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Hi and good morning. Welcome back. I’m very excited to show you what is underneath here. Yes, you know it’s that time I received my October beads of the Month Club package in the mail yesterday and I saw things in there that just blew me away and it’s usually it takes me a couple of days to come up with a design but I knew immediately what I wanted to do I had a name for it and outstanding so as you know… I belong to the adornableelements beads of the Month Club it is just outstanding Absolutely amazing!!!! Literally when I see the purple package in the mail, I like run I literally run to the mailbox because it’s so exciting and it introduces me to all these new beautiful beads and I can’t say enough good things about it if this is something you’re interested in I’ll put all the information in the description box below plus a code to give you 10% off of your first order and I have not yet been disappointed sincerely. This is something I back 100%!!! So I’m not going to keep you in suspense anymore. I’m just so excited to show you everything under here. Yes I know I have to take a minute so for the month of October it’s called Carnival and I believe this is in Italian and the beads are just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. So I’ve got these beautiful Spiky button beads and they’re top drilled czech glass. They’re gonna be amazing for fringe that’s what I’m gonna use these for and then these beautiful little beauties here these are gekko beads and I have one of my little beads in there and these remind me of the dragon scale beads but they’re a little bit different the hole is in a different position, but they are absolutely stunning beads and then these are Arcos par puca beads Absolutely beautiful These I have not seen before and they’re called octo beads and they have three holes like this these were a blast to work with these also have three holes in them if you’ve never worked with them before now I have some never worked with them before. It’s so funny when I saw this colorway I knew immediately what I had to do and it worked that’s something that I love and then these three holed beautiful beam beads they are elongated three holed beautiful beads some prong beads which again I have a ton never knew what to do with them until now working with them was an absolute pleasure Beautiful beautiful beads and then these cube beads. They’re Czech glass 5x7mm Stunning beads, and then these I have a ton of these never worked with them before but they’re outstanding they are petal beads and they’re contoured just like a natural petal they’re small and they’re delicate and they’re so beautiful But I’m gonna show you the project because It’ll explain a lot more. Here it is a beautiful beautiful bracelet this thing is colorful fun I used as many beads as I could incorporate I left off just these two the petal beads and the spiky button beads and I will be using those at a later date because I’m in love with them. But I wanted something fun bright and colorful and this is just one of my favorite pieces. I put it on I showed my husband and he just said wow, that’s really really cool and that’s the project so we are going to work this from start to finish together. We’re gonna get familiar with some new beads and just have fun and I cannot wait to show you. So I’m just gonna clear some things out of the way and swap out beads because like I said I’m not using everything and we will need just a few other things and I am just like I said You know I would never steer you wrong never ever and I can’t get over the beautiful beads and I have to say these are outstanding. I mean I have ideas running through my head about what I want to do. So I did change the color of the prong beads just because I wanted to add a little bit more bright color in here. and really have fun with this one Because I loved the theme carnival that’s what the colors reminded me of So in addition to these beads gekko the Arcos the octo beam prong cubes you will need some 4mm rounds and you’ll just need a couple and I’m just gonna use these beautiful druks you will need some prong beads and I have that beautiful color and then just a couple size 8’s not too many and I know it looks like a lot but this is super fun some size 11’s and some size 15’s and then you’re gonna want to grab yourself just a random stop bead and a clasp of your choice and today I’m gonna use this beautiful one right here. Also, I’m using my fire line but you can use whatever stringing material you like and we’re gonna begin by pulling two yards of fire line you wanna make sure you have plenty of fire line and I’m gonna actually move the board cuz there’s quite a bit on here and I really need you to see what’s going on. So we’re gonna start by picking up our stop bead. I have a size 11 beading needle two yards we’re gonna drop it down. We’re gonna leave about a six to eight inch tail and that’s to add in all this beautiful beautiful stuff our accent bead and our toggle end. So we’re gonna leave about a six to eight inch piece and all I do is just go back through that stop bead and you know normally I never work with a stop bead, but you need it here. So I just went right back through the bead we’re ready to go and this is going to be a repeat pattern…. So we’re gonna start with these beauties right here the Arcos and we’re gonna pick up one like this from the center hole see how there’s