Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 103 | Kids Funny Videos | Comedy Web Series | By Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Hey mom has gone out of station I know I am hungry That your stomach knows Shut up & cook rice! My mom has told you to take care of me What if I tell you bed wet to your friends? Bro, I will keep rice bro! You please sit & watch, I will keep rice! ** Playing PUBG ** Bro What? I do not know how to keep rice! I will tell from here, you go & do Okay bro! And I died! Bro, I came to kitchen what should I do? Take a vessel Vessel.. I took Pour a glass of rice in it! Ok I poured Wash the rice properly & add 2 glass of water to it! Done, next! Turn on the stove & keep the vessel upon that! Wait for 15 mins, rice will boil then we can eat together! Bro… Even after 15 mins the rice has not boiled bro.. Rice did not boil? Did you do it the way I say? I did the way you told bro Then why it did not boil? See There is no flame… I have done, just like you said right? Hey Adivi, you strain yourself so much right I cant escape it right? I am feeling very sad for you Cant help it dear! So I have thought of a way through which you can escape work How will I get paid if I don’t work? You don’t have to work but you will get salary! How is that possible? ** Tells a secret ** Plan is nice but it is not a sketch right? No sketch, but you will have to give Rs.500/- Will sit idle & get money! Okay dear! Get up, its getting late! Its Sunday today, give me leave Ammu Nothing like that come! Listen If you do not do the pooja, will call uncle & tell! Hello Uncle!!! I will do whatever you say, but not this pooja please So I have a few demands What are they? You should only wash the utensils daily! Wash my clothes daily! You should only clean the room daily You should only cook! And the ones I like! All my works you should only do! Which means you will be my personal servant! Now if you tell all this to my dad, I will call uncle! Okay! There is dust there, clean it! I just cleaned there! You want me to call uncle? No no, I will do it! Do it properly, else will call & tell uncle! No no. Mmm Aunty Wash properly! I am doing right? If you don’t do properly will call uncle! No no If the food does not taste good, will call & tell uncle! No no I have go stuck in a bad situation I should escape Aunty What? Tomorrow my school will reopen & don’t want to go to school! Talk to daddy & get me 1 week’s leave What can I do? Should I call? No, I will do something! Good What to do now? How should I escape? Hey Adivi, come here What mam? Go & pack your bags You will be removed from job soon Why will they remove me? I am doing all the work right, then why you? My brother is a miser, you think he will spare you? Mmm, have to think! What to do now? Ammu has to go to school Go & tell everything to my brother! Thats true.. You can only go and tell right? If I tell my brother, Ammu will call my husband! That’s why you only go & tell! Ok mam Rs.12,000 for school dress, books etc This principal bet me & took more donation from me! Oh God, so much of financial burden! Don’t know how many OTs I will have to do to earn this! Sir I got scared! ** Telling everything to his boss ** What one leg pooja, there is nothing like that! So there is no pooja like this? No That was such a big drama? I have warned you about Ammu right? My husband! No pooja nothing! There is no pooja like that itseems! I will tell, give me! Bro No pooja like that, Ammu has played some game Yes you keep the phone! You mean all this is Ammu’s plan? You mean that is Ammu’s plan? Ammuuuuuuuu Why are they looking at me like this? Bag Why did this come? What are you feeling as the monsoon is going to start? If you stop, we are feeling like going out! Who is it? Not me teacher! I know its you, stand up on the bench! What will you do if a mosquito bites you after you sleep? Rub that place & sleep again! Did you think we were Robos like Rajnikanth? To tell sorry to mosquito… Tell the OTP sir! 356889 In future for any query call me sir! I have received the money! Who is next? Innocent Eswar Seems like he is really innocent! Let me loot him next! Hello We are calling from a bank & are we speaking to Mr.Eswar? No I am his son innocent Gullu Seems like both father & son are innocents! Your dad keeps telling that you are sharp! Oh, is it.. You seem to do all the works quickly! My daddy has told to do so! What is your daddy doing now? Taking bath! Where is his purse? Near me Oh, very good Is there ATM card in it? 1 min Yes its there Tell the card details please! Length – 85.60 mm Width – 53.98 mm This is yellow in color Are these details enough? Seems like it is Ram Its Ram only! Why is he running like this? Bro, come here! How are you sitting like this, come she is coming! Who is come, why should we run? Cyclone People will go and take cycle lone & you are running! I don’t have cycle, lets get one! ** Singing & Dancing ** Why are you so happy dear? For the first time, I did my work perfectly! Really, what did they teach? They thought how to light a match stick daddy! You are my daughter, you might have lit well! Seriously!! What will they teach tomorrow? Where is the school now, I burnt it!!!

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