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Remove the glasses first It’s looking like we have come for some audio release function! We have come to your principal! Daddy, I want chocolate! Eating chocolates will ruin your teeth! Will take you for a movie after the meeting! Wow, which movie daddy? Avengers End Game! Daddy, if you have to understand the movie You should watch all its series! Really? Will not go then! So give me the tickets money, will buy chocolates! Principal!! Good morning sir! Good morning good morning! Why have you called me? Do you know what is your daughter doing in the class? She will never listen to the lessons! Keeps disturbing other kids They come and complain to me If this is the case, don’t send your daughter to our school! Extremely mischievous in class Does not let teachers teach in class What should we do? Sir but you did not tell what did she do? Do you what did she write when she was told to write an essay on Cricket? What did you write Pragnya? Sir, give me the marker! What is that Pragnya? I wrote that the rains stopped the Cricket! Because people are losing lives they banned Tic Tok They are going to ban PUBG because people are losing lives! Students are losing lives because of exams, they should ban that too! They would not have been exams & results! What are you doing here? Nothing bro! My teacher told the spelling of “greater” But here it is “geater”! Just thinking which among the 2 is correct! Even I don’t know! I have been seeing this board since childhood This is only correct! Is it, okay! Hey, I forgot to ask you one thing Seems like you got your results, what happened? See bro! You are elder to me right? Listen bro, exam is like username Can be shared with everyone! But result is like password Should not be shared with anyone! So, don’t ask anyone! We are going to take class group photos day after tomorrow! So get Rs.250/- while coming to school! Teacher Hemanth, you bought it? Where? Why did you get only Rs.100/- ? You only said 2 fifty’s right? Thus bought 2 fifty’s!!! He came so soon at 1 o clock? You came so soon, is it half day school? No bro, I only came off from school! Why? Our teacher told to complete any work then & there! S0? Our English teacher gave us home work! Thus to do it at home, came home!! Will drink completely! Bro… Tired? Will you have soft drink? Jaswica Lift & drink, I should also have! I am very tired bro! Unable to lift this bottle also How will I lift you and drink? Dear You are always busy with the phone, don’t you feel bored? Adavi, see here! Do you know what is a cell? Don’t know dear! Cell means a jail! Just like it is difficult to get out from jail Similarly it is difficult for a person addicted to cell phone! Thus it has got the name cell phone! You are so intelligent dear! Go and keep hot water, will take bath! ** Shouting with pain ** Hey ** Beating & shouting ** Will you kill him? ** Shouting & screaming ** What happened, will you kill him? Gone daddy, everything is gone! Gone? What did you steal? ** Beating & shouting ** Beat him nicely daddy! ** Beating mercilessly ** Master! Will you not ask, what is gone? Both father & daughter are the same! What is gone? I told him to keep hot water for bath Hey, did you keep? Yes He kept right? After an hour, when I came the water was not hot I am asking him where the heat is gone? Hey he just beside you Hey see see! I am roaming since morning, no one is buying these books! Hey shoot the person beside you! Use the medical kit my friend! Use it dude, else he will kill you! Use it dude! He is firing look at that. What? Books brother! Books? Will books be so fat? Ofcourse Success stories of all great people are in this brother! I will give you this just for Rs.300 If I read this will reach grandfather stage from student stage! Will he not buy? They look fat, but if you read they will be over in an hour! How much is this? 300 only Okay, will give you 600 read in an hour & show! Hey Are the exams over? Over bro How did you write? Written well bro! I will ask you a question from your syllabus! Answer it okay Okay, ask! The sun rises in the east This is a universal truth Tell 3 more examples like this! Sun does not rise in North Sun does not rise in South! Sun does not rise in west! ** Playing PUBG ** Who is calling at this time! Dude, tell me! For a movie? Ok will come! Will be there in 10 mins. Okay! They always give the half of what we ask. If we ask 200, they will give 100 only! ** Excitement of winning PUBG game ** Bro told to come for movie right? Oh no, I just have Rs.200/- How now? Hey Gaurav, come here What bro? I should somehow manage money from him! Hey Gaurav, sit bro! Where are you going? Going to shop to buy something! Shall we both play a game? What game? If I lose in the game will give you Rs.100/- If you lose, you should give me Rs.100/- You ask hard questions, I won’t play! How will I manage if he does not play? I will not ask questions! You ask okay! Okay bro! First question Which is the coolest place in the world? Antarctica Second question Who is the coolest captain in cricket? You think I don’t know that? Mahendra Singh Dhoni Next question Which is the coolest alphabet? Its “I” Ice spelling starts with “I” right Which means its cool right? No bro! Hey what is the answer then? “B” bro! How? In alphabets, B is between AC! That is why, it is the coolest!

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  2. సూపరో సూపర్…
    100 వ ఎపిసోడ్ కోసం వెయిటింగ్

  3. I am watching this only for Pragna she is cute and very funny in her acting and expression with her father.
    I always see my daughter in her

  4. నైస్ రా జస్విక & అమ్ము జోక్😂😂😂😁😁😁

  5. Ask the Hyderabad municipal corporation to change the board
    Good going kids 👍😊

  6. Kocham navvu వచ్చేవి చేయండి రా బాబు..

  7. అయితే fun bucket కూడా cellఏ ఇంట్లో పిల్లలు net waste చేస్తున్నారు

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