three holes we’re gonna pick up one right from that middle and then we’re gonna pop a round right in there 4mm round and then an Arcos middle hole again in this direction and then I’m gonna pick up a cube and then a beam middle hole One of these beautiful octo beads again the middle hole we’re gonna stick with the middle hole all the way down so another beam a cube and we’re gonna repeat that so I’m gonna slide it down so you can see the pattern coming into shape and I’ll go down a little bit see you can really see what’s going on and I know there’s a lot on the board and I apologize but trust me. It’ll be worth it definitely worth it Scooch some things over just so you can get a nice clear look. Okay, so we’re gonna go right back to the Arcos middle hole in this direction because we’re gonna go that way so middle hole and then a round and then again an arcos in the other direction so we’re hugging that little round look just like this and then a cube and that’s gonna be your repeat so a cube a beam and onto a beam a cube right back to the Arcos again with our beautiful round and then again hug it so it’s like that right back to that beautiful cube I have some of those on order already because they’re beautiful chunky, beautiful and bold and I just love love love the color and the feel now I had to keep in mind my length the first bracelet. I made was huge. So I want to pretty much follow this pattern. I want it the same exact size so I only have a couple more to go so it’s a beam onto beam right back to a cube and you know how how much of a bad measurer I am so I kind of eyeball everything which is not good. I will work on that just like I worked on color theory. I will practice and I’ll become better at measuring. There so that’s as long as I want it and you want to start and end with the Arcos section just like this and let me measure just to see where I’m out here so I can give you kind of an idea because this fits perfectly so I’m at 4 1/2 Okay, right at 4 1/2 and the total length of my bracelet was 7″ and it fit perfectly so now we’re going to pick up 8 we’re gonna add the clasp right now so we’ll be all done with one end of it so we’re gonna start with a size 8 and then one round and then an 8 and then one two three four 11’s and then you want to pick the end of your toggle and it’s not cooperating today. So I’m just gonna pick up the toggle. I’m gonna go right through that toggle and drop everything down just like that I’m gonna pull back just a little I’m a little too close, okay So we’re just gonna skip everything that we just put on and just run right down through the four 11’s the 8 the round and the 8 just like this and give it a good pull and do not worry we only went through this once but we definitely will reinforce this because this piece is so stiff and sturdy so we will be running up and down so now I’m gonna turn it so it’s like this so you can get a better view because I want to work down one side and I’m gonna pull just a little bit to make sure everything’s nice and tight and we’re ready to begin the fun part. This is like the decorating and just so much fun so we’re gonna pick up three 15’s and we’re gonna go right into that Arcos bead I chose to go this way. So I’m going down the right side. so three 15’s right down into that hole right there the very right hole And yes, we’re working with a lot of thread, but you will thank me later. You don’t want to add in thread with something like this. It’s not that fun so we did our three 15’s into the Arco we’re gonna pick up one 8 and go right through that Arco bead and this is the part I loved coming up those prong beads. I have tons never knew what to do with them. Now I know how to work with them and they’re amazing. So we’re gonna pick them up always like this and I’ll leave that one there. So you know the direction just like this because I’ll show you in a minute how I want them to lay a certain way so I’m going to pick up three just like that so one and I’m gonna just do it with my fingers it’s easier three and then we’re gonna go right into that beam bead right there and pull down and when you do make sure that the prongs sit up and don’t worry if it gets fussy. That’s what it did to me. All you have to do is pull down really hard once you get them in that direction. Just like this that’s exactly what you want. You want them to hug that beautiful cube just like that and it gives it so much texture color and it’s it’s outstanding and So now we’re gonna pick up an 11 go right through that octo bead and I’m gonna pick up the work for just a second So one 11 through that octo bead be very careful here we don’t get any snags and keep that tension nice and tight so they stay just like that and then one 11 into the beam and again we’re gonna go right back to our prong beads and remember that’s how we’re always going to pick them up three of them so one two and three just like this and we’re gonna go right into that arcos so this is gonna be the repeat and then just make sure they lay just like this and it’s a little fussy don’t lose your patience just keep calm you’ll get it. It’s the only part that slowed me down a little bit but there you go pull once you have it like that and then it’s back to the size 8 right through that Arcos just like this and then Three more and It is faster if I pick them up, so that’s why I left the example down. So you’d know the direction and then again right through that beam and don’t worry