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To play this game you will need one dice, one bowl, 50 small rubber bands, and 30 small paper cups. Participants will play this game turn by turn. As soon as the 1-minute timer starts participant should take one cup from the stack and roll the dice once. Whatever number comes on the dice that many rubber bands participant has to place on the cup. Participants can place only one rubber band at a time. As soon as all the rubber bands are placed on the cup participant should set aside that cup and then go for another cup. And again roll the dice and place that many rubber bands on the cup. Participants should try to place as many rubber bands as possible in 1-minute. At the end of 1-minute participants will get 1 point for each cup and each rubber band on it. Total Points: Total number of cups + Total number of Rubber Bands on each cup. The participant with maximum points will win the game.

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