FUN DINNER IDEAS for KIDS + What They Ate || Bunches of Lunches (Dinner Edition)

– Hi guys and welcome to The Family Fudge. Now normally on these videos I like to share a lot of fun school lunch ideas but since this week we’re on Spring Break, I’m gonna be sharing five
dinner ideas instead. So stay tuned. (light music) Okay friends, just a few
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week’s special lunch theme. And I’ll give you a hint, it’s going to be a Disney character, but it’s not a princess and it’s not an animal. So, leave your guesses down below and the first person who gets it right will get the shout-out next week. Now, let’s get started. – [Child] Good evening
friends and happy Monday! – [Jennifer] For tonight’s dinner, I went super simple by
making some meatball subs. Let me show you how I made them. I started with some thawed
out, fully cooked meatballs. To this I added some marinara sauce. I like to use this kind I get from Costco, it’s really tasty. Next I added lots and lots of
shredded mozzarella cheese, because in my opinion,
that’s the best part. Then I stuck them in the oven until they were warmed through and browned on top. To go along with dinner tonight, I’m also giving the kids
some raw vegetables. Sometimes I’ll cook them, but
today’s been a really hot day so I thought I’d just keep
them nice and cool and raw. So we have some broccoli and some carrots and some homemade ranch
to dip it in, right there. Oh yes, and in this corner I just have a little bit of cottage cheese. To drink the kids are just
gonna have some water. Does it look good Jackson? – [Jackson] Uh-huh! – [Jennifer] I think Lily’s only gonna eat a portion of this sandwich,
this looks like a lot for her. So she’ll probably share
some of that with Griffin. – [Jackson] And we’ll
see you after dinner! (timer dings) – [Jennifer] Okay guys,
dinner time is over and I have all of my kids with me, including Griffin, say hello. – [Griffin] Hello! – [Jennifer] Good job! So what’d you guys
think of dinner tonight? – [Kenzie] It was really good. – [Jennifer] What was
your favorite part Kenzie? – [Kenzie] The hotdog meatballs. – [Jennifer] The sandwich, yeah? – [Kenzie] Yeah. – [Jennifer] What did you like Jackson? – [Jackson] I liked the
sauerkraut and the cottage cheese. – [Jennifer] But what
happened with your vegetables? – [Jackson] I put too much ranch on one. – [Jennifer] He didn’t eat his vegetables. We’re gonna have to work on that. And the sandwich was a
little bit too much for Lily, she did share some with
Griffin but there’s quite a bit left so I’ll definitely give them a little bit less next time. – [Child] We’ll see you tomorrow. – [Lily] Hi guys and happy Tuesday. – [Jennifer] Good job Lily. So for tonight’s dinner, I
made on of our special recipes. I like to call it a casa donga, which is basically a casa-dea with a hot dog rolled up inside. The kids love them. (light music) I just took a tortilla, now mine are actually uncooked tortillas so I had to cook them first. And I also warmed up my hot dogs, I like to use all beef, uncured hot dogs. Next I added some cheese to my tortillas. And when the cheese was all melted, I rolled my hot dog up inside. For our veggies tonight I
also roasted some asparagus. I like to trim off the
stems, add a little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper. And I try to cook these until
they’re soft but not mushy. Back over in this corner,
I also gave the kids these little swords with
olives and tomatoes. And in here we have a
little bit of ketchup to dip our casa dongas in. And then to drink I’m giving
the kids a little bit of milk. Does it look good Lily? – [Lily] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Now, I
gave her kind of a lot. She might end up sharing with Griffin. – [Child] After dinner
we’ll show you how we did. – [Jennifer] Okay guys,
dinner time is over now and they did not do the best job today. Everybody has something left,
quite a bit left actually. McKenzie ate all of her casa
donga, she did pretty good on her asparagus, but she
only ate one little tomato. What happened? – [McKenzie] I don’t like
tomatoes and I don’t like olives. – [Jennifer] You don’t? Well, Jackson did really
good on his casa donga there’s just a few bites left, but he didn’t eat any asparagus. Did you even try the asparagus, Jackson? – [Jackson] No. – [Jennifer] Why, asparagus is good? – [Jackson] I don’t
really like the look of it because it kinda looks greasy. – [Jennifer] Well I
cooked it in a little bit of olive oil and salt, it’s good. And Lily, look what she did. She took the hot dog out and left the tortilla and the
cheese, what happened Lily? – [Lily] I was full. – [Jennifer] You were full? Did you try your asparagus? – [Lily] Uh-huh, most of it! – [Jennifer] Yeah, she wasn’t