we’re gonna tighten all this whole area up anyway, but just make sure you keep those beads just like that and they are a little fussy, but they want to go one way and I’m forcing them to go another so see pull really hard now it’s time to add an 11 into this octo and pull and then an 11 into the beam and again, we’ll do our three prong beads so one, two, three and I can’t even express to you how much I love this program it! Truly pulls me way out of my comfort zone this is something I would never have worn to be honest but when I put it on I was blown away I immediately fell hard and I had to go order these cubes those octo beads. Just so much fun. I like I said I wouldn’t have ever even have known they were out there I wouldn’t have researched I wouldn’t have known and now that I know it’s just incredible because the possibilities are truly endless and that’s something that I like that is something that really keeps me engaged and always keeps my mind working which I love. So we’re almost there. Just take your time. There’s no need to rush. Not at all and there we go pull down and now it’s time to add our 11’s into the octo and then right into the beam and then right here we’re gonna add our prong beads and I have to say they come in the most gorgeous colors. I am truly so excited because I have a stash that’s just been sitting there and I have not known what to do with them. I tried playing around with them before and just couldn’t get into it and now that I know the design the way you can make these fit a particular way that was it for me. Okay. So here we are at our last 8. Let’s just make sure everything looks good. It’s gonna look a little crooked and weird at the moment just because we’ve only worked on one side so now set your working thread right to the side and just leave it alone for the moment and we’re going to pull off the stop bead and we’re going to attach a needle right to that tail right now so we’re gonna attach a needle and I wanted to work the whole project with you. I did not want to do it in sections and pieces. It’s just a lot easier to do that way it is a little more time consuming but I actually love working these kind of projects from start to finish with you guys. It is a lot of fun alright so now we’re going to add the second part of our clasp. So same thing an 8 a round an 8 4 11’s and then the other end of our toggle. Right here I’m gonna pick that up. I’m gonna drop it back down and remember don’t worry if it gets a little loose. We’re gonna start tightening everything down So we’re just gonna skip the toggle again and run straight down all the beads and this time we’re gonna run straight down into the work so down the arco the round that cube and that bar bead and I’m gonna stop right there cuz my needles getting too short and I’m gonna pull and then I’m gonna pull on the working thread as well cuz I wanna make sure it stays nice and tight as we do this part so take your time and pull down on both just like this and now I’m going to turn here’s our tail. I want to make sure I put in a couple knots so I’m going to go right through that octo bead and that next beam bead and I’m gonna drop right here in this thread space between that cube and that beam bead I’m gonna throw in two knots. So here’s one I grab that thread space before I pull that loop I put my needle right in and pull down. Still everything is extremely loose. So keep going down a few. I’m just gonna run down through this whole area. And again I’m going to stop right after that cube pull looks like you could hear the knot drag right through the work and again two more knots right here and then right down and I’m gonna burn right here and burn that off and we’re all set. We’ve attached the clasp and everything We’re just gonna do what we did on one side I’m gonna pull and make sure everything stays together and We’re gonna repeat exactly what we did here over here Okay, so back to the working thread we’re gonna pick up three 15’s and now this is the part where I told you we’re going to reinforce so don’t worry if it’s loose here’s where we’re going to go tighten it up three 15’s right up through the 8 a round all four 11’s and then around that toggle Pull and then right back down all the beads this time we’re gonna stop and exit that size 8 and give it a good pull they want that a little bit closer so pull down and I’m gonna turn again so I can show you clearly how we’re gonna work I’m actually gonna push some more stuff out of the way So cool so pretty I have somebody very special I’m gonna send this to because I think she would appreciate these amazing colors. Okay, so now we’re gonna pick up three 15’s and run right down that Arcos right there. This is going to straighten everything out and we’re gonna repeat what we did on one side to the other and don’t worry if these loosen up like I said, we’re gonna run back through and do some like decorating. So make sure you pull down because you want those 15’s just like that real nice and snug so now it’s an 8 right through here and I’m just holding everything dow so it doesn’t get tangled and now it’s time for our beautiful prong beads and I’ll leave it just like this. So you know again you’re always going to pick them up like that. So one, two, three and then right into that beam get them to lay hugging that cube bead just like that a little fussy but It’s quite alright and start pulling do you see the high tension I’m using pull pull pull and an 