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You could not even pass class 7? A scholar like me is there at home! Have you asked doubt? You will ask doubts like when will Avengers release? When will the other movie release etc? Have you ever asked subject doubts? I am unable to show my face outside! Everyone is asking the same question I am just covering by telling there was some issue in the corrections! Uncle… What? If you had issues like we have now, you would also fail! You are telling that a genius will fail? Will you not believe? I will ask you a question from my syllabus Give, let me see! Posing too much! 2 + 2=…. Wait, I have not completed the question yet! Write write Damn easy question Oh my god, why does he ask easy question? Common now, do it Solve, 2 + 2=What, options? A=Four B=4 C=IV D=(2)2 Hey what is this question? It will be like this only! What happened bro? A robbery happened in a shop near our house! How did it happen people were thinking! It might have happened like this I guessed You are the robbery they declared & bashed me! Is it bro? What happened to you? What should I say bro? My teacher told me to write an essay on donkey I was sitting on it & writing; it made me fall & kicked bro!!! It was fun today I should go & play next time too! I have seen her somewhere, anyways Hey Jaswica Jaswica, where are you coming from? From restaurant bro! Restaurant? I am also hungry, what did you get? ** Tells the items she has brought ** Have mixed all this items & taking them home! Come I will also eat! I want to share but it will be sufficient only for one person! Okay, tell me the list I will get it. Goto Guruvayya hotel And tell them to give the item Jaswica takes everyday! Now I understood that you take it daily! See how intelligent I am! I will get it for myself bye. Bro, listen to me completely! Oh my god, I could not control myself from eating Bro is not to be seen at all! Bro… Bro… What happened to you bro, you have fallen down like this? After eating the items told by you, I am sitting here like this You liked it so much? Yes Without leaving a single morsel I ate But our tommy did not even eat a single morsel? Hey Adivi You keep working all the time! Don’t you feel difficult? Nothing is difficult dear! Such dialogues will make you beg How can you say like that? For the kind of work you do, you will get Rs.10000/- Will they really give me Rs.10000/- They will surely give. Because of you I have become a servant And your dad is a… Since was dad was nice he gave me job! Who will give me work all of a sudden? You need not go anywhere I will set up a work to increase 7000 But I need something in return! Don’t worry I will give you! I will wash your clothes, wash your plates! Though your salary increases or not You have to do that work! In that case you tell me what do you want? Keep 6000, & give me 1000 as commission! Daddy… Sir…… Why both dropped like this all of a sudden? I am going to stop working here! Neighbour is going to give me 15,000 going there to work! How will we survive without you? Who will wash utensils & who will wash clothes? Who will listen to my scolding & who will take her to school? Please don’t stop working I beg you! They will give you 15,000 right? I will give 20,000 You thought I will tell like that? Nothing will stop in your absence, you can jump off Dear, please convince your dad! Daddy, how can you tell like that? If he goes, will we get a person like him? Think a little daddy? You think I do not know the drama you guys are playing? You get Rs.10000 for the work you do? Will I really get? You will surely get! Because of you I am the servant! Your father is a silly fellow! Who will give me work if I go out dear? You need not go anywhere, I will make a plan now! But you will have to give me something! Sure I will! From those 7000, you give me 1000 & keep the remaining 6000 You work for me & try to cheat me only? I don’t want a person like you, get out! Don’t tell that sir! I was mad to do that, no one will give me work except you sir! I beg you to forgive me this time sir! Okay, don’t cry! For all that you have done, I will not give you Rs.5000/- If you want to work you work, else go! Sir Get lost! Ok sir, will go & work! Ammu… For all that you eat its costing Rs.5000/- That adivi is better than you, slogs the entire day & takes 5000/- From this month onwards, no money for you! Money cut? After adivi has joined, your expenses has increased! Cut his salary! People will increase salary, they will not cut. How should I? Trust me for that! Where are we going daddy? Today there is a match & we are going to see that in Uppal stadium! Should we go so far for it? Can watch in TV too right? Pragnya Can you give me water, I am thirsty? Water? Yes, give me water! I will not! Why will you not give? Don’t you know that one should not drink while driving? Please daddy, don’t drink & drive! Ammu, ammu What, look infront she is teaching! 10 + 11… Hey no problem Equals to? Hey Hemanth Maths class is going on here right? What is the use because of Maths teacher? Maths makes our brain sharp! So your brain is sharp is it? Yes My pencil nib has broken please sharp it teacher! Why are you looking dull bro? It is Venkey’s birthday Want to go the party & dad is not giving car! Why do you need car when you have bike? People will behave rich in his party I should atleast go in a car right? Oh, wait for a minute bro! Take it bro! What is this? Go in RTC with this money! If you feel rich because of the car That bus is worth 50 lakhs, people will consider you extremely rich!!!

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  1. 100th ఎపిసోడ్ లో నటిస్తున్న జూనియర్లు కి సుస్వగతం💐💐💐🎂🎂🎂

  2. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper AMMU 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Ammu ,pragnya and hemath you rock it.
    Who all are waiting for 100 episode hit a big like and share it 😎😎😎

  4. ఈ ఎపిసోడ్ లో జస్విక నీ జోక్ నాకు నచ్చలేదు .😡😡😡

  5. దయచేసి ఆ జస్విక బిట్ ని మాత్రం ఎపిసోడ్స్ లో పెట్టొద్దు… చిరాకుగా ఉంటుంది

  6. Ammmmmmu nenu ne 99 copy's chusanu Iam waiting for your 100th copy🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍🖐️

  7. Why you will not do a full video . Only using 2 characters for 1/2 video use all characters for video do a full video

  8. Super funny 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💐💐💐🌸💐💐💐💐

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