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** Native Romantic Song ** Daddy, did you take bath? No dear, took new washing machine Carried it up alone & thus sweating! Washing machine? Why washing machine daddy? If you put blacks inside, they will all come out white. That’s why! Really, then let us do one thing! What is that? We will put my brother inside it, he will also come out white! Why are you playing under this hot sun? Go & study go! What to study after exams? Saw your result, how much did you score in Maths, zero.. Being a brilliant’s brother, you got this? Go & study go! Why are you making me feel ashamed, you can study right? Look at our neighbour’s son, he is a topper & you? How much did you get in Maths? Zero… Being a brilliant’s brother, you got zero I cannot bear scolding anymore! What should do now? Mmmm, I will die! Bro, where is the tall place nearby? Go straight Oh God! Gullu Gullu! Gullu Who is that? I am the lord! Haa, what? Why did you go to die & why did you come back? When I reached the half way of the hill, saw a board It was written Danger on it! We should not go near danger right, thus came back!!! Tomorrow when you come to class you should have written 1 to 10, 10 times! One who does not complete the home work… Teacher What I am not coming to school tomorrow teacher! Are you going out of station? I am going near the galaxy! So if I call you for asking doubt! It will tell to press star to copy the tune! I want that song, thus going there to press the star!!! I will call you in a while! Why are you in this position? I am getting headache bro! For headache, put tablet. Being in this position will not reduce the pain! I already took the tablet bro! The pain will reduce, why this position then? The tablet went to the stomach, but it should reach the head right! Thus the pose!!! She insulted me bro All the bets she makes me lose We should win anyway today! Don’t worry, a tiger is coming with you! Oh god, tiger!!! I called myself tiger!! Be confident like that! Where does she stay? She will be here only fooling someone! This man is intelligent than you! Oh, nice to meet you! Me too, me too! There are less than 11 months for my exam, let me study don’t disturb! We have come to bet you! Is it? How much? 2000/- rupees! What is the task? What task should we give? I will ask a story You should not turn & cheat! From that story will ask a few intelligent questions! Okay, come! The task is, I will tell you a story! Will ask a few questions from that! If you tell the correct answers, you will be the winner! Story? Ask! Do you know the story of 7 fishes? Are you telling about the story of a king who had 7 sons Who go for hunting& dry the last one does not dry And finally a small kid gets bitten, is it that story? Exactly Don’t know! Does not know itseems, ask ask! There lived a king! His name was king or was he the king? He was the king! Ok, continue! He had 7 sons! Aagu What are their names? Why do you need the names? You will ask questions right? Yes, that’s true! The first one was Sampurnesh babu! The second one was Chris Gayle babu! Seventh was Ram babu! Okay, continue! They went for hunting & got 7 fishes! Being the price, they should hunt tiger or lion why fish? Very cheap!! Story is mine not yours! Sorry, continue! Upon drying all the 7, only 1 fish did not dry! Which type was that? Do all of them belong to one family or different? Were all of same ages? Same family & same age! Then why only that one did not dry? Dried grass came in between! Then why did they dry there only? Hey you come here! Will go and dry it the other side! Its half an hour now, where is your intelligent? Hey did you dry it the other side? We cannot win over her, give the money & come!!! Good morning Ammu! How did you write the exam? Have written all the answers very well sir! Seems like will be class first this time! You will come first? You always got zero & now suddenly first? Are you day dreaming Ammu? No sir, I have studied well! Will surely come class first! Will ask you a few questions, tell me the answers! Sure sir! Good Ammu, our school has changed you! Teachers have motivated you well! But I have motivated them! I should be given the credits! More ads should come in TV from tomorrow! Already ads coming right sir? I am talking about our school! 1, 1. 2, 2, 2 3, 3, 3 In fir 1000, we have the 500 ranks! We just have 300 m3mbers in our school, then how will we get 500 ranks? Ads don’t need logics, you go! Sir!!! What happened? I kept my cycle here, its not seen now! Its not there? I lost my cycle because of this school! How? No cctv camera & no security Government school are better, they have cctv & security 24 hours! What are you doing with the 1000s of fees you are taking? And if the student performs well, instead of patting her you praise yourself? And naming it as motivation! And he will give ads itseems! 1, 1,1. 2,2,2. 3,3,3 First keep a security guard! Now tell, what to do? You only tell me what to do Ammu? Give me your phone! Hello is it police station? Yes, tell me! I lost my bicycle sir Where ma? Near Srinagar colony! Ok I am coming! Ok sir! Here take! Shall we go? Wait, I have lost my cycle! Lost bicycle? I only dropped you by walk this morning. Really? I am forgetting all this because of my study only! Who called me from here? Oh god, police Who has lost the cycle, tell me? What will you do if someone gives you wrong complaint? Give them serious punishments to those who play with police This man stole my bicycle sir Bro, seems like your RCB lost? Yes they lost How are they losing like that bro! They are losing so that they can donate 2 points bro! Enough of covering! Why did you come to our house this morning? Nothing bro, the old man who stays in the last house Does not have even a single hair, why? What to tell? Will manage! Nothing Jassi, he did not tell even a single lie itseems! Thus does not have even a single hair! Now I understood why you have so much of hair!!! Hello Srujana Did you eat? Bro, do you have hammer? No How can you cheat like that? Do you have hammer? I said no right? You are not understanding my value Srujana! Give me atleast that bro! I said i don’t have, go! Hello, Sru.. sru.. shit! But why did he ask? Let me see! Where has he gone? He is here only! Hey, what are you doing? Digging, are you not able to see? I can see, but I want to know why? Nothing bro! Whenever I fail my dad tells that, I have put down his respect! Thus searching for it!

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  1. boss sucide lantivi comedy skts cheyinchakandi bcoz.. e episodes pillalu kuda chustunnaru so vallu kuda inspaire ayee danger undi so.. ilantivi chesepudu (gullu di) care full… bro..

  2. It's laughing time😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Really he will become is danger . I want touch star. Tablet have to go to head. Nice to meet you. Pragna sweet voice please like it please please ,plz

  4. 111-222-333 Ammu entha cute ga andiii principal Ni imitate chestu.. super Ammu. Natural expressions intha Chinna age lone.

  5. Here's a fun new series. BEARLY HUMAN. A little girl's teddy bear goes to extreme lengths to protect her from enemies.

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