11 through this beauty and then I won’t keep repeating it because you know now the pattern. So we’ll just follow what we did on one side to the other and then we’ll do some light decorating which were really brought it to life with the gekko beads, and they’re absolutely stunning and don’t be afraid don’t be afraid to pull down especially when you’re working with 8 pound fire line I have never snapped a piece not yet anyway and you know, I have very high tension and a kind of aggressive when it comes to beading so if I haven’t broken it yet. That’s a good thing alright we’re getting there and what a super fun color away I mean this is just incredible I was so happy when I completed this bracelet I ran right out showed my husband and he said oh my god, that is so cool Alicia that is really neat and I just sat in here for about six hours. I felt like what fit and what worked and color play and I just had a blast I really did. This program for me has changed my life and a lot of ways as far as opening a lot of different things up to me things. I never even knew existed Beads and just techniques that I could incorporate. I mean, I love it. I really really love it. So I really hope you guys will just go even look at the website just look it over. There’s so many different packages to choose from and the company itself they are so friendly so kind they’re really really genuine people and that’s what I love. All right, we’re getting there it’s not too too bad It’s just the prong beads that slow you down a little but I honestly think this is what made it so much fun for me brightened it up I just love the way it fits and it’s definitely one of those bracelets that you’re gonna wear and people are gonna think so cool because I’ve never seen anything like it and that’s what I love. Absolutely love. All right. So here’s our last 8 and again we’re gonna repeat the same thing we did So now we’re gonna pick up three tiny little 15’s we’re gonna run up the 8 the 4mm round the 8 all four 11’s and around that clasp and be very very careful. You don’t want to slip so up and around see why I had you pull a whole bunch of thread because we still have a little bit more decorating to do and I’m gonna just slide some of this stuff out of the way Okay Alright so now we’re here we’re gonna come back around so take it easy and take your time cuz it’s tight now everything’s tight so wiggle your way and get through these four 11’s the 8 the round the 8 and then I’ll show you where to exit We’re gonna go down those three tiny little 15’s right here if I can get in there and this is the part. I told you where we’re gonna reinforce Okay, so through those little 15’s Okay, so now we’re just gonna weave down through this Arco the 8 and the Arco and now all three prong beads, and this is what is going to keep its shape and strengthen it so they won’t move and go right through all three and I put my needle in the board and I pull really really hard and then I’m going to go through the beam and step out that 11 right there now I’m going to add three gekko beads so one two three and look at the color on these stunning So three and look at that piece of thread right there. So you be careful of that pull down so three geckos right into that 11 and the beam take your time don’t try to go through too many at once You don’t want any tangles and give it a good pull and see how that just brings it together. It’s so colorful, but it gives it texture and keep going so we’ll weave down through the prong all 3 and then the Arcos 8, arcos We’re just weaving until we get to that size 11and we’re also reinforcing this work and pull through that beam and that one 11 and then we’ll pick up our beautiful gekko beads and I’m just doing a random pick up so one, two, three right through that next 11 and pull and that’s it that’s what you’re gonna do and then I’ll show you how to weave to the other side do the same thing So cool so much fun and it’s so strange because like I said I think I said it in the beginning but I even had a name picked out which that usually takes me the longest is trying to find a really cool fun name for my projects. So once I knew I had a name I knew oh that’s a winner for me They just I love this. I cannot wait to play around you more with more different colors and maybe try to make a ring to match So here’s where you gotta be careful your threads getting tired see how I have a couple of good knots just slide your fingers gently through and see how there’s one more knot here. Just pull really hard on both ends of that thread and it should come Rrght out for you so keep going just take your time there’s absolutely no hurry All right through all those and I think this yes see… watch out for that thread don’t let it get caught up make sure everything sitting real nice and tight and straight and it is so keep going and now here’s the part where we’re gonna go up and around This entire clasp area up here So through these 15’s the 8, the round then all four 11’s and I’m not gonna push it because it is tight in there. So I’m gonna go up very carefully and you want this tight trust me. Your bracelet will not come apart back through that toggle and then back down I’m gonna go to the other side. So I’m going to flip it and we’re gonna add the gekko beads on the other side so back down these four take your time wiggle and wow, I made it real quick a lot quicker than I thought and then right back down those 15’s and it is hard