Fun Idea for a Game (Kids Birthday Party)🎈

[Speaking] Hey everyone! I recently did a video where I
talked about my son’s first birthday party. it was really fun and my husband
thought of a nice game that we could play. if you like the idea, make sure you
share it and pin it on Pinterest. I think you can click below and it should be a
Pinterest button. so I don’t know if you’ve seen those little puzzle pieces
where you can put them on the floor and you can make like a big play mat for
your child – they’re like squares. sometimes they have
shapes in them or sometimes they have letters. well my son has one with letters
and my husband thought of a great idea at the party that maybe we could make a
crossword puzzle out of those squares and it ended up really being a cute idea.
I was really surprised. I didn’t notice it at first because we were so busy
trying to get ready for the party, but I looked down and I was like, “Who did
that? That’s a really good idea!” here’s an example of what I’m talking
about. check it out… so anyways, if you have some extra time
and you want to do something like that, it might make a fun game at a party to
try to see if your party guests can find a word and then maybe give them a prize
if they do. it’s just something really cute and you might buy two packets, that
way you can have a few of the same letters to make words. so anyway, I
thought that was a really cute idea. again, if you like it, make sure you
share this video and also, you can pin it on Pinterest. so you can check out
more videos like this if you like these on my channel and make sure you
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