a fan of the asparagus either but I thought it was really good. – [Child] I left the bottoms because it was a little bit hard. – [Jennifer] They’re a little
bit tougher at the end, yeah. Well, we will try better tomorrow. – [Child] And we’ll see you tomorrow. Hi guys, happy Wednesday. – [Jennifer] Okay guys, I just finished up with dinner, let me show you what I made. I wanted to go with some sloppy joes today but I haven’t had good success feeding it to the kids the traditional way, on a bun, so I thought I’d try a different way today by making sloppy joe biscuit cups. So I made my sloppy joe
meat as I normally would. If you’ve never tried
the Pioneer Woman recipe, it is the best. And then I also took some biscuit dough and I used half of one
biscuit in each muffin cup. And to make these easy to get out, I used my silicone liners. I got my biscuit dough
in there and then added a couple of spoonfuls of
the sloppy joe mixture. And then I just cooked
this for about 10 minutes. When they came out of the oven I sprinkled a little bit of cheese on top. Does it look good, you guys? – [Children] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Okay, so to go
along with today’s dinner I also made some sweet potato fries, and I actually cooked
these in my air fryer so it was really fast, and they’re crispy like they’re fried but
they’re not really fried. For our vegetable today
I’m giving the kids a spinach salad and I
went ahead and put lots of this Green Goddess Salad Dressing. They’ve never had this before but it tastes a lot like
pesto and they like pesto, so I hope you guys will give it a try. It smells really good, I like it. Now, for dipping I am giving the kids a little bit of ketchup,
and then in this corner I have a special dessert. Do you guys know what it is? – [Child] Cinnamon roll! – [Jennifer] It’s actually orange rolls. Those are my favorite, I
actually like those more than cinnamon rolls, they are so tasty. Okay, so here’s the deal you guys. I want you to make sure to eat lots of your salad and your actual dinner before you eat your dessert, okay? They’re looking at me
kinda angry right now. Okay, do your best with your dinner and then you can have your dessert. – [Child] Okay. – [Jennifer] Okay? – [Child] Okay. – [Jennifer] Oh yes, and I’m
just gonna give them water to drink ’cause they’ve
got a lot going on here. – [Child] And we’ll see you after dinner. – Okay guys, dinner time is over now and some of the kids liked it,
and some of them not so much. What’d you think, Lily? – [Lily] It was good. – [Jennifer] It was good? No, I had to basically
force her to eat this and she didn’t really like it so maybe I wouldn’t
make that for her again, but she did eat most of her
salad and everything else. Of course she ate the
cinnamon roll, right? Was that your favorite? – [Children] Uh-huh. – [Jennifer] And Jackson,
he was pretty much forced to eat his salad, and he only
at one of these little cups. – [Jackson] It was a little bit good. – [Jennifer] A little bit good? Apparently these are really filling so probably one is enough for each child. – [Child] Those are really good. – [Jennifer] Yeah, McKenzie,
you liked them, right? She ate all of hers, good job McKenzie. – [McKenzie] Thank you. – [Jennifer] Jackson, what
was your favorite part? – [Jackson] I liked the cinnamon roll, the sloppy joe and the fries. – [Jennifer] Yeah. – [Child] The fries were really good. And we’ll see you tomorrow! Hi guys and happy Thursday. – [Jennifer] Now I actually meant to make this dinner on Tuesday
because of taco Tuesday but I forgot, but that’s okay, it’s still gonna be good, right guys? – [Child] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Now, this was Lily’s request. She’s really been wanting
tacos for several days, right? – [Lily] Uh-huh! – [Jennifer] Okay, so I started by taking some left over hamburger
meat that was already cooked and I turned it into taco meat. I added some pinto beans, I added some taco seasoning, and
a little bit of water and let this cook away for a few minutes. When the beans were nice and soft I went ahead and turned it off and then I used my potato
masher to mash it up. We really like a creamy consistency for our taco filling, right guys? – [Children] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Is it your favorite? – [Child] Yeah, and this
kinda looks like a burrito. – [Jennifer] Yeah, it’s kinda
like filling of a burrito. That’s how we eat them at our house. So I gave the kids each
a little bit in this bowl and the whole idea is for them to make their own tacos, so
they have everything they need. There’s enough meat for one
or two, maybe three tacos, depending on how hungry they are. Over in this corner I have a little bit of Mexican blended
cheese, I also cut up lots of iceberg lettuce which
is perfect on tacos. And then in this corner I
actually have some Spanish rice, and this was fully cooked rice, all I had to do was stick
it in the microwave, it was super easy. And this actually has
quinoa in there as well, and a little bit of corn. So to make this really easy for the kids, I’m using our new taco stands, we have these smaller ones this
time that we’re trying out. I found these at Walmart,
so all the kids have to do is put their little taco in here. I’m using the street size mission tacos, they’re perfect and so small and cute. So they just have to stick
their little tortilla right in there and it’ll hold it open for them as they’re building it, so it’s
gonna make it a lot easier. So for Lily, I just gave her one tortilla to start off with, and for the bigger kids I gave them two, so they can fill one and eat it, and then fill
the other one and eat that. Does it look good? – [Children] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Are you guys hungry? – [Children] Yeah! – [Jennifer] You think
it needs anything else? – [Children] No! – [Jennifer] I was gonna give you olives but this looks like enough food, so after dinner — – [Child] We’ll show you what we ate. – [Jennifer] How do you
make your tacos, Lily? – I do it by cheese first, this next, this next, and this last. – [Jennifer] And sour cream? – Uh-huh! – [Jennifer] Okay guys,
dinner time is over and right now I have just
McKenzie here helping me, say hi. – [McKenzie] Hi! – [Jennifer] So what’d
you think, McKenzie? – [McKenzie] It was really good. – [Jennifer] Yeah, everybody
did a really good job. I don’t see much left over at all, so I will definitely
be making tacos again. Oh, Lily’s coming to join us, say hi. – [Lily] Hi. – [Jennifer] Did you
like your special dinner? – [Lily] Yeah, I almost ate all of it. – [Jennifer] Are tacos your favorite? – [Lily] Uh-huh. – [Jennifer] Did these little
taco holders work well? – [Lily] Yeah, they did. – [Jennifer] Yeah, and they’re much easier to use than the dinosaur
ones that we used last time. They fit better on the plate too. – [Lily] And we’ll see you on tomorrow! Hi guys and happy Friday. – [Jennifer] Good job,
right now I’ve got Lily and Jackson with me, say hello. – [Lily and Jackson] Hello. – [Jennifer] So on Fridays,
I often like to stick a frozen pizza in the oven but tonight I decided to try something new and fun. We made mac and cheese pizzas. Let me show you how I made them. I started by making our
favorite mac and cheese. This is the Horizon Cheesy
Deluxe mac and cheese. It is so good. Now to make this a little bit more saucy for our pizzas, I added
extra cheddar cheese and a splash of milk. (light music) And then the kids
actually got to help make their own pizza, Lily just wanted cheese, Jackson wanted pepperoni and extra cheese, and McKenzie, she made
a hidden Mickey on hers. And then I stuck these under my broiler for about five minutes,
just to heat it through and brown it up a bit. Now, to go along with our dinner tonight I am giving the kids a nice, healthy salad but this is one that they’ll actually eat. This is the sweet kale salad, it comes with a yummy poppy vinaigrette, there’s also pumpkin seeds
in there and cranberries, it’s definitely one of our favorites. Oh yes, and I’m also giving the kids a few cherry tomatoes and I
have these really cute picks that were sent to me by Emma, thank you Emma, these are adorable. What do you guys think of
these cute little picks? – [Child] Yeah, I like them. – [Jennifer] They’re eyeballs! – [Child] Yeah, I like
them, thank you Emma. Mine has heart shaped sunglasses. – [Jennifer] I love
that one, it is so cute. And lastly today, I’m just giving the kids a little bit of this
blueberry probiotic drink, basically because I’m trying to use it up before it goes bad, and that
is all for the dinner tonight, after they’re done I will
show you what they ate. – [Child] Dinner time is
over and here’s what we ate. – [Jennifer] Okay, so you
tell McKenzie ate everything. What’d you think, McKenzie? – [McKenzie] It was good. – [Jennifer] Yeah, and
Jackson did pretty well, he left his juice, he
wasn’t a fan of the juice. You don’t like it? – [Jackson] Yeah, I like it. – [Jennifer] You’re gonna drink it now? – [Jackson] Uh-huh. – [Jennifer] He also left one tomato but he ate all of his salad
which I’m kinda surprised about. And then Lily did really well too, she left a little bit of
a crust and one tomato. So what’d you think of
the mac and cheese pizza? – [Child] It was really good. – [Jennifer] Yeah, I gave some to Griffin and he loved it but they had a request. – [Child] Next time let’s
just have regular pizza. – [Jennifer] Okay. – [Child] And we’ll see you next week. – Okay guys, now let me know
in the comments down below which dinner was your favorite. (upbeat music) Also, don’t forget to leave me your guess for next week’s special themed lunches. Now, if you’d like to
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