for me to see there Okay, and here we go same thing so right through these beads all three prong just keep in check make sure your threads aren’t getting wrapped up like mine We’re just doing so that’s what I’m gonna really keep an eye out for don’t want to look back and then see a big piece of thread hanging over so I’m going to step out that beam and that one 11 right there and it wants to go through that beautiful octo bead so cool those those beads are real real neat and then now we’ll pick up three gekkos run through that 11 so we’re just mirroring now everything we did on one side to the other and I’m gonna slow down so I don’t get any tangles and make sure it looks really good straighten everything out. Oh my goodness. How fun. and continue going and see how this one flipped make sure you force that right back over before you reinforce always watch cuz they’re sneaky and like I said you want you want them to lay a particular ways your the boss you make sure you make them stay in that direction. So I really start to pull down now and you can definitely feel your piece getting extremely tight and coming up on the part where we’re gonna add our beautiful gekko beads through that beam and then we’ll pick up our gekkos so one two, three right through that 11 and the beam it picked it up…. Pull I’m just gonna double check to make sure everything looks good pull down and then we’ll go through all 3 and again pull nice and tight through these beads and it needs it it needs that extra reinforcement because if I did not do this it was very very floppy loose and these kept turning so that’s why this part is so important to tighten everything up and plus we get to add in another layer of beautiful decorations which you know, I love to do so alright it keeps wanting to pick up way too many here so trying to angle my needle in a particular way you at home go through one at a time. Don’t do what I’m doing All right, and I felt another knot and it’s a good one, so just take your time pull it out. There we go we’re getting there. We’re almost done. This is our last group of three right through that 11 in that beam if you want pick it up Okay, and then we’re gonna go through the last three prong beads and then I’ll show you how I finished it and you have made yourself something extremely unique and fun and just Like I said, very very cool all right, I’m gonna shorten my thread just a tiny bit cuz we’re getting ready to throw just some more knots in so I’m just gonna clip it shorten that down and we’re at the end. So we’re gonna go up because I want no threads showing so this part is going to be very tight. So up these three 15’s up all these beads again and around one more time you can make it It feels like you’re not going to because everything is really really tight but you just have to go very very slow because I don’t want you slipping and if you need to use a gripper or a pair of pliers then definitely do so and pull and then one more time and that’s what I mean by this clasp will never fall off it is it is on there good So right back down these four 11’s Wow, I went through it all again. So for 11’s 8 round 8 this time we’re gonna continue straight down so through the work just like we did how we buried our tail is exactly how we’re gonna bury this working thread. So I’m gonna pull down and I’m just gonna give it a good look to make sure everything is laying the way that I want before we go ahead and add our knots and then we’ll burn and we’ll be done everything looks great I’ve got no snags No gaps good you go. So right here I am gonna squish in here and I’m gonna grab that thread space is the best place to pull a knot through and then before I pull that loop put my needle in Pull down, I’m gonna do that twice. I always do that twice and then weave through that middle beam and take your time here because you’re working pretty much blind you can’t see anything so wiggle around and get on in there I want to try to do this very very carefully too cuz It’s tight, but that’s what you need. That’s what you want alright I’m gonna get in there I’m just gonna try to keep it nice and straight there we go, and it went through and see how it came all the way out that other cube, that’s where I’m gonna throw in another knot and I know it sounds like a lot of reinforcing, but that’s me. I want to make sure my piece stays together forever first long as It can and then we’ll just weave through and I’m gonna poke out right there pull pull that knot right through and we’re gonna burn and we are done I’m gonna get right as close as I hear and that is it so beautiful. I’m on the flip side here. See how those just make that difference those beautiful gekko beads just make it pop. I hope I didn’t say ginkgo because I was working with those the other day gekko if I did my sincerest apologies, but this is outstanding I hope you guys have a blast with this one and just have fun and play with color and I really really hope you enjoyed this project as you can tell I had a blast whenever I make a mess like this you know, I’m having a fun time It’s just like when you’re cooking you make a huge mess, you know, you’re having a fun time in there. So thank you So very much for watching and I appreciate you all so very much and I hope you enjoy making yourself one of these beautiful bracelets. Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you really soon. Bye. Bye

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