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[Janessa] So, what’s so fun? [Janessa] My name is Janessa
Slater and I’m a media coach [Janessa] who’s helped hundreds
of bands. This is Sound Advice. [Janessa] So, you guys have
kind of a hipster vibe. [Janessa] If I was walking down
the street. [Janessa] Let’s say
in Williamsburg. How would I
be able to [Janessa] distinguish you from
every other hobo? [Andrew] You know us. Like
we’re having this conversation [Andrew] right now.
[Janessa] Conversation? [Janessa] More
like intervention. I do jokes
sometimes. [Jack] That’s funny.
[laughs] I do jokes. [Jack] Want to hear
a joke? [Janessa] I don’t want to hear
your joke. Thank you. [Janessa] Ok, so you guys have
a hit song. [Janessa] And it’s called
“We are Young” [Janessa] Young compared to
who? Mini Driver? [Nate] I actually don’t
think Mini Driver is that old. [Janessa] Can we get an age
check on Mini Driver? [Janessa] Ok so, Jack I read
somewhere that you’re [Janessa] dating a girl.
[Jack] Um hmm [Janessa] Does that mean
you’re not gay? [Jack] I date Lena
Who makes the show girls. [Janessa] You didn’t write the
line about the guy [Janessa] carrying
you home? [Jack] No one did.
There’s no line [Jack] about carrying anybody
home. The line is I’ll [Jack] carry you home.
[Janessa] What if they don’t [Janessa] want to be carried
home? [Nate] Nobody’s threatening to
carry anyone home. [Nate] It’s a gender-less offer.
A gender-less gesture. [Janessa] I’ll carry you home if
that seems like it’s [Janessa] something you’d be
comfortable with tonight. [Nate] We’ll just
give the Grammy back, while we’re
at it, OK? [Jack] Can you fit that it?
[Andrew] That’s not a bad idea.
Yeah. [Janessa] You guys were all
in other bands before… [Janessa] making FUN. Can you
tell me the names of [Janessa] some of those bands?
[Nate] I was in a band called [Nate] the format.
[Jack] Mine was Steel Train. [Andrew] Mine was Anathallo. [Nate] What’s she doing?
[Jack] A bit she pretends sleep. [Janessa] I’m sorry. I was
just so bored. [Nate] Were you pretending
to sleep? [Nate] You asked us the
question, by the way. [Janessa] Sometimes I fall
asleep to prove a point. [Jack] What’s the point?
[Janessa] Let’s talk about [Janessa] your names for a
second. [Janessa] Andrew, Nate, and
Jack. [Jack] Um hmm.
[Janessa] My preschool called [Janessa] and they want all
their kid’s names back. [Janessa] You know what
I mean? [Nate] No.
[Jack] I mean like yes but no. [Janessa] I guess I’m wondering
and this is my job. [Janessa] If you guys had ever
thought about, maybe [Janessa] changing your
individual names so they’re [Janessa] a little bit more
I don’t know, mature? [Janessa] Hey Jack?
[Jack] Yeah. [Jack] Sorry.
[Janessa] My name, for example [Janessa] is Janessa.
[Jack] And that’s [Jack] like in your opinion
[Janessa] Sophisticated. [Jack says sarcastically]
Sophisticated, huh? [Janessa] Uh huh.
[Andrew] Seems like you just [Andrew] changed 1 letter of
a real name. [Janessa] I don’t know why
you would think that. [Janessa] I’m gonna read the
lyrics to one of your songs. [Janessa] “Some Nights” and then
I’m gonna give some feedback. [Janessa] Ok? “So this is it.
I sold my soul for this” [Janessa] “Washed my hands of
that for this” [Janessa] “I miss my mom and
dad for this” [Janessa] Guys…
That’s way too many pronouns. [Janessa] Ok?
I listened to that and I have [Janessa] no idea what the
[beep] you’re talking about. [Janessa] All right? Also… [Janessa] Dr. Seuss
called and he wants him most
boring book back. [Jack] It’s like your 3rd so and
so called joke. [Janessa] What were you saying
Andrew? [Andrew] I’m wishing that we
used some pronouns to connect [Andrew] with people, it’s like
a little more universal [Andrew] to use some ambiguous
pronouns sometimes. [Janessa] Maybe I’ll try that on
my distant father. [Janessa] Hey dad. Us. Them.
It. There. We. [Jack] That would be the
opposite You’re talking to [Jack] one person so you
would want to connect directly. [Jack] Andrew was saying when
you talk to a lot of people [Jack] like an audience. It’s
good to be broad. [Jack] So you might be missing
[Janessa] Guys, all I want to do [Janessa] is help you, OK?
But if you don’t listen to me [Janessa] instead of being FUN
period I worry that you might be [Janessa] done period. [Janessa] Done period.
[Janessa laughs] [Janessa] You guys, that’s…
Andrew? [Jack] It’s your best
[Andrew] Oh yeah, a little bit. [Janessa] Andrew?
He’s my guy. [Janessa] So, your new album
is called “Word of Mouth” [Janessa] which is very funny
because I can’t understand a [Janessa] word out of any of
your mouths. [band member] Girls kind of
dig our accents ’cause [band member] we’re from
Britain. [Janessa does a bad and
unintelligible English accent]

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  1. This video is cute… I really do want to punch this chick in the throat at some parts, but hey, that's just life as a FUN.atic.

  2. This is funny but I don't think they knew it was a joke I thought they were still very polite I'm surprised they didn't walk out I hope they got told after

  3. Oh you will find me in a lot more Fun. video comment sections! I'm just obsessed :'D AND I REGRET NOTHING! *Brofist*

  4. They definitely knew it was a joke. Vanessa Bayer is a cast member on SNL and there is zero chance they wouldn't know this. But it's funnier if they act like they're not in on it.

  5. Every time Vanessa smiles at her own jokes, I'm reminded of her character Joshua on Weekend Update. So cute!

  6. Kinda offensive though since 50% people confuse and 25% of them believe this is true.
    But this is too awesome, keep it up! 😛

  7. I love Vanessa Bayer. I think this character is somewhat influenced by Bar Mitzvah Boy, the way she seeks approval after making a joke.

  8. she is so bad, so they treat her the same way. It's the first time I see Fun. being unkind to anybody, but she has been asking for it. 

  9. shes funny for sure and these interviews are good but they're kinda ripping off 'between two ferns' pretty hard.

  10. Adorei  essa   entrevista  .  Descupe  mas    ela    mereceu ,  a   cara   dela   de  vago  no   início ,   gente vago  é  ficar   na  vergonha.

  11. Não  conheço  esse  programa .  mas   ela   como    apresentadora  não  soube   se   colocar  nas  perguntas  ai  para  ela   não   ficar  na  vergonha ,  ai ela  passou   acredir   verbalmente  que   so  piorou   por   lado  dela  . Era  melhor  que ela   ficasse    calada   seria   menos   vergonhoso.  mas