Fun new activity books ~ Spring 2018

(upbeat guitar music) – It’s new title season. Let’s talk my favorite
category, activity books. Whether you are on the go and
needing to help keep kids busy or preparing for a trip,
First Sticker Book Travel is a great option for that, whether it’s by plane, train, or car. There’s gonna be these great open pictures where children get to
plug in these stickers and create their own scenes. Sticker books are also great for working on fine motor skills. Unicorns Sticker Book is
an extra-sparkly option for doing that. Again, we’re gonna have
these gorgeous empty scenes that are just waiting
for a child’s imagination to pick up these stickers and put them wherever they would like on the images. This is a brand new one,
Around the World Mazes, which not only will
appease your maze lover, but also teach them a little
bit about different cultures and what they might see around the globe. So I love that they get
a little bit of education mixed in with some very fun mazes. Jungle Picture Puzzle Book is brand new in our picture puzzle lineup. I like these for waiting
rooms or restaurants where I need to keep kids
a little bit more focused. And these are great for critical thinking. So how many anteaters are
sticking out their tongue? They’re gonna be doing a
little bit of counting, they’ll be doing some comparisons, and it’s all through these
beautiful, high-color images, in this case, all about
various jungle animals. Also highly recommend our brand-new Bear Grylls activity books. So we have the activity
book and the coloring book. The coloring book, as it
suggests, is going to be primarily these highly
detailed pictures for coloring, but there is also some information
that goes along with it. Our activity book takes it up a notch, even more information in this series. So they’re going to have
lots to read and learn about about the world around
them and various animals, but they also get to be
filling in the blank, using stickers, doing mazes, there’s a lot that can be done with the Bear Grylls activity books. Now for older kids who might
be interested in writing, we have two brand new
creative writing tools. First, we have Write Your Own
Mystery and Suspense Stories, focused specifically on mysteries. So as you’ll see here, it goes through some introductory strategy about creating characters, writing out the timeline of your story, and then, as you go through,
it will actually have room for the child to practice their writing. Our Story Writers Ideas
Journal is a similar concept, but this one is all
about brainstorming ideas to launch from in writing
any type of story. So it maybe something like just practicing the first line of a story
or describing a room, and that can generate a lot of ideas, too. I love activity books for giving me a few extra quiet minutes during the day. I call them my Momma’s little helper, and I hope you will find
many of our activity books to do the same for you. (upbeat guitar music)

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