Fun in Parks Near Tokyo | Life in Japan Episode 27

In this episode of Life in Japan we check out a bunch of parks and fun recreational things to do around us so come along as we do Life in Japan. (“Life in Japan” theme music) Goodness! It is windy out today. We’re gonna go check out a new park here. We’ve never been here. Oh, did you bring your new, little dolls? Yeah. I bet we can see everything really well from up here. That’s cool, huh? Alright! It’s so loud! My goodness! Ruth’s Google Translating the signs here. I wonder if it’s going to be a cool playground, huh? Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s not? I think it’s just that part over there that’s closed. The rest of this you can play on. Sarah: We’re the first ones. The first ones! Don’t go on any of the red parts. Whoa! Those girls found the top really fast! Joshua: Can I go on it? Yea you can! OK let Becca try it first. OK pick up your shoe! OK Joshua. You can do it, Sarah Bear! We can go check out the other one after this if we want to. Alright Sarah, you did it! Good job. Whoa, fun! Nice. Here comes Becca-Boo very slowly. Oh! Whoa, Anna and Sarah go fast but Becca doesn’t hardly move. Why not, Becca? There she goes! Yea Joshua! (Girls screams) No, don’t scream like that. But that scared me so bad! Look at it! That’s awesome! In English we call it a “Praying Mantis.” Is he going to bite? I don’t like those kinds of bugs. We’re on top of this crazy bridge. Oh! We found it! Boy, this is cool right here. There’s Shinjuku. Here it is. This is cool! Here comes Sarah! Whoa, Sarah! Was it cool? This one’s a little better — do you like this one? Yep. Sarah, you went by so fast, I didn’t even see! Evelyn!! Izzy! Ah!! Sca-doosh!! Here comes Sarah! Yea! High five. Do you think Daddy can do it? Yeah. Here we go! Have fun! OK, Uncle Ben’s gonna go too — alright! Here we go! Ben’s gonna try to set the speed record on the slide here. I think I clocked you at 31 Km/h. That was crazy! It’s my turn, here we go. It’s so windy! You scared your sister! I bonked into her! You bonked! Should we go? Anna’s kind of in a funny mood today, huh, Becca Boo? Becca: I do not like that mood. She found me! What has gotten into her? She found me! What are we going to do here today? We’re going to take off my training wheels and practice on just two wheels. Oh boy! It’s a big day, Sarah! Start turning. Pay attention to it. What happened? You came to get Daddy! Why? Because Joshua fell asleep. Joshua fell asleep?! Yes! So funny! Oh! My goodness! I think he’s praying. It looks like (it). Or is he sleeping? I think he’s sleeping. Oh my! Let’s put him in a more comfortable position, OK? So Sarah, what’s going on right now? We’re having a special time with just you and me while Joshua’s sleeping. We’re playing the Memory Game. Make the first move. Ready? Yeah. “Cornelius” Oh! And “Bob the Braces Dog.” Steve. Steve! Daddy got the first one! I got a match! I got a match! Bob the Braces Dog! Here? Oh! Tyrone! I know, I know, I know, I know! Oh Sarah! You got your match! Arthur Oh my goodness, you found Tyrone so fast! It’s a tight game! Hey, you got another match. Now you’re ahead! Dazzle! Dazzle! Yes! How many matches do you have? One, two, three, four, five. It was a tie because I also have five matches. One, two, three, four and five! We tied! Let’s do it again! I am definitely a morning person. I love the morning. I love to get my coffee. I love to sit down, even by the window and look out and it’s just a great time until the kids get up. That’s the real trick — is beating the kids up. Here we go! Hi! What a nice good-morning wave! Anna, you’re the caboose? I’m the driver. You’re the driver? And I’m the person! You’re the passenger. It is coming up on one of my favorite seasons of all: and that’s the Fall. The Fall is awesome! Anan: The Fall is dangerous, with all the scary leaves! Not “fall” like you’re gonna fall down. The “fall” like season — “aki.” Aki! Aki. It’s cooler out. The leaves turn beautiful colors. We’re up at Ikuta today. A beautiful park that’s by us. We love this park. A couple of you suggested it as well. This is the main attraction for the kids: the playground. My little monkeys are all over this. All over the place! (Sarah mimics a monkey) Everybody with cousin Joey! Put your hand up here now. Up here. There’s an awesome view from the top of this tower — let’s go check it out. We’re going up, huh? Yeah! OK go go go go go! (Anthony) See that little, like, tower? You’re right! That’s the Skytree. It’s way out there. Shinjuku. Whose way down there? It’s Becca-Boo. Becca! Daddy, look at these! Look at those, huh? Look at those buildings! There’s so many. They’re just really… we’re just surrounded by them. (Samu) Asher, let’s play Avengers! I just love the variety of parks that there are in Japan! Hey, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so. And click that little bell next to the subscription button so you know whenever we send out a new video. And until next time we’ll see you on “Life in Japan.” Bye Bye.

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  1. 幸せを分けてくれて有り難うございます( =^ω^)ノシ
    後、又々 台風が来てますから、気をつけて下さい!

  2. like everyone says, please refrain from going out tomorrow. Staying home is the best way to spend on weekend or if you live near river, there should be designated place to evacuate near your house.  Pls check it and take it serious.

  3. 子供達、みんないい子達ですね!

  4. I highly recommend to go to Kodomo-no-Kuni with your kids. You can go there by Tokyu line within about an hour from Shibuya. Kodomo-no-Kuni is a huge park with play ground, tiny zoo, and BBQ place etc. It requires the entrance fee of 100 to 600 yen per person, but you can definitely enjoy during a whole day with your kids..

  5. Be careful not only with storm, but also with crazy amount of rainfall! Tomorrow's typhoon will be a historical record-breaking super large typhoon which Japan has never experienced…
    Don't forget "countermeasures for toilet backflow"! Sewage may flow backward because of record rain.
    How to prevent→ According to
    Ministry of Land, water tank is a valid means. How to make a water tank→ According to the Housing Finance Promotion Association, large plastic bags for 40 and 45 liters are effective.
    It is important to put about half (20 liters) of water and "pull the remaining air out of the bag and tighten the mouth tightly".

  6. Thank you for finding so many nice things about Japan! I love such a positive energy you have and the way you accept another culture! ☺💕 Your family videos make me happy! Pls be careful with the big typhoon!

  7. I recommend ロケットハウス to you🙌
    It's a really good place where your kids can have a fun time.
    It's about 1 hour drive from Noborito.


  8. typhoon 19 is really, really, um, really bad … if you get nailed you'll probably be questioning why you came to this somewhat terrible country …

  9. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers — although we live on the Tama River, the river by us did not overflow the levy where we live and we are all fine today. I pray everyone was safe! 皆さんの考えと祈りに感謝します。私たちは多摩川に住んでいますが、私たちの川は私たちが住んでいる徴収をオーバーフローさせることはなく、今日は大丈夫です。 みんなが無事だったように!

  10. お母さん、毎日の子育てご苦労様です。

  11. Hope your family & house didn't have any damages by Typhoon Hagibis. Last night, I experienced the typhoon's eye past 9 pm, btw.

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