not tell like that? You can, but not to your kids! You sent them to learn from him God knows what they have told him, he has stopped studying & playing wired instruments during the nights! My boy used to get 1st rank Now all zeros!! Because of Ammu, her uncle went to Himalayas Ram has become mad because of Jaswica! Elders only could not bear them! We are protecting our kids from your kids Next time, if you guys tell them learn from others Will kill you!!! Nobody can change them, they will be like that only!!! Hey will they never change? Pragnya… Prag… I look so pretty!!! Without going to school, you are taking selfie here? You have only told me that we should not to places where we are not respected!! When did I say not to go to school? No one is respecting me in school daddy! They are scolding me because I am not doing homework! ** Greeting Sadhu with slogan ** I am not feeling sleepy at night, will you give me a solution for it Swami? Take this, before sleeping everyday Milk in milk & drink! Okay Swamiji! What was that Swami? Sleeping pills How did I give, haan? You are awesome Swamiji! ** Greeting Sadhu with slogan ** You are greeting me without any gap! Tell me your problem dear!! Thanks for recognizing me Swami After failing Inter for 6 years, I passed 7th time only because of your pen Swami! Tell me what you want & not what you have achieved already! I have been eating tasteless food all these days! So want your blessing for getting married! Really, then tell sorry first! Sorry? Why should I tell you sorry? Tell sorry my dear! I have not done any mistake. Then why should I tell sorry? No, no. Tell sorry! I have not told anyone & will not tell it to you too! You must surely tell sorry! Ok Swami, sorry! Now you are ready for marriage! You training has been completed! Training, what training swami? Will tell you my dear, listen! You have learnt to tell sorry without any reason! That is very essential after marriage! Okay Swami! ** Greeting Sadhu with a slogan ** So, how did I advice? You are awesome Swami, awesome!!! No time pass… Let me time pass with this girl! Hey Jaswica Hi bro! Come here! What bro? Why do you roam here & there, go & study Bro, we just have 365 days in a year! In that, 52 days are Sundays! It is a jolly day, so let us keep them aside! In that 313 days left! 50 days summer holidays! Summer is very tiring let us keep it aside! 263 days left Everyday we sleep for 8 hours So 122 days are over! 141 days are left! We generally roam for 15 days in a year! 126 days are left! We eat for 2 hours a day! Because of that 30 days gone! 96 days remain! In this, we spend time with our family & friends for 15 days So 81 days remain In this 35 days go in studies for various exams! So 46 days remain! In this 40 days we celebrate festivals like Christmas, Diwali etc Remaining 6 days! 3 days we will be unwell! 2 out of those 3 days Teachers are unwell! If we think of studying that single day, that is our birthday! In that one day, how much syllabus will we complete? That is why, I hate studies!!! Gullu, seems like you went out yesterday instead of school? Who told you this mummy? Do you want to listen what happened in school yesterday? Tell what happened? They taught algebra in maths class! Then they took us to computer lab! Then sports! We played volley ball! Then I got into the school bus & came home!! Okay, call Ikshwak! Ikshwak? Okay mummy! Turn on the speaker! Speaker? Hey its Gullu! ** sneezes ** ** confused & searches for something ** Due to summer, I have got cold! ** searches for hatch ** Yes tell me! What happened after we went to school brooo? ** searching for bro ** They taught us algebra in maths class! What happened later? ** searching for hahaha ** They took us to computer lab later! What happened later “hara hara shamboo mahadeva”? Bhakti is suddenly coming out mummy! ** searching for the word ** Played volleyball in the play ground! ** telling a code word again ** What happened later? Sikindar!! Came home by bus! Why do you doubt me mom? Sorry, shall I do maggi for you? Double egg! Okay! Thanks, you saved me! Day before yesterday, when my dad doubted? You helped me right? ** Sneezing ** I really sneezed daddy!!! Even after telling no several times, you wear this dress? You have become very naughty, you should be put in hostel! How many marks did you get? Fail What? I failed! This is what will happen if you keep playing! You know I used to study very hard! All state ranks! No facebook No whatsaap Might have felt bored & studied! You might have got good marks So much build up for that? Not then, score in IIT now!!! Should eat it some how Why are you looking like that? What are you eating uncle? I am eating fish Pragnya! Then for me? You should not eat dear, this has thorns & it will prick! Uncle Now I have worn shoes Give me, it will not prick now!!!

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  1. Supper ప్రజ్ఞ, అమ్ము, jaswika, gullu 👌👌👌👌👌👌congrats fun bucket juniors 💐💐

  2. super episode 100
    jeswica gariki future లో Anchor గా, NEWS Reader గా రాణిస్తారు అని ఆశిస్తున్నాను.
    GST గుల్లు గారు మంచి comedian అవుతారని భావిస్తున్నాను.
    అదే విధంగా అమ్ము, ప్రఙ్ఞ, హేమంత్ అందరూ కూడ కళారంగం లో మంచిగా రాణించాలని కోరుకుంటుంన్నాను.
    నేను వ్యాపార రిత్య, వృత్తి రిత్య ఇచ్ఛాపురం నుండి బంగారుపేట దాక తిరుగుతుంటాను.
    నేలకి 12 రోజుల పాటు ప్రయాణం చేస్తాను.
    బస్సు,రైలు,కార్ల లో, బైక్ లమీద వెళ్ళుతున్నప్పుడు చిన్న పిల్లలు కనిపించినా fun bucket juniors లో ఎవరో ఒకరు గుర్తుకు వస్తారు.మా clients కూడ ఈ మాట అంటుంటారు.

  3. Every child has different attitude soo sweett love u childrens…. keep smiling…congracts to the funbucket team…

  4. Definitely my dear smart boys and girls and entire team of fun bucket juniors we are always with you

  5. Congratulations to the entire team
    And we are expecting more and more episodes from you guys. 😊😊😊

  6. Very nice you all performed very well continuo the same with the same spirit you will be go to very high level god bless you fun bucket juniors you will do up to 1000 episodes
    F fun
    U ultimate
    N nonstop
    B brilliant
    U unlimited
    C clever
    K kids
    E excellent
    T talented

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  8. Fun bucket is superb manasuku edaina badha kaliginapudu fun bucket chusthay aa badhanu marchipothanu.thanks and congratulations to fun bucket team

  9. Fun bucket juniors 1 to 100 episodes all see I today 100 episodes so much fun and happy 😃🥳🥳

  10. 🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

  11. Here's a fun new series. BEARLY HUMAN. A little girl's teddy bear goes to extreme lengths to protect her from enemies.

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