Fun & Challenging One Minute Game #3 | Ladies Kitty Party Game.

To play this game, you will need 16 small paper cups and 25 ‘2 Rupees’ coins. Participants will play this game turn by turn. As soon as the 1-minute timer starts, the participant should arrange the cups in the following manner. Once the cups are arranged than they should place ‘2 rupees’ coin one by one on the edges of two cups. Participants can use only one hand at a time to place the coins. While placing the coins, if any coin falls inside the cup than they cannot use that coin again. We calculate points at the end of 1 minute. Participants will score points only for those cups on which there are at least 3 or more coins. In this example, there are 7 cups that have 3 or more coins on them. Participants will score 1 point for each cup with 3 or more coins on them. Final Score: 7 Points (Participant with the highest points at the end of 1 minute wins the game)

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