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  1. Did you find that useful? I hope you did. Let me know if anything is unclear. Be sure to watch this next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oODlA-r7HU (the difference between the present perfect simple and continuous).

  2. I've just finish watching this lesson, It's very helpful.
    Last week Tuesday, I went to the spa with my friends
    I haven't been to the spa today.

  3. …wow this lesson is absolutely useful for my bad english..I thank you..I hope to receive a new particular lesson…byeee…

  4. i have watched more than 100 vids plus years of studying english and nothung of that have helped me as this this video thank u very much

  5. Hi Jack,

    This suggested that there ( has been/was) a lot of more water below the surface than previously supposed.

    Could you please tell me which option in the bracket is correct and why?

  6. Fantastic lesson! Very logical, helpful and useful. Thanks a million. Your teaching method is amazing. 👍I have just subscribed to your channel 10 min ago.😁

  7. Why do you use «she's been to London four times in total» with present perfect at 5'50"? It must be like «she've been»

  8. Finally I got the difference between this two tenses ,because u explained it more clearly then any others , thank u so much Sir 😃😃

  9. 6:11 >>> he's called me twice today ??in definition of present perfect ( subject ) + (have/has) + (PP) …. he's called me = He has called me ?

  10. I've had my breakfast just a few minutes ago, in that meanwhile I was watching this video, now I'm leaving my comment. This is a good class, I think these 3 examples contrasting the tenses and coffee example was just perfect. In our life, we have to make this kind of evaluation all the time.

  11. I suscribed to your channel two minutes ago. It's amazing. I'm Argentinian and study english, so your video was very helpful for me.

  12. I walked to shool yesterday. – past simple
    I've walked to shool this week. – present perfect

    Pleas give me an answer

  13. Sometimes i hear people saying something in past simple without any time expressions, for example: "i didn't say anything". Is it possible to use both present perfect and past simple in this example?

  14. I have not received it yet. ( you still wait to receive it)
    I did not receive it. (You are not waiting to receive it because it's something that you was supposed to receive n the past)

  15. There was a dialogue in my textbook and the person was asking: have you read that book that my cousin recommended?….. I don’t get why they used present perfect and not ps.

  16. I like the background music
    I have tried to understand the diffirance between present perfect and past simple three times this week.but , I understood it 15 minuts ago after I saw this video.
    Thank you!
    But I have a question here with since what we use simple past or past perfect ?

  17. I found / ´ve found this video very useful, Man. I´m an English teacher in Mexico city and I will let my ss watch it today. Very nice accent of yours !! I am trying to imitate you. See ya round !!

  18. I saw this video already last year but I've seen it again right now and I planned to see it once more this afternoon.

  19. I love your videos. It's realy help me to improve my grammar. Thank you for easy explonation.
    I watched a very interesting film last month.
    I' ve watched your videos twice this week.

  20. I'm wondering why teachers use easy and clear examples when they explain the present perfect?! Sir, when time expressions are found in the sentence, it is easy to figure out. However in many cases speakers do not use them. And in news you hear this: Somebody has passed away. or has died. could please explain what does it mean when no expression is there?

  21. Thank you a lot! I have just learned an useful tip for make the difference between Present Perfect and Past Simple.

  22. Hello Jack
    In Biarritz where I live, the G7 is standing up right now. Since Thirsday, helicopters have been flying the sky all around the clock. Two weeks ago, local medias warned the inhabitants of Biarritz that would be insupportable. It is. 😭

  23. Hi jack, I’m fond of your lessons and more importantly your slow pace british accent. I just want to get a clarity in the following sentences.

    Imagine I’m seeing a pic and want to say my opinion about a girl’s look.

    1. She looks like a doctor.
    2. She is looking like a doctor.

    Which of the above ones is apt? The picture isn’t going to change anymore and I guess, using simple present is more apt, isn’t it?

  24. Hi, Jack! I thank you very much for having explained the present perfect and simple past tenses, and the difference between British and American English. I can reply you that I've found it useful. I am graduating in Portuguese and English, and searching for some lessons in simple past tense, and I have found you here.

  25. 6:42 "She has done it 4 times this year." – are you saying this is the only option? Isn't it also correct to say: "She did it 4 times this year."?
    Similar question to the expression "this year" – do you think it is obvious to always match it with the Present Perfect rather than the Past Simple?

  26. Hi there! My English teacher showed us your video to learn more about the present perfect and the past simple. So I can say that your explanation is good and precise. Now I know the differences between the two tenses,thank you ! But It can be possible that people of my class can see my comment, so if he/she or they saw my comment, hello !

  27. I've just watched your video this afternoon , but I couldn't watch it last year .
    Thanks Mr Jack all your tutorial videos are useful .

  28. I have been to the hospital in this morning because I had the flu.
    Three days later
    I went to the hospital three days ago, but I still couldn't be better.

  29. This example : " I bought this jacket online. It didn't fit me ". why don't we use this with present perfect. In this sentence time is no matter. I have the jacket. that's the matter. can you explain it to me please ?

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