Fun in the Sun with Kalen Allen

Ah, summer, look at
you, shining down on all this chocolaty goodness. You know, there’s so much
to love about the summer, but sometimes with the heat
and our daily hectic schedules, we don’t get to enjoy it
as much as we would like. I’m here at Santa
Monica Pier today, and my goal is to bring
out the best in summer. But you know what? Something’s missing. This is great. This is fun. I ain’t rode a bike in forever. Oh, this ain’t got
no break, though. Oh, there we go. We’re going to play a game. But first, I’m going
to teach you a dance. Swing and bam and swing
and bam and swing and bam. Good job! See? All you gotta do is bam
and then you be good. So we about to play this game
called “What’s in it, Child?” Y’all ready? So I’m gonna lift up the
sign and their ingredient. What ingredient is this? Come on. Come on. What it look like, y’all? It’s brown. Then is beans. They done crunched it up. Chocolate. There you go. Look at you. Let’s have a dance-off. Oh. Oh. Ooh, he’s smooth with it. OK, but he ain’t ready for me. Yeah, that’s good, ain’t it? Oh, oh! You ain’t ready. He wasn’t ready. What’s this? Y’all ain’t never
ate this before? No. Y’all don’t eat your vegetables? No. It’s green. It’s small. Oh, peas. There you go. It’s a pea. And then what’s this? A nut. Ooh, OK, so this is a– [BUZZER] So you just gonna follow me. Right. Left. Yeah, pull it up. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, come on. Click. Come on! Ooh, all that
stankin’ funk, baby. You doing that. What’s this last ingredient? Ice. Ice. Ice butter. You know what? You should go get a
refresher, you know. Go satisfy yourself. You know, we got game. Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna give you a
Snickers ice cream bar. Mm. Mm. Ooh, yes, you better be out
in paradise– absolutely. Ooh. Now ain’t that satisfying? Yes, indeed. I done changed her
life, everybody. Let’s give a round of
applause for a changed life. I have blessed you. Uh! Mwa Mwa. Yeah, baby. Uh! [BLEEP] Oh, Jesus. Today was fun, but now I
need to take my own advice and give me a little
Snickers ice cream, OK? Woo! I’ll see y’all back at “Ellen.” I gotta go. [INAUDIBLE] Excuse me!

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