Fun & Easy One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game with Dice & Playing Cards #2.

To play this game you will need 5 dice and a deck of playing cards. Before playing the game, separate 3 Aces, 3 Twos, 3 Threes, 3 Fours, 3 Fives & 3 Sixes from the deck. After separating these cards, mix them well by giving a good shuffle. After mixing, put the cards on one side of the table and place the 5 dice on the other side. Now you are ready to play the game. Participants will play this game turn by turn. As soon as the 1-minute timer starts participant has to roll all 5 dice together. After rolling the dice, they have to draw one card from the deck. Whatever number is mentioned on the card, the participant has to get the same number on all the dice by adjusting them in the following manner. As soon as all the dice have the same number as that on the card, the participant has to keep that card aside and roll all 5 dice again. Again they have to draw a card from the deck and again adjust all the dice as per the number mentioned on the card. Participants can use only one hand at a time to adjust the dice value. Participants should try to complete as many cards as possible before 1-minute ends. At the end of 1-minute, the participant who has completed the maximum number of cards will win the game. Please do play this game with your friends and family and let us know whether you liked this game or not? Also, if you liked our video please do share it and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thank You.

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