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  1. Mako is the best. She inspires people to be creative and create masterpieces. She interacts with fans and shows their art, my art was the 1st one in the video end-card! I'm so happy, thank you so much for including it Mako! You are the best youtuber ever ♡

  2. If you mess up your canvas just wait for it to dry and paint over it. Washing acrylic paints in your sink will clog up your drain so don't do that.

  3. What I'm thinking while watching the video: I'm so gonna do this once this videos done. What I actually do: Binge watch and eat Cheetos

  4. I am sorry, this does not decrease my eternal love for you but I hate the paint cells cuz I have tryphobia, meaning I am scared/hate a cluster of more than ten holes and dots.

  5. 0:42

    …..I’m having a hard time seeing if this is ACTUAL holo…..
    Because yes we see rainbow, but I can’t tell if it’s because it’s normally rainbow, or because the shifting light…

  6. @makoccino for the cheap acrylic paint, would it work if it was matte? And..I know some of the cheap matte acrylics I have are very fluid like. Will any of this work?

  7. OMG these are so pretty and gorgeous!! I can't live without watching this, so satisfying..You are the best, I love your videos so much..

  8. There are a lot of ways to have fun with acrylic pouring techniques. You can also thin the paint with FLOTROL which you can get at any hardware store and use a wet paper towel and lightly drag it over the canvas to move the paint.

  9. Really, I watched a few of her videos and I have only one word to describe all of it but I still think the word is rather not good enough to say for her vids and positivity.


  10. I LOVE SEA LEMON!!! I've just discovered this channel and you are like a version of sea lemon. You're art is so nice and creative

  11. please can you teach me to make a beautiful painting i am a beginner and your all videos are awesome i have my channel too

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