Fun Facts About Turkeys!

there are lots of great fall decorations
out in our neighborhood and one of the most common ones squeaks and I see are
turkeys you might know that turkeys are connected with Thanksgiving in the
United States and Canada and people sometimes raise them on their farm but
did you know that there are also wild turkeys and they’re pretty cool birds
there are lots of other fun things to know about turkeys too from the sounds
they make to how they eat to the little flaps of skin on their beaks you might
already know one of the sounds a turkey makes on the count of three let’s all
try to make that sound ready one two three
did you make a sound like this yes turkeys say something that sounds
like gobble gobble but not all of them only the Tom’s the male turkeys make
that famous gobbling sound and they only make it some of the time
both Tom turkeys and female turkeys called hens can make other sounds too
like this and this so if you ever hear a turkey make that gobble gobble sound you
know it’s a Tom turkey and I’m going to let you in on another secret about how
to tell the Tom’s and hands apart look at their poop yes their poop if a pile
of turkey poop looks like a spiral it came from a head if it looks more like
the letter J or a question mark then it came from a Tom turkey one thing that’s
the same about Tom and hen turkeys is what they eat adult turkeys munch on
things like berries and seeds and even sometimes small animals like salamanders
but like all birds turkeys don’t have teeth so they can’t chant their food the
way we do instead they have another body part that kind of does the same thing
it’s called a gizzard and it’s a really important body part for turkeys and
other birds the gizzard is a small pouch that has a lot of muscle and if we could
see inside of the turkeys body we could see that the gizzard is right here a
Turkey’s gizzard is full of tiny stones and pieces of other hard things like
gravel the turkey picks up these hard pieces from the ground and
swallows them and they stay in a gizzard if a human tried to swallow a stone it
would be dangerous but for a turkey the stones in its gizzard act like teeth
when food gets into the gizzard the muscles of the gizzard squeeze it mixing
the food with the stones inside this matches the food up and grind it into
smaller pieces then the turkey can use it for energy the gizzard is just one of
the neat body parts that a turkey has and like the word gizzard they’re also
pretty fun to say turkeys have two special body parts on their head the
flap of skin that hangs over the turkeys beak is called a snood and the skin
around the turkeys neck is called its waddle bird experts can tell a lot about
how a turkey is feeling by looking at its nude and its waddle the snoot and
model are normally kind of pink or red in color but if the turkeys not feeling
well its snoot and waddle get lighter in color and if the turkey is scared they
can even turn blue okay time for one more turkey fact you might have heard
that turkeys are not very smart well that’s not true
turkeys can be just as smart as other animals they can learn to get along with
people and other animals and they can even learn from each other so now you
know all about Thanksgivings famous bird the turkey thanks for joining us if you
want to keep learning and having fun with squeaks and me hit the subscribe
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  2. My almost 4 year old has a bad ear infection and wants to know how the antibiotics fix his ears and why he needs to finish his medicine until it's complete! You guys have helped so much with other questions that I thought we'd ask you! His name is Thomas! Love your show!

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