Fun FAQS: Anna Wallner

Kristina: Here we go. Lightning round. Star Wars or Star Trek? Anna: Star Wars. Kristina: Cat or dog?
Anna: Both! Kristina: I’m making these up because–…What’s the worst subject you had in high school? Anna: Umm… Kristina: Decision making?
Anna:Anna: I had–I had kind of a bad run with science. Kristina: And best?
Anna: Hmm… Anna: I had a good run with math.
Kristina: I’m surprised to hear that actually. Anna; You know what? The thing about math is that if you pay attention and study, it’s actually quite easy. Kristina: And if you don’t look at it for 20 years, you can barely even multiply.
Anna: There’s that now too. Anna: I also did quite well in French. And English. When I applied myself. Kristina: Have you ever seen a ghost?
Anna: No. Anna: Well, there was this one time. But I’m not really sure. It might have been a dog. Kristina: Was it asituation? Anna: Possibly. Kristina: Uh, any piercings? Kristina: Please tell me no.
Anna: Two. Anna: Two! One, two.
Kristina: Ah ok ok ok. This is something I actually don’t want the answer to. Kristina: Greatest fear? Anna: Dying–
Kristina: Being a bag lady. Anna: No, well, yes. Being homeless. But that’s too serious…Greatest fear? Kristina: Because fear should be lighthearted! Anna: Yeah, being homeless is my greatest fear. Anna: Second greatest fear? Death by wild animal. Kristina: Ok.. No zoo trips for her!

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