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Narrator: We at Carnival
believe fun is a choice. But it isn’t always an easy one. We get it, you’ve
got stuff going on. Work stuff. Life stuff. Stressy stuff. Fortunately, we created an
escape from all that… stuff. 45 years ago a man set out with
a second-hand ship and a belief: Cruising should be
accessible to everyone, because we all need more fun. A belief passed down from
father to son, ship to ship. That’s why fun is in our DNA,
our very makeup. Tirelessly tested again
and again, day and night. Fun isn’t always a “nice to
have” – it’s a necessity. It makes you a better
person, a better parent, a better friend. It helps you live
your best life. So, carpe that diem. Sure, you might look a
little silly doing it. But holy sea cow!
Doesn’t it feel so freeing? This is how lives were
meant to be lived. And look, we know
fun’s relative. His fun is different
from her fun, it’s different from theirs, it’s different from yours. Maybe your fun is flying down
a giant water slide, or racing through the sky, or simply taking a moment
to let out a deep… [sigh!] Nice, right? But here’s the thing. Fun doesn’t just happen. You have to want it! You have to opt in. You’ve gotta grab fun
when it floats your way. After 45 years and
80 million guests, we still believe one thing – fun is a choice. We’re here to make it
an easy one. So let’s do this. [ship’s horn blares] Carnival. Choose fun.

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  1. I loved this cruise but I was so sad to leave because I loved it and I made so many good friend and know we talk everyday just because of carnival Vista ❤️❤️

  2. You guys should make cool horns on your ships and play a song like closer by the chain smokers as a ship horn. Your horn is just so plain and boring

  3. I understand you guys want to promote your fancy vista class ships but you can’t forget about the older ships in the fleet they are still carnival ships and they should not be ignored

  4. Patriot act episode dropped on this topic. Carnival cruises has child rape and murders go unreported, and they're too cheap to pay for lifeguards so kids also drown all the fucking time. Not to mention dodging billions in taxes. Fuck this company. Spread the word.

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