Fun Camping Games

– Get that tunin’ right. It’s been a little while but uh, let’s give it a go Any requests? No? Alright You might remember this old classic (terrible guitar playing) Ow! (terrible guitar playing) – He’s really good – [Mark] Fuck! (jazzy transition music) (ambient bush sounds) – Is it a penis? – Yes! – [Broden & Mark] YAYYY! ( jazzy transition music) – Oooo! Oh! Gotcha Broden! Found you Zach! Who are you? (jazzy transition music) – Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck – I don’t think he knows how to play. Duck (jazzy transition music) Uuuummmmmm Am I smart? – [Broden] No. Very dumb. Very dumb cunt
– [Mark] No. Real fucken stupid. Real fucken stupid – Hey guys, that’s really mean. – Zach, for the last time, we’re not talking about you personally. It’s the Celebrity Head character. – Ohh! Okay, okay Ahhhh. Am I well groomed? – [Broden] No. Smelly cunt. You’re a fucken idiot. You stupid fucken smelly cunt
– [Mark] Smell like shit. You’re a stinky fucken cunt – Guys, just tell me and I’ll put on some deodorant next time. – [Broden] Zach Zach Zach Zach Zach
– [Mark] Not you! The character! – Ahhhh! Man, Celebrity Heads is hard – [Broden] Have another go – Ok! Uhhh. Do I have any friends? – [Broden] No friends you stupid fucken piece of shit
– [Mark] Absolutely not because you’re stinky– – [Broden] I’ll kick you in the mouth.
– [Mark] and you’re a dumb cunt. – [Broden] You fucken dog cunt. You fucken dog cunt
– [Mark] and nobody wants to be around you because you’re a stinky dumb cunt. – [Mark] who is a piece of shit.
– [Broden] You fucken dog cunt. You fucken dog cunt. – [Broden] I’ll fucken see you at Coburg Drive-In
– [Mark] Motherfucker. Dogshit motherfucker – [Broden] and I’m gonna kick your fucken head in mate
– [Mark] Suck a fucken fuck. – [Broden] Come around here. I’m fucken watchin’ a movie with my fucken kids mate
– [Mark] No-one wants to be your fucken dumb cunt cunt – Hmmmm ( jazzy transition music) (heavy breathing) – [Mark] NO MORE! NO MORE!! (muffled screaming) – [Mark] AHH, AAHHH! AHH! (jazzy transition music) – Ummmmm. Hmmm. – Truth – Okay, ah, who do you have a crush on? – OooOOooh! No-one! Shut up! – You have to say! – Fine! Fine, if I have to say Stacey Stacey? Yeah, Stacey. What’s wrong with Stacey? You got a problem with Stacey? Nothing’s wrong with Stacey. I just picked you as more of a Sarah kind of guy Oh, Sarah. Gross. I like Stacey You would rather kiss Stacey over Sarah? Yeah! Stacey was nice to me in the library once, so I love Stacey Nah man, Sarah! Stacey! Sarah! Stacey! Sarah! Stacey! Sarah! Stacey! Sarah! STACEY! Broden (jazzy transition music) (jazzy transition music) Hmmm…got any fives? (sigh) – Go Fish! (all laugh) – Alright, yeah – Sorry what were you laughing at? (jazzy transition music) – [All] P A S T A – Pasta! They want pasta. – I love this Luigi board – Let’s find out what else Luigi wants. – [All] P I Z (jazzy transition music) (car noises) – Oh! Oh, thank god! – [All] Aww, not again! (jazzy transition music) (camp bush camp theme) – You hear me? You dirty, un- You are not well groomed. You are poorly groomed. I oughta kill ya. No-one’s watching [giggles] So unusable. (laughs)

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  1. Wow you fucks really are out of ideas, huh? Is it going to be weird getting normal jobs now, you unfunny fucks?

  2. Holy shit this is ridiculous. My epileptic sister had a seizure because of the way your outro is filmed. This is not just reckless, it was fucking hilarious

  3. dear mark
    sweet slipknot easter egg!! and i would much rather bone stacy too…. but please burn that fucking hoody. thanks, your biggest fan.

  4. If I wasn’t able to predict the punchlines, this would be a quality video. Keep working at it boys, you know I love you

  5. For fucks sake, why the hell don't you guys have like 10mil subs already!! What you do is hilarious and the shots and editing are better quality than half of youtube.
    …Try to do some longer videos maybe? Do something…you deserve it

  6. How many times have I watched this video? Enough times to notice that those Scotch Fingers on the bickie plate have been broken the wrong way. You monsters.

  7. You fuckin dog cunt. You fuckin dog cunt. I fuckin see you at Coburg drive in I’ll fuckin kick your head in mate. Come around here.. I’m fuckin watching a movie with my fuckin kids mate

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