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– [Jennifer] From yummy pizza roll-ups to a delicious take on avocado toast, today I’ve got four no
sandwich lunch ideas to share with you. I’m Jennifer and welcome back
to Subscriber Lunch Sunday. In these videos, subscribers of all ages and from all over the world
send me their lunch ideas because I love inspiring
others to create fun lunches. Now, give this video a big thumbs up, hit that red subscribe button and there’s a link in the description box below if you’d like to submit your lunch idea. Now let’s get started. (air whooshing) Hey guys! Today, I’m kicking things off with a lunch idea sent in by Carter. Carter is from Mississippi
and for this lunch, I’m going to be using lots of
red and blue and super heroes. Now, if you guys can comment let me know down below who your super hero is. Mine is probably Thor. So the first thing I’m going to be making for Carter’s lunch are
some pizza roll-ups, and I’m going to be doing this a little differently
then I normally would. For this I’m going to start with a really big tortilla and I’m going to add about a spoonful and a
half of marinara sauce. This is just sauce from a jar
so it’s quick and ready to go. I’m gonna go ahead and spread that all over their tortilla and I’m gonna try to get it pretty close to the edges. Next comes my favorite
part which is the cheese. I’m using some shredded
mozzarella cheese for this. Of course, you can use
whatever cheese you prefer and I am not skimping
on this cheese you guys. I’m putting a nice, good layer of cheese and I wanna get it all
the way to the edges. Now, you can probably tell that I sort of have a pizza
thing goin’ on here. So, of course I’m gonna be topping it with some pepperoni next. Now, I really like to
use turkey pepperoni. It’s not quite as greasy
as the regular stuff. I’m adding a full layer of pepperoni here and I’m putting it as close
to the edges as I can. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and pop this into the oven for just a few minutes. Not long at all. I just want the cheese to melt basically. I recommend keeping your eye on this because it could definitely
get over cooked quickly. So after just a few minutes I’m left with what looks like a
really delicious pizza, but I’m not quite done yet. I’m going to wait just a minute or two. I want this to cool down a
bit so that I can touch it, but I still want it to be
warm enough to roll it up. Now, the edges of this tortilla
are a little bit crispy and that’s fine but as you can see as I’m rolling up this tortilla the center is still nice and soft and pliable. So now that I have that all rolled up I’m going to set it to the side and let it cool down completely
before I cut into it. Now this is definitely gonna
be eaten room temperature, but I just wanted to heat up that cheese because it’s going to act like our glue. So once I slice into this
it’s not gonna fall apart. So now I can go ahead and add all of these delicious pizza
rolls to the lunch box and then move on to the fruit. I’m actually gonna be adding
three different kinds of fruit. First is a mandarin orange. My kids love these. I’m also adding some strawberries. I’m just gonna go ahead
and cut off the top and then dice it into smaller pieces. And finally I’m also
adding in some blueberries. These are pretty much ready to go. All I have to do is wash them. (upbeat music) Now since I love adding
food picks wherever I can and I happen to have
quite a few super heroes, I think I’ll go ahead and add a “Captain America” pick
right into the fruit. I know my kids love using food picks to make fruit skewers as
they’re eating their lunch. And now it’s time for some vegetables. For Carter’s lunch I’m adding
some super simple vegetables that are already ready to go. I’m going to be adding a
handful of baby carrots and I suppose this might
be a fruit depending on how you look at it but I’m also adding in some cheery tomatoes. And for this cheery
tomato I’m going to add a little tomato topper pick which is a lot of words for
something so little and cute. This is gonna go right on
the top here just like that. Now for Carter’s snack I’m gonna go ahead and add some veggie straws. I almost always have some of
these on hand in my pantry. I know my kids love them. I get the big bag from
Costco and they stay fresh for a long time in these containers. These straws fit so perfectly
right in this space. And then last but not least I’m going to throw in a special drink for Carter. So, what I’m going to do is recycle this old Good2Grow bottle with the “Captain America” topper of course, and I’m gonna put sweet tea right in here. And there you have it guys. There’s everything in Carter’s lunch. (air whooshing) Next up, I’m going to
be making Ziry’s lunch. Ziry is 15 years old and is from New York. For her main course I’m going to start with some good
ol’ mac and cheese. This is just the classic
Kraft style mac and cheese and while it’s still nice and hot, I’m going to add it
right into the thermos, but I’m not quite done yet. To go with this mac and cheese I also cooked up some ground turkey, and I just seasoned it
with a little bit of salt and pepper and I cooked it until
it was a little bit crispy. Now, I can go ahead and add this turkey to the mac and cheese and
then mix it all up together. Now that that’s done it’s time to move on to the fruits and vegetable. For Ziry’s fruit I’m going to
add some chunks of pineapple, and I’m going to pair that
with some strawberries. Now I love this combination. It looks pretty and it tastes delicious. Next in this side compartment, I’m gonna go ahead and
add some corn on the cob. Now I did go ahead and steam
this for just a few minutes, but I’m not gonna add anything else to it. No salt, no butter. It’s good just like it is. Now, moving on to the snack. For Ziry’s lunch today she
requested some PopCorners. Now I’m actually a huge fan of PopCorners. I really like the kettle
corn and the cheddar flavors, but today I’m just adding
