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– [Angela] Hey y’all, I’m
Angela from This Gathered Nest. I’m a mamma of eight precious kiddos. And I’m so exited to be
sharing with you guys today, we’ve partnered with JCPenney. I just wanted to share
with you guys kind of how we usher in the holiday season, and what we do to get our kids ready and in the holiday spirit. Everything in this house
centres around food and fun, that is just what we love. So I’m so exited to
share this with you guys. If you wanna see a haul of everything that we’ve picked up and kind of shopping with me at JC Penney. You see that over on my channel, which will be linked down
below in the description box. But today, I just wanted to
share with you all kind of how we pulled this all together. And really, like I said, food
is the main thing around here, it is what brings our family together. So we’re starting off by making
some s’mores this evening. And this was so fun for the kids. It’s just something that really we only do when we’re camping. So it was really fun to
kind of bring this indoors with this fun s’more
maker from Sharper Image. And the kids had an absolute
blast playing together, a little snack for the evening. (playful music) And of course, nothing brings
a family night together quite like some brand new
fuzzy, comfortable pj’s. So we’ve picked up some
new pajamas for everybody, some new kind of holiday pajamas. And this is the perfect
thing to get everybody in that kind of cozy Christmas spirit. (playful music) (lighthearted music) And now that our bellies are full, we’re in our cozy pj’s, we’re
gonna settle in for a movie. We fell in love with, when I saw this in the store, this projector. I think, this is so fun. I can think of so many
different uses for it, but for us to all cuddle
up as a big family and sit down to watch a
Christmas movie together. I loved that we can kind of
display this in the playroom. Of course, you gotta have
those premium cookies. Man, these cookies, I live for every year. The shortbread cookies are so delicious. So we’re gonna pass some of those out, we’re all gonna snuggle
up, and we’re gonna watch a little holiday movie
together as a family. I hope you all enjoyed seeing how our big family gets
in the holiday spirit. Everything that we shared
will be linked down below in the description box. And don’t forget to check out the video over on my channel as well. Hope you all have a great day, bye.

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  1. I found the reindeer onesie in a newborn size at Once Upon A Child.. Its gonna be my newborn baby boys christmas outfit. So happy to know I can find adult sizes at JCPenny for mommy and daddy so we can all match 🙏

  2. People always forget that JCP kicks Macy's kohls butts. Great job on partnering with a much deserved family! Yall should set up scholarships for them if possible

  3. Wish people would just remember Thanksgiving is important too… I actually like Thanksgiving more than Christmas and I know I am not the only one!!!

  4. Awww I love this video!! Everyone looks so cozy and cute! Love the Smores maker!! Love this family!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! So happy I have a JCPenney card.. need to get those reindeer jammies for the whole family 🤣

  5. The projector is an awesome idea and would even be amazing for a backyard camp out. I like my marshmallows burnt. Does the smore maker really heat those puppies up?

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