Fun Simple Science Experiments

Today I’m gonna show you some really cool experiments. You can try out at home For the first one, we’re gonna start by filling up a large glass vars with cold water then Take a small glass bottle and Tie a string or a thread to the top of it I’m using this clear fishing wire and We’ll be using this to lower it into the VARs later Next take some food coloring. I’m using red and pour some into the bottle Then fill the bottle up with some very hot water this water is not quite boiling When it’s full lift it up by the string and lower it into the VARs The moment to get submersed by the cold water the hot red water starts to escape out of the bottle Hot water rises and you can see this happening inside the VARs As the hot water rises out of the bottle cold water slowly replaces it It looks really cool and it’s great to watch Eventually the hot water will cool down to the point where it doesn’t rise out of the bottle anymore When this happens, you can remove the bottle and If you like you can sit it in a pan of hot water to heat it back up Then when it’s hot reuse this again Pretty cool, huh??? It’s like an underwater volcano. I decided to try doing this same experiment with a glass jar. I Used a screwdriver to pierce three holes in the lid Then I tied on some string and added some food coloring and Filled it with hot water I Can fit a lot more hot water in here than I could in the bottle So hopefully it’ll retain the heat and stay active for longer. I load it into the VARs and Straight away you can see the water starting to rise It’s predominantly coming out of one hole with a little trickle out of the other I Think the hole at the back is allowing cold water into the jar to replenish the escaping hot water It’s circulating through the jar, and it looks great This time it stayed working for a lot longer – For the next one I’m taking a couple of drinking straws If they’re bendable straws like this, I’m cutting them just below the bend Next I took a bit of plasticine Pushed it onto the table And used it to hold one of the straws upright like this Then I took a couple of small birthday cake candles And we want to try and fit them inside of the straw If the straws too small you can use some scissors to slice the end And Open it up enough to hold the candle Do the same at the other end? And it should look like this Next I’m gonna take a sewing needle Measure the halfway point of the straw and push the needle through the center of the straw like this Pin it to the top of the other straw And there we have our candle seesaw Light it up and see what happens The idea is as one candle melts it gets shorter and becomes lighter so it raises to the top Then because the other candle is facing downhill it melts quicker than the higher candle and the whole process reverses It kind of worked a little bit but not very well I think there was a bit too much friction where the straw rotates on the needle So I blew out the candles Took it all apart and I heated up a paperclip to melt a larger hole through the center of the straw I fitted new candles And added a little plasticine at each end for weight I slipped the needle through the larger hole and pinned it to the straw This time you can see it had a lot freer movement it spins a lot easier I balanced it up by removing plasticine Then lit the candles And it worked far better As one candle gets shorter and lighter it rises to the top And waits for the other one to melt You Do make sure you blow the candles out before against at the end or they could burn the straws Once you’re done if you want to you can remove the old candles and slide in new ones It’s a really cool experiment and it’s great fun to see For the next one I’m going to use this farce of water again. I’m taking some shaving foam And I’m going to spray a layer of it on top of the water like this Next take some food coloring Dribble a bit over the shaving foam like this And what what happens The coloring slowly works its way down through the foam and punctures a hole through it So we have this sort of rainy affective color dribbling out of the foamy cloud It looks really cool and is dead easy I’m adding a bit of red coloring too It’s almost the opposite of the experiment we did earlier It’s good fun to watch and it’s amazing when the color first breaks through the cloud I repeated the experiment a few times and here’s some of my other clips You I Hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video If you want to see more you can click on the links or take a look at my youtube channel page Stay safe have fun. And as always thanks for watching

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  1. Disapointed one of your worst videos. Very simple experiments which weren't "pretty cool huh"

  2. "Pretty…cool, huh?"

    Why the delay! I've been with you and the channel for years and you have never delayed "Pretty cool, huh!"

    EDIT: Maybe I'm just overthinking this… 😑

  3. AWESOME love these videos !! they r my fav videos to watch can't wait to get bunch of these things, try it with granddaughter ..ty u so much

  4. Awesome! I like how you show great science experiments! If you can show some bigger science experiments then I have got a science model for the science fair!👌🏻👍🏻

  5. Hey random person, have a lovely day/night.😊😊
    May all your dreams come true…
    From a small YouTuber.. Do check out my brand new channel!

  6. This is actually how the chemical soup that fed the first ever plankton rised up to feed thr plankton that allowed it to change in perception of where it is so if its high up.. It gets used to the sun and boom… NOW THEY CAN EAT SUNLIGHT

  7. The candle hack can work perfectly for a Lumiere from beauty and the beast just add a bit of detail to the candles and it will look like lumiere is moving the candles up and down but that's just a suggestion 😉

  8. What if for the first one you would instead use fluorescent fluid from glowsticks and mix it with hot water?

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