Fun Science Experiments : How to Make a Tesla Coil

Hi, my name is Colin Kilbane, and I’m here
to show you a Tesla Coil today. This is one of my Tesla Coils, this is actually a small
handheld unit. Now the Tesla Coil was invented by the great inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891.
It basically generates a very high voltage low current resonating AC electricity. And
basically this gives you a wonderful spark but believe me, you don’t want to get hit
by this thing. This little tiny one has got enough juice to make you regret it, it’s like
a cattle prod. Or a taser. You don’t want to get hit by it. So, you got to be very careful
with these things. This one is small enough it’s probably not going to kill you, but you’re
not going to do it again. All right, what we’ve got here is my cannon, I put a little
bit of combustible methadol in this cannon and I’ll touch the Tesla Coil to it, it’ll
jump across a gap between the two bolts that are put in from the side and it will ignite
them and this thing will go flying. Let’s dim the lights for a few experiments with
the Tesla Coil. Okay here we go. And that’s a Tesla Coil.

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