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** Getting ready for a fight ** Come forward & I will kill you ** Stopping them from fighting ** We don’t want fights! They lifted him, you also life me! We are unable to life bro! Heyy No bro, why should we fight with silly people! Heyy Today either I should be there or he should be there in this place He has made the lion in me get up If you are lion, I am tiger! If he would have come forward, I would have thrashed him badly! Only his shouts are being heard today! Go & call the police! You go & speak to the lawyer! Okay I will kill him Go & get the ambulance We need weapons to kill him, give me money! Take bro! Why are we unable to hear any noise? May be bro has tied his mouth & beating him up! Its been long since Gullu went, where is he? Don’t know Lets go & see come Why are we not hearing anything, come lets see! Come Hemu We should become strong! Eat.. eat… Gullu You are becoming weak, eat this also Okay! Is it dream or real? Everyday you guys come late, how did you all come so soon? We are not getting place to sit if we come late! That’s why we came early! Shit Teacher What happened Hemu? Will you beat me if I don’t do anything? Why will I beat you Hemu? Promise, you will not beat me right? You are a good boy! Why will I beat you if you don’t do anything? I have not done homework teacher! Bro, are you selling these corn kernels? ** Native saying ** I am going to keep a test for you all What is that? I will give you guys 1 of these After30 mins, if I don’t find this will gift that person! Okay Ok, take them! So you guys came… Hey you hided it in your stomach? How did you know? That is why you should wipe your mouth after eating! Did you hide it behind your house? How do you know? Don’t you know to wash hand after digging the soil? Where did he keep? Give me5 mins & will find out where you have kept it! Follow me He did not keep in his house, backyard, neighbor’s house Then where did he keep? Hey I have lost, where have you kept? You give me 100rs first, then I will tell! Take Tell now From Ameerpet to Punjagutta, I distributed corns bro! ** Counting ** Bro You did not gift me on Rakhi, this… Remove the hand! Next time if you say anything, will kill you! No Stingy fellow! Sir Sir What? A girl is coming to see me sir! I want money to go home Give me money! Your salary is 2500/- After all the non-sense you do, you will get 200rs With that 200, why do you want to get married? Even after wedding I will work for you? Daddy Our school picnic is planned & they will take us to Nagarjun Sagar Just 10,000rs only Can you give me daddy? I will also go! I will give you another 10,000rs take me & throw me there! What will you do with all the earnings? As if I am earning a lot! All my 20 days of efforts you are spending 30 days Where am I earning? I know how much you earn & how much you save. If you keep saving like this Someday, some idiot will come & take away everything! That is why, I won’t trust even the banks! I have my safety! Its late now, go & sleep! You go & sleep, let me see Nagarjuna Sagar Dam in Tv I will also see! See & sleep soon, we are paying too much of current bill! Will you also see? I am sleepy! He is there right!! No no If I give that 10Lakhs for 10rs interest, I will get 1 lakh per month! He is earning in sleep too! Who are you? I will introduce myself later, but you smell this now! Do you sell perfume? The smell is nice! It’s not spray! I added an anesthetic drug! Anesthetic drug? Will I faint now? Aunty If we drink juice & watch the dam it will be thrilling Should I get it? Okay, get it! Who are you? Look If you don’t untie me, I will call my Adivi! I guessed, is it he? Sir You eat nicely right, you could not even beat him? I ate nicely & thus I slept nicely! When I opened my eyes, I was behind you fainted! What do you want? Do you think I came to collect money for Ganapathi Chathurthi? Why does a thief come? Tell me where you have kept the cupboard keys! Nothing is there in the cupboard! I save everything in bank! Oh, really? I have already heard about your plan of giving 10lakh rupees for interest! Tell me fast, elseee No no no, please What sound is this? Tell soon! Aunty Thieves have entered our house He has a knife! Come let’s tell your dad He is already threatening both dad & adivi! What to do now? Aunty Come here Okay? Okay, come lets go! Tell me where have you saved all your earnings? I won’t Wait, I will come later to you Hey adivi Tell where has your sir kept all his earnings? I don’t know! ** Threatening Adivi ** Hey Common tell! Ammu Go & call the police soon I will not. Why? You did not give me money for picnic I know where the money is kept uncle But you should give me 10,000 for picnic Okay, go & get! Who is the thief here? Its me Then who should steal? Me! Then why will I get? That’s a nice logic sir Come Come There will be a bell & under the bell there will be keys! Is it in this cupboard? No It will have 3rd cup board’s key Yes, its there! It money in this cupboard? No 2nd cupboard keys will be there I got it! Is money in this cup board? Yes You think only you can make people faint, even we can! Pragnyaaa… You came early today? School finished early? Today our teacher Your teacher? Teacher said, whoever answers first will go home first! Whatever you are guessing is correct! What did your teacher ask? Who threw away that bag she asked? I got up & said its me!!!

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  1. Fun Bucket కు 🙏🙏🙏
    Ammu తో కలసి దొంగ తనం వీడియో చాలా బాగుంది దన్యవదములు..
    అమ్ము నటన అద్భుతంగా ఉంది..

  2. మహేష్ కి సపోర్ట్ గా ఒక వీడియో చేయండి….
    Bigboss లో విన్ అవ్వాలి అని…..

  3. Pragnya comedy lenth penchandi ante taggistaru enti….pragnya ki talent chalavu di….. Pragnya ko same funbucket chustunnam😭😭😭😭😄😄😄😄🙏☺️🙏🙏🙏

  4. నేను రెండు సంవత్సరాలు నుండి ఈ ప్రోగ్రాం చుస్తున్నున్. ప్స్టాండర్డ్స్ అంటె ప్రమాణాలు తగ్గిపోయాయి. దయచేసి ప్రమాణాలను మెరుగు పర్చండి.

  5. Home work చేయ్యకపోతే కోట్టకూడదా
    వీడు పెద్దయాక పని చెయ్యకుండా జీతం తీసుకుంటాడేమో!

    మొక్కజోన్న గింజలు ఊరంతా పంచి పెట్టావా మానాయనే ! ఇంకా నయ్యం బియ్యపుగింజలు పంచలేదు.

    వెనకటికి ఇలాంటిదే అన్నయ్యకి రాఖీ కట్టినందుకు డబ్బులు ఇస్తే ఆ డబ్బుతో లాటరీ టిక్కేట్లు కోన్నదట.

    నిద్రలో కూడ వడ్డి డబ్బులు లెక్కకడతారా ! బాకి మొత్తం వసూలు అయిపోయింది అని కూడా పగటి కలలు కనండి.నోటు మాత్రం చింపకండి.

    ప్రఙ్ఞా నువ్వు సూపరు నీకు మంచి భవిష్యత్ ఉంది.గణేశానుగ్రహ సిద్ధిరస్తు !

    నిజమే జీతం లేనప్పుడు పెళ్ళి అవసరం లేదు.

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