Fun Facts about Pineapples – Tropical Carrot Smoothie Recipe

hey everybody today we’re making the tropical carrot smoothie recipe and I would love to talk about a pineapples! We do not talk about these guys enough and they are such a staple in this smoothie world. For those of you who don’t know I’m Jenna, welcome to our video series i am the founder of GreenBlender and GreenBlender is a smoothie delivery service and every week we send all the pre-portion ingredients and super foods make amazing smoothies at home every day we make one of those smoothies right here with you and we talk about really interesting ingredient we’d love to hear from you so if you’re watching welcome please tell me your name or where watching from and if you’ve ever had pineapple in a smoothie and maybe your favorite pineapple smoothie recipe okay so pineapple we all think that they’re for Hawaii but my friends that is not true they’ve traced back to South America and the Mayans and the Incas actually cultivated pineapple before Hawaii. Pineapples didn’t actually reach Hawaii until the 1500s and European actually came up with the name pineapple because it resembled a pine cone now it’s kind of shocking that pineapple isn’t more expensive because it takes three years to grow one pineapple it sounds kind of a long time usually fruit start producing fruit within one year um so this pretty interesting. What we like about pineapples it makes really creamy smoothie it freezes really well you can actually plant a pineapple yourself by just taking the top of the pineapple and putting it in some soil now the main claim to fame about why people love or so much is because it has bromelain. it’s a digestive enzyme that helps break down protein molecules and why it’s so important helps with digestion helps with the absorption of antibiotics and its anti-inflammatory so what else is in this recipe we’re going to be using a cup of carrot four ounces of pineapple one pair a tablespoon of goji berries and a tablespoon of hempseed this is going to be delicious so let’s for everything in here we talked about my favorite carrot in a couple videos ago I can link to that soon um we really do think that you know this smoothie recipes going really delicious it’s going to feel like you transport yourself to a tropical island maybe even Hawaii cutting up the pear pear are full pectin which is going to make this smoothie a little bit thicker the longer you let your pear sit out on the counter and the softer it becomes the sweeter it also becomes so it’s really great if you’re looking to sweeten up your smoothie let your pears ripen fully. I’m going to throw on my goji berry which hail from China they’ve been used in ancient chinese medicine for centuries and of course my hempseed which is a great source of protein and make a creamy smoothie. Let’s blend this baby up let’s give this guy’s try look how pretty it is so orange from the carrot and the goji berries mmm it is literally tropical carrot that one phrase came to mind while drinking this smoothie is tropical carrot this smoothie is going to give you energy, it;s good for your skin it’s high fiber high protein and immune boosting it’s an all-around delicious and amazing smoothie I will see you back here tomorrow until then Cheers

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  1. Lillie from Hackettstown, NJ

    Hi Jena…Can any of these smoothies be stored after blending and if so for how long?

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