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Sophia! Look! Really, Amy? Ooh, sorry… Here, try this. Was that supposed to make it better? When in doubt, you can always rely on beauty hacks to make things better again. Woah. How’d you do that, Amy? Get your eye liner and – ready, we’ve got some DIY beauty hacks comin’ at ya! Indulging in a little mani time, are we? Wow, a french tip? Impressive. Well, that is until you look close up. Aw man, how am I supposed to fix this? Hey, I walked all the way here and got blisters! Do you have any bandaids in here? Perfect. Oh no, I made it worse! I’m so bad at this! Hey! Give me that bandaid! If you’re giving yourself a manicure, try using a bandaid to keep your lines straight. For a french tip, place the bandaid like this. Go ahead and paint right on the nail and bandaid. Yep, it’s that easy. Why torture yourself when you can just use a bandaid cheat? Here, I brought you some tea! Check out my sick new mani! That looks great! Maybe you can do mine next time! Ooh! I just love movie night with the girls! And you brought out the good snacks! Nice. Vicky? Woah! Since when did Vicky get tatted up? So girls, like my new look? I’m guessing you didn’t discuss your new tattoos with the girls yet? No offense, but you guys are way too gullible. Love tattoos but aren’t sure you’ll love them forever? Then why not make your own temporary ones! Cut out a print of a design you love. Don’t worry about getting it right along the edges. Now spray the front of the print with perfume. Next, fill a small bowl with water. Place the print face-up in the bowl. Now wait for about two minutes. It’s time! Wherever you choose to place the tattoo, spray it with perfume. Place the print face-down on that exact same spot. Spray the top of the paper just one more time. Make sure it’s completely pressed against your skin! After a minute, go ahead and lift the paper revealing your brand new tat! Pretty cool, right? Oh man, that really does look real! Sophia? Sophia? You okay? Hey! You passed out! Huh? What happened? We all got tattoos! You did too, see? What?! Please tell me this isn’t permanent!! Don’t sweat it Sophia, you can totally take that ugly thing off. A little micellar water will rub that guy right off. Really? Oh, thank goodness! See? It’s all good! That was a close one. Looks like Mia scored herself a hot date. Aw, where’d he go? Ooh, my lips feel super dry. Let’s see if my mirror is in here. They’re so pale! Well, this simply won’t do. Did I remember any lipstick? Horror of horrors, I’m all out! Yep, there’s barely anything left in this thing. Maybe I can squeeze a little out. Ugh, nothing’s working! C’mon! Ugh. Now what am I gonna — a fork! Maybe this fork can squeeze that last bit of gloss out! Success! When you’re in a pinch, just look at your surroundings for a little extra help. Oh yes, that’s so much better. Those luscious lips will let your date know you’re ready for that goodnight kiss! So, where were we? Ah, finally, a night off with absolutely nothing to do. Who could that be? Shoot, I totally forgot about my date! Oh man, my hair’s still wet. Oh god, c’mon hair, behave! Oh man, I’m all out of soda. Ooh! I have the best idea! Thank you… This cup is about to save the day! Have wet hair? Try out this hair-do hack! With a cup on your head, take strands of hair and twist them one by one around the cup like this. Don’t forget the bobby pins! Pin your hair down so it stays put. Keep going! Finally, you got all your hair up there! Don’t forget to pin that last piece. Last but not least, whip out the hair dryer and get blowin’! All dry? Time to take the cup out! Watch as Amy’s strands fall into perfect curls! Wow! Since when did Amy turn into a hair model? Girl, you’re officially date-ready! Wow! How’d you get your hair to look like that? Oh, I just did a little trick, no biggie. Wow, Amy! You look stunning! Oh, I know! Shall we go to dinner? Sometimes when you’re talking on the phone, you get a little distracted from the task at hand. Even if it’s something as simple as putting on your makeup. Um, Mia? I don’t think that’s lip liner… Unless it’s Halloween, black liner on your lips is definitely a no-no. What? I can’t believe he told you that! Yikes! What did I just do? Aw man, I could have sworn this was my red liner! Wait a second. Let’s roll with it! If you put on lip liner that’s too dark, try this trick. As you apply it, keep blending it into your lips like Mia’s doing. See? It’s creating a cool hombre effect! Wow! What a dynamic look! Way to add a little edge to your look, girl. When it comes to having fun with makeup, it’s all about happy accidents. With DIY hacks come plenty of mistakes! Check out these hilarious beauty bloopers! And while you’re at it, go ahead and subscribe to 123 GO’s YouTube page for more helpful videos! Which of these DIY beauty hacks are you dying to try? We’ll see you next time, friends!

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  1. I'm glad that they don't zoom throught the hacks and actually have a reason to use the hack and have a voice over rather than 5 minute crafts they do none of those who agrees

  2. if you are going to try the tattoo hack DO NOT, it does not work and it is a waste of perfume paper and time. I got the exact same perfume and tattoo drawing ( the unicorn), it did not work. I waited 2 minutes everything they told me to do. so please if you do not want to waste your time DO NOT TRY THE TATTOO HACK.

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