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We will be successful in lives only if we have goals So all of you tell me your goals today! Hemanth, stand up What is your goal? MBBS teacher So you want to help people.. Good MBBS means not doctor teacher Means Member of Back Bench Students! Why do you cry always? That day you cried because food did not digest Yesterday you cried because you were not getting sleep! For what are you crying today? Yesterday I came from Warangal to Hyderabad bro? You will cry for that also? In bus, I left my half completed chips packet bro! Half eaten chips packet? The person who sits in that seat will be very lucky!!! 3rd house to the left hand side, come! I am waiting! Who are you warning so seriously? I ordered food online, I am telling him the address! I should somehow eat that food! Bro shall we bet each other? Bet? Its been many days I bet! What is the bet? I will ask you a question! If you answer it right that food is yours, else its mine! Okay ask! How many seconds for a minute? You think I don’t know even that? 60 Then in an year how many seconds? For an year? ** Calculating ** Why is it so confusing? I unnecessarily got into this confision!!! God he is looking at me only! Okay, I lost you say! Jan 2nd, Feb 2nd, Mar 2nd, April 2nd, …..Dec 2nd So total 12 seconds!!! I have seen many kids but no one was like you! ** Native Dialogue ** My luggage is inside, get it! Seems like there is power cut, lets go via steps! My house has power 24 hours!! Okay come! Oh God! Sister… What happened dear? Why are mosquitoes biting here? You were bragging about US right, so the angry Indian mosquitoes have come to bite you!!! Sorry sister, I will not tell like that! I will turn of the light & mosquitoes cannot see you! Then you can sleep well! ** Calling sister ** What happened? You said mosquitoes can’t see me if you turn the lights off right? Yes, but what happened now? They are coming with torches sister! What? What is there here? She has mistaken these bees as mosquitoes!! Guntur Vijayawada Amalapuram What are they called? Books! No Then what are they? This Physics is the result of apple falling upon Newton Ohoooo… It took Physics for Pragnya to understand the greatness of her father! What is this? You gave me an empty paper? This would have been the result if Coconut would have fallen on Newton! Oh God bro What happened bro? Gullu I am going off Gullu! Bro Bro what is your last wish? You should become lean bro! Tell me something else bro, that will not happen! Want to talk to MS Dhoni live!!! He is busy in world cup bro! You can meet Bin Laden instead! He died right? That is why I said you can meet him bro…!!! I have got scolding from everyone, now is Telugu remaining? Why did they tell me to come? They never let me in class, I am always in Principal’s room or staff room! So when science teacher called me I missed Telugu class I think they called for that! Dad, sit properly. Teacher is looking at you! Why should I get scared of Telugu teacher? Good Morning! Are you happy now? You should speak to him in Telugu only! Why did you tell that so late? ** Telling father the telugu word for late ** Sir, did you call us? Your daughter speaks to everyone in English only! Actually in the surrounding What is surroundings in Telugu? ** Telling father the telugu word for surrounding ** May be she is doing that because of her surroundings What are you doing as a father? Don’t you know to teach her Telugu at home? People in my surroundings also speak English teacher! Thus even I was unable to speak a lot of Telugu? That is why I could not teach her! Seems like he cannot wait, answer the call Hello About that place? Its awesome! English infront of me? ** Conversing in English ** This teacher will kill us now! Hey you, come here Why is he calling me? Turn that side! I don’t beat girls Where did I stop previously? You were talking about Telugu study etc… I should teach you Telugu first! You should repeat the poem that I say 1000 times now! Else I will beat you like I did to him! Peom??? ** Reciting a famous Telugu Peom ** Write this poem 1000 times & get it! It is difficult to write this poem once, our hands will break if we write 1000 times!!! Do something & manage I will do something! Teacher you know Telugu very well right? Don’t you know that? I will ask you few words in English You should tell that in English If you don’t say, we will not write! Should I start? Start! Train ** Tells the Telugu word for train ** Tea ** Tells the Telugu word for tea ** Water bottle ** Tells the Telugu word for water bottle ** Pen ** Tells the Telugu word for pen ** Then pencil? ** Thinking ** Tomato ** Thinking ** Lorry, Tractor.. ** Thinking ** What is she asking? We need not write 1000 time, come lets go!!!

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  1. ఎం జోకులు
    నవ్వి నవ్వి ఇసుగొస్తుంది
    చెత్త నా……

  2. All yes best👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Anna best funbucket fan fest pattadi chala fans wait chasuthanaru all the best team jai vulli army jai

  4. Aa padhyam 10th class pravaruni swagatham ane lesson lo 1st poem.I still remembered.Now syllabus changed

  5. Commented just because pragna told to !!! Sorryyy pragna cheppindi kaavuna ikkada raayavalsi vachindi 😂

  6. Okka joke kuda nachaledane vallu oka like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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  8. Na 10th lo first time e poem chusinapudu nak and na frends ki bayam vesindi enta kastam ga undi anti ani … But ma teacher nerpinche vidanaaniki ipatiki e poem marachipole .. Ipudu degree completed ayina kuda e poem chepamantae ventane chepestaa ..
    Anduko telidu only e poem brain lo struck ayipoyindi ..

  9. Red t shirt papa masth cute ga exprrssions istunav..future lo manchi chamces untai..good..

  10. M.B.B.S member of back bench students hemanth joke bagundi.

    వర్షం వస్తే స్కూల్ కి శెలవు ఉంటుందని వర్షం రావట్లేదు అని ఎడ్చాడంట ఒకడు.

    US,దోమల joke బాగుంది.

    Pragna newton's law joke bagundi.

    తెలుగు భాష మీద హాస్య సంభాషణ అమొఘం,అద్భుతం.అల్లసాని పెద్దన గారి మనుచరిత్ర లోని పద్యం.

    Tomato telugu word రామములక్కాయి.
    Tractor కృషీవల వాహనం
    Pencil కి తెలుగు పదం పెంసళి పురాతన తెలుగు నిఘంటువు లో ఉంది.
    Lorry కి తెలుగు పదం నభారీమార్గ రధం
    Crude Oil-చమురు
    Oil-తైలం లేదా నూనె
    2T Oil-?
    Bus Stand-?
    Post Man-?
    తెలుగు పదాలు ఉన్నాయా తెల్పండి.

  11. You can't Become MBBS now, hemanth you are short in this video and even only first bench 😂🤣🤣😂so it will always be a goal until you grow tall

  12. ఒక తెలుగు టీచర్.. style గా hair cutting చేయించవచునా

  13. Hello fun bucket team……
    Meru episode tiyale Ani tisthunaru thapa ………. Comedy ithe asala ledhu….. E episode kadhu almost all are alege unay

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