Fun Google Secrets – Part 2

Oh man, time flies so fast. It’s been almost a full year since I uploaded my Google easter eggs video, which quite a few people took the time to watch. Of course, that video doesn’t include all
the Easter eggs you could possibly find, and in the meantime I’ve had the
opportunity to play around with some other ones. So, I thought, “Why not share
them with you guys?” For example, here’s one: if you search for “Bletchley Park”,
you’ll get its name decoded in the knowledge graph which is a knowledge
base that Google uses to enhance its search engines results with semantic
search information. Bletchley Park was the central site for British
code-breakers during World War Two and nowadays, it’s open to visitors as a
museum. In case you haven’t noticed intro’s over. These are fun Google secrets
Part 2. If you type is “Is Google down” in the search box or ask it via voice search,
Google will answer with a simple “No”. that is unless it really is. Type
Conway’s Game of Life in the search box, hit enter, and the search engine will
generate a running configuration of the game. The game of life is a zero player
game that is determined by its initial state, and requires absolutely no further
input if you search for the word “kerning” Google will add spaces between the
letters of that word in the results. Google can also give you random fun
facts. Just tell it you’re feeling curious, or simply type “fun facts” in the
search box, hit enter, and you’ll get one on the top of the results. For more fun
facts, just click on “ask another question,” and feed your curiosity as much as you
please. Google knows quite a lot. For example, it
knows what sound a zebra makes. Replace “zebra” with the name of another animal
and find out what other animals sounds Google knows. And by the way, it appears
that as of now, it doesn’t know what sound of fox makes, but you can ask it,
“What does the Fox say?” for a whole different kind of answer. “wha pop pop
pop pop pop pow.” If you’re up for something a bit more interactive, type
“spinner” in the search box and hit “enter.” You’ll get a spinning wheel that you can,
well, spin. You can also adjust the amount of numbers on the wheel by clicking on
this drop down menu. Speaking of spinning objects, you can also play a game of
dreidel. Simply tell Google to “play dreidel” through the search box, or via
voice search. One of my personal favorites is the Super Mario Easter Egg
I showed you guys in my initial “Fun Google Secrets” video. Here’s something
kind of similar. If you search for “Sonic the Hedgehog,” you’ll get a knowledge
graph with the popular Sega hero on it. Start clicking on him and see what
happens. Google has quite a few Easter eggs hidden in its calculator. A search
for “the loneliest number” will have the calculator display the number one. Same
will happen if you happen to ask Google about “the number of horns on a unicorn,”
but the really cool thing here is that you can actually calculate these results.
So if we say “loneliest number plus number of horns on a unicorn,” the
calculator will display the number 2, or 0 if we say minus instead of plus; pretty cool! Before we wrap up this video,
I’ll leave you guys with two more cool Google Easter eggs that you can have fun
playing with. First one is “Solitaire.” Type it in the search box, hit “enter,” and enjoy
a classic game in easy or hard mode. Once you’re done with that, try playing a
game of “Tic-Tac-Toe.” The game will probably start on medium difficulty, but
crank it up to impossible and see if you can beat the computer. In case you’re
asking yourself if it can actually be done, you can find a hint in the difficulty’s
name. But that would be all for this time. Of course Google has a lot more Easter
eggs hidden in it’s different services. But a video that holds the viewers’
attention can only be so long. So be sure to check out my first “Google Easter Eggs”
video, and in case you know some that I didn’t mention, be cool and share them in
the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and maybe
share it with your friends. For more content in the future, just hit that
little “subscribe” button and I will see you in the next one. Thanks for watching
and as always, stay strong. *Music plays* Captions by It’sRaZe’ Bro

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  1. if you search 'Thanos' it shows you an info card of his glove. if you click it half of the websites disappear and if you click it again they come back.

  2. 2:08 Siri on ios says the same thing when you ask her that but you have to say it in a singing voice lmao

  3. also theres this on ewher eu search up only "THANOS", there will e an infinity gauntlet in the left corner of the box, click on it and something amazing will happen.

  4. If you search thanos a picture will appear of hos guantlet (like mario or sonic) and if you click it, it will snap and the server will start dissapearing. Click it again and the time stone will bring it all back. Works on any device

  5. I searched sonic the hedgehog in the textbox, accidently clicked sonic, while they were fixing the study island thing, and I got kicked out from it, so I couldn't do study island. 🤣

  6. Also, if you type thanos, you can click on the mini gauntlet, and everything starts to dissapear

  7. If you type in thanos click on the infinity glove (i don't know how to spell it) the searchs will disappear

  8. Tganos easter egg just type thanos and click the gauntlent emoji and click it again if u want to regen it

  9. #define plus +
    #define minus –
    int longest number=1;
    int number of horns on a unicorn=1;
    cout<<int longest number+number of horns on a unicorn<<endl;

  10. If you type text adventure into google chrome then right click and press inspect (or inspect element) then press console you can play a text adventure game using the console!

  11. If you search thanos the infinity gauntlet will appear similar to the sonic or mario button and if you press it it will destroy the results and if you press it again it will reverse the effects

  12. If u type thanos an infinite stone hand will appear click on it and things will start to dissapear

  13. If you search thanos there’s a gauntlet of you tap it mostly every disappears and if you tap it again Google brings everything that disappeared back

  14. 00:8 TO 0:11 If you lisen closly you can here little "Bleep bleep bleep's"
    You can here the bleeps making the advengers theme

  15. If you search up thanos the it will show the Gaulet and if you press it it makes something disapear and if you press it again it turns normal

  16. If you search thanos there’s the infinity gauntlet and if you click it some websites will disappear

  17. It's not the government. It's the People. We want to look at your algorithms. And we will. It exists. It has mass. It can be found. And the truth is going to be revealed. And if necessary justice applied. Money doesn't make you invisible.

  18. Must search up:

    The wizard of oz: tap on the red shoes👠 then tap on the tornado 🌪

    Thanos: tap on his hand then tap on his hand again when it is done

    Thank me later

  19. Search up “infinity gauntlet” in the search bar and click on the gauntlet for a surprise.
    You figure out what happens 😉

  20. search google sphere and press google mr.dood or whatever its called it will go flying around the google logo

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