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Omg, it better to go off from here Ayoo bro bro bro……. Hey Youuuu Hello Hello –>Is it 108 Service? Yes, it is! And how can we help you? My brother has been dashed by a car Can you please come soon? Oh! Is it? Don’t worry. Just tell us the place. This is Karl Marx Road Sir Oh sure we will send the vehicle. Can you please tell the spelling? Spelling? Please be on line sir! Sure little boy Where has this boy disappeared? Hello.. Hello.. Are you there little boy. Hello. Sir Are you on line still? Yes Yes I am there. Where did you disappear so far? You had asked me Karl Marx Road spelling right? Yes yes tell me. I do not know the spelling So I dragged my injured brother to M G Road Now please write down the spelling Pragnya. Every time you are busy watching TV You can complete the given homework right? I have completed my homework daddy. God knows how many mistakes are there in it! Get it let me check No daddy. I have completed without mistakes Omg! I will not believe that you have not done mistake!! Okay Daddy, see Haaaaan! What have you brought instead of homework? You have drawn all stupid lines! There are not stupid lines daddy. It is QR code. QR code??? Yes & if you scan the code you can see my homework!! Hi Jaswica Hi Bro What are you doing? I am watching “Phone Feelings Web Series –>Part 9” Oh, you can watch it at home right? Hmm, But daddy is taking phone away from me That’s why I am sitting out What did you do during Dusshera holidays? We had been to Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Tamilnadu And the temple is very beautiful. But you don’t know Tamil right? How did you manage? Yes Bro. We had a tough time We had to manage everything with actions only. They do not know Telugu, Hindi, English & I do not know Tamil Ooh, Seems like you had a tough time! Do you know what do they say for ‘Salt’ in Tamil? Salt. umm don’t know Even I don’t know bro. One day we had been to a hotel And we needed salt while having curd rice We asked the waiter in many possible ways But he could not understand! What did you do then? I said Namak –>He did not understand! I even said salt –>He did not understand! Later when I saw a person in the next table Adding salt I showed that to the waiter Did he not understand even then? He understood! Oho.. So you need salt he asked and gave it to us!! Daddy, turn off the lights urgently! What? Why should I turn off the light? Your turn off & later will tell you. Ohh God…. Tell me the reason? You turn off & later will tell Now light up the candle! Uff, I have light up the candle. What next? Come with me!! My dear boy, what are you doing? I am arranging my books Daddy! To do this, you wanted me to turn off lights? And arrange books in candle light? House must be adjusted when the lamp is on! My teacher said!! A bull and cow is grazing in the field Correct this sentence. A cow and bull grazing in the field. How? Ladies first right? While cows are eating grass Just remembered even I am hungry So will you eat grass now? Hello, Food Panda? Wow Order… Mmmm… That.. Mmmm Haan Haan. Yes Burger Haan. Burger. Just one? May be he will not eat! Do you like Burger? Mmmm mmmm!!! Even I like! It is very tasty. Is it that tasty? Mmmmmm Please do not eat so dirtily Sir. Will never feel like eating Burger next time! You have become very talkative Describe brain Always bad questions. Whose brain? Yours or mine? Haan okay okay Brain is Burmuda Triangle Although all the information goes in Do not know where it disappears! This fellow is eating nicely But not giving me even lunch break Wow Fan! It would be so nice if this fan falls on him. Are you thinking it would be nice if the fan falls on me? Haan. But how did you understand Sir? I thought of so many things in my childhood. Why should I get up? Let me tell her. Ammu, go and get water. How bad, you are telling me to work? Okay. Sir, water sir. Pour, pour. Pour the water. Okay sir. Are you sure sir? Yes yes. Pour fast. Okay sir. I told you to pour in hand But why did you splashed on my face? There was more burger on your face Than in your hand Sir. Bro. What are you doing bro? Doing my office work You are great bro. Doing office work at home Bro, holidays are getting over Please take me to movies bro. Have you completed all your home works? So you thought, you will praise me And seeing that I will take you to movies? Holidays are coming to an end But you have not completed your work Go and complete your homework Hey Ishwak. What bro? Hey these papers are tone. These are very important Go stick them for me Okay Bro Why is not coming still? Hey Ishwak, where is the paper? The paper is here Bro You only told them to burn right Thus burnt them

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