the classic sea salt flavor because that’s what I have on hand. Next up is the treat. Ziry requested Rice Krispie treats. It’s been a long time
since I’ve made these. Now, I’m actually turning
these Rice Krispie treats into balls and then I’m
rolling them in some sprinkles. This is so easy and fun. Even your kids could help you make these. And finally for her drink today
she requested some lemonade. And there you have it guys. Ziry’s lunch turned out fantastic. (upbeat music)
(air whooshing) This next lunch idea was sent
in by Emily from New York. I’m going to start Emily’s lunch by making a very interesting
sounding main course, something I’ve never made before and she calls them Mexican pizzas. She told me that her family
makes these all the time. The first step is to fry some tortillas in a thin layer of oil just
for a few minutes on each side. Then I’m going to take them out and let them dry and cool down. Next, I’m taking one of my tortillas and I’m going to add some cheese followed by a layer of ground turkey. Of course you could also use
ground beef if you prefer. Next, I’m adding a little
bit more cheese right on top and then Emily says you can also add any other toppings that you
like such as tomatoes or onions. Next, I’m gonna top everything
with a second tortilla, then pop it into the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or until everything is nice and melted together. This is looking so good you guys. I’m gonna go ahead and cut this into quarters like a quesadilla. That was I can fit them into the lunchbox. And to go along with this I’m going to be adding a small container of sour cream but this sour cream also has a little bit of taco sauce in it, so it’s gonna have lots of yummy flavor. That combination sounds so good. So now that that is all finished
I can move on to the fruit. For Emily’s lunch she
requested strawberries and to these strawberries I’m going to add just a little sprinkle of sugar. Emily said that her
grandmother used to always have this snack ready for her
every time she would visit. I think that is such a fun memory. When I was a kid, every time I went to my grandmother’s house
she made me mac and cheese. Now for Emily’s vegetable
I’m gonna go ahead and add some broccoli and she requested that I put Italian dressing
instead of ranch for dipping. I actually think that sounds really good. If you can comment let me know down below what kind of things you like
to dip your broccoli in. For her snack Emily requested
some cheddar Goldfish, and for her treat she requested churros. But instead of adding
the traditional churros, I thought it’d be really fun to add some of these churro bite cereal pieces. They definitely have
the flavor of a churro with that cinnamon and sugar, but of course these
are already ready to go so they’re really easy
to throw into the lunch. And then to complete Emily’s lunch, the very last thing I’m
going to be adding some milk. And there you have it. Emily’s lunch is complete. (gentle music)
(air whooshing) Okay guys, now that brings
us to Ophelia’s lunch. She is 23 years old and is from Nevada. For Ophelia’s lunch I’m
gonna start by making some avocado toast but not
just any avocado toast. Instead of using regular bread, I’m gonna be using some bagel thins. And before I do anything
else I’m gonna pop these into the toaster
for just a little bit. Now, to these bagels I’m
gonna be adding a layer of this really delicious
chive and onion cream cheese. I’m just gonna shmear
this on here like that. Now the next thing I’m gonna
be adding is some avocados. I have a really nice ripe avocado here. I cut this avocado in half
and then removed the peel. Now I’m going to very thinly
slice it just like this and then I kinda like to spread it out as I put it on top of the
bagel with that cream cheese. I think it looks really
pretty just like this. Next, I’m gonna sprinkle on a little bit of this Everything But
the Bagel seasoning. So this has some onion powder, some garlic powder, salt and pepper. It’s really good. Now of course this would be delicious just like it is but I’m gonna go ahead and add it into the lunchbox and then top it with a few extra things. Ophelia also requested
a thin slice of tomato. Then I’m gonna top
everything with a fried egg. Doesn’t that sound so yummy? So now that our tasty main course is done it’s time to move on to the fruit. For Ophelia’s lunch I’m adding
a little mandarin orange. I did go ahead and peel this already. And then to go along with this, I’m also adding lots of red grapes. Seedless grapes to be exact. And just for fun I’m also gonna throw in just a couple of green grapes as well. I think that that
combination of red and green is really pretty in the lunch box. Now, in this back section of the lunch box I’m also gonna be adding
in some cucumber slices and instead of just leaving
these as whole slices I did go ahead and cut them in half so they’re sort of a half moon shape. That’s just how Ophelia likes them. And then to go along with those I’m also adding in some cheery tomatoes. And then you guys I’m gonna be adding something very special
for the dipping sauce. It’s not gonna be ranch this time. For Ophelia’s lunch she
requested some Thai peanut sauce. Now, I’ve never tried this before. It sounds really interesting. She says it’s goon on the
veggies and even the grapes. So I think there’s just enough space to put this sauce right down in there. And then on the side I’m also gonna be adding in a string cheese. That’s gonna be a really good snack. And then for her treat I’m
adding in a cosmic brownie. And then finally the very last thing I’m adding into Ophelia’s
lunch is some coconut water. This time I picked up these
really interesting looking ones. I found these at Walmart. These come in this really
cute little glass jar and there’s actually little pieces of coconut floating inside. If you’d like even more fun
lunch ideas with no sandwiches, you can click on these
videos right over here. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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