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– Hey, you guys. Kimberly with Millennial Moms, and in today’s video, we’re gonna be making some
Halloween sweet treats for the kids. (upbeat music) (kissing sound effect) Alrighty, you guys. So, Halloween is around the corner. My kids are super excited because Halloween starts
the holiday season. So, we are super excited because we are constantly
making sweet little treats and little things for all the holidays. So, I’m gonna show you
guys exactly what we do here inside the house. If you guys are new to Millennial Moms, we’d love for you guys to hit
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this video a thumbs up. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into
sweet treat number one. So, first thing that we’re gonna do is make some ghostly cookies. So, all you’re gonna need are
some mini chocolate chips, some peanut butter cookies
that are in shape of peanuts, and then some white chocolate
that you can melt down. And all you’re gonna do is follow the directions on the package for whatever melting
chocolate that you get. So, all you’re gonna do is
melt down the chocolate, mix it up to make sure that
it is all melted together. Take your cookie, and we are gonna place it in one side, and then flip it over to the other. And then place on your
parchment paper, your wax paper, to go ahead and cool down. And then, all you’re gonna
do is take your mini M&M’s and place them on for the eyes. And then you can even take another one to place it underneath
the eyes for the mouth. (upbeat music) Okay, so now we’re gonna
be making some mummy Oreos. So, all you’re gonna need
are some Oreo cookies, a small Ziploc baggie, some more melted white chocolate, and then some of these fun candy eyeballs. So, all I did was melt
down the white chocolate and I just do this in 15-
to 20-second increments in the microwave until
it is all melted together ’cause you don’t want to overcook it. So, now I’m gonna do
is take the Oreo cookie and place it inside the melted chocolate, move it all around, and place it on the parchment paper. And now, all you’re gonna
do is take the eyes, place two eyes down. Remember they are mummies, so they do not have to be perfect. And now what I’m gonna do is take the rest of my white chocolate now that it is cooled
down just a little bit and place it inside our Ziploc baggie. Now, we’re just gonna put
all the melted chocolate down to one corner of the bag, cut a tiny little slit, and just pour it right on
over the cookies itself. (upbeat music) Next up, we’re gonna be making some fun and colorful monster lollipops. So, what we’re gonna need is
some more white chocolate, some colorful sprinkles, some Rice Krispie treats, I just bought these over at
the store to make it easier, some lollipop sticks, and then some more of the candy eyeballs. So, all we’re gonna do is
take our lollipop stick and put some white chocolate on there and then stick it into
the Rice Krispie treat because this will help
secure the Rice Krispie treat to the lollipop stick. Next step is we are gonna
take our Rice Krispie treat and put it right into the white chocolate, and then all we’re gonna
do are take our sprinkles, place the sprinkles on top, and then place your
eyeballs wherever you want. (upbeat music) So, there you go. You guys have these kid-friendly, easy sweet treats for Halloween, and this is great for
any party, any gathering, or simply just want to make some cute little sweet
treats for the kids. Okay, you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it, these fun sweet little treats that you can do with your kids at home and just have some good
quality family time. Let me know down below what your guys’ favorite thing about Halloween is. Mine is definitely
getting the sweet treats started for the holidays. So, if you guys are
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and join the family here by clicking right over there. If you guys missed yesterday’s video, click right over there to see that, and to see more from me, you can click right up there. So, that is it for me today. I hope you guys have a good one, and we will see you guys in the next one. Bye, you guys.

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