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  1. Im Italian and i want to open e Italian Bar in prague so can you please contact me just for friendship ? Just a reply will start everything

  2. Něco o tom, proč naše letadla mají volací znak OK…

  3. Tak dalsi video by mohlo byt treba o Koline 😀 . Nebo rovnou o tom Cimrmanovi. Nebo co se tyka prahy, co treba parky, prochazkovy cesty, podzemi… nebo treba vzdycky dil o prazske ctvrti

  4. You should make a video on the so called "Mini Marked" and "Supermarked" small shops around the tourist areas. Prices at these stores are more than double than for instance the Potraviny and Fivuza shops. Just check Nerudova street. A bottle of coke is 40 czk there. In Potraviny 10 Metres above. it's around 16-20 czk. And they don't scan your items, and give you ridiculous total which they often just type into a calculator, maybe because they see you are tourist. idk. I seen this happen alot at the places. I have been to Prague 10 times now and I love your videos, and they have been a good help to me.

  5. Awesome video's guys! 🙂 I'm czech myself and absolutely love it. Will defo promote you in some of my upcomming vids x).
    My content is english so it's going to be a great fit!

  6. Loved all your videos ! Thank you for all the insider tips .I will be travelling to Prague in a couple of days and would like to know if any good apps are available on google playstore for information about tram and metro timings and Street maps that work offline too .Thank you once again.Hope to see many more of your videos .

  7. Thanks for this information. My Daughter just spent from February 2016 to June 2016 doing her study abroad in Prague and loved the Country. I'm glad she was welcomed by the people there as much as she was. She said she wants to go back but to see more of the Country.

  8. On 15 January 1520, the Czech Kingdom of Bohemia began minting coins from silver mined locally in Joachimsthal (Czech Jáchymov) and marked on reverse with the Czech lion. The coins were called "''Joachimsthaler''," which became shortened in common usage to thaler or taler

    Dollar IS NOT a Czech word, instead TOLLAR is a Czech Word

    Lot of misleading facts here..

  9. It is not "a fun fact" that Czech are so ignorant when it comes to religion and rather would believe in New Age bullshit from Star Wars. It is very sad.

  10. Just wanted to say Thank you for all your help. We just came back from Prague and your videos helped sooooo much

  11. What weird is in Russia or China? It's great that these countries are not monopolized by Google. Both countries has developed IT… And I think that in North Korea Internet does not exists at all. Also in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan Google is not the most popular web search engine. So please be careful with information you provide.
    Also being born in Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic / in a place where Czech Republic exists now does not make a person ethnically Czech or Czech citizen. Madeleine Allbright was Jewish, most of Czech inventors were Jewish or German, majority of Czech inventions were made during that time when modern Czech territories were part of Austria / Austro-Hungary.

  12. Im not gonna go to your facebook page


    your country is atheist
    im atheist
    people steal from your language?
    people also steal from mine, german! zeitgeit, poltergeist etc…
    😀 so much in common :DDD

  13. Correct me if im wrong, but the guy that discovered blood Types was Karl Landsteiner, wo was austrian, not czech.

  14. Czech civil aviation code OK, comes from the initials of Mr. Otakar Koudelka, who was the representative of the former Czechoslovakian delegation that was supposed to be present at the international meating for civil aviation. He, the delegation, came late, so the rest of the representatives just gave the Czecholsovakia the letters OK (it did not have really the meaing: ''alright'' , back in the day. The Czechoslovak gov. initialy wanted the letters CS, but that had alread been claimed by Portugal. Before that, Czechs/Czechoslovaks used the letter L for civil aircrafts.

  15. Jo, když byl vysvětlen rozdíl mezi "fuck" a "fakt", tak mělo být vysvětleno, že Češi často souhlasí slovem "no" a přikyvují, což je pro anglicky mluvící dost matoucí 🙂

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  19. Hi Honest Guide, I am Indian, I like your vlogs, because it has variety, and the best part of your vlogs is your initiative to make Prague a city that every tourist can enjoy

  20. I really appreciate that, you talked about that beer. Some people dont know the real Budweiser is from Czech rep. becouse all americans thought that its from USA, thaats wrong ofc, also the taste of the beer is not good 😀

  21. Kidos 😀 jee já jsem uš velkej a eee 😀 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

  22. hold on a minute, Jára Cimrman doesn't exist!!!!! it's a fictional person created by a radio program in '66 called Nealkoholická vinárna U Pavouka. and he most certainly did not invent the CD (nor DVD & BLURAY) those are in fact, Dutch inventions, with a little help from the Japanese over at Sony!

    However if you ask any Japanese person, they will tell you…. hmm most likely the exact same thing ;_)
    as Dutch-Japanese relations have always been mutual and respectful FOR CENTURIES! in every regard, we were the first country ever to be allowed to trade with edo-period Japan, and we (as in A Dutch guy from somewhere in The Netherlands) were the first to crack (read: decipher) their language for translation and mutual understanding. And still today, the Japanese hold the Netherlands and it's people in high regard, there are even Netherlands-themed amusement parks throughout Japan ;_)

  23. if the Czech Republic is one of the most Atheist countries in the world; why do you have many Christmas Markets?

  24. Yeah Ivanka Trumps gr8 but we don’t need looking after.
    True her mom was avoiding the commies but Czechs can defend against anything! Including a superpower.

  25. My ex nearly got the crap knocked out of him by blood donor service nurses what he heard my blood group was Arh+ and called me monkey blood!!!! The nurses gave him a really good telling off, and said I had more balls than him for giving blood!!!! Never cross an English nurse (she was a matron)

  26. Hi! I find your Videos super, but i dont do facebook. So I will wrote to you over youtube. I would love to hear budget things for expats to do with their children (aged 12). I love prague and would love to show some more things to my child. Thankyou!

  27. no no the USSA = America never landed on the moon air con suite in a vacuum at oven temperature No way all on 1960s batteries NO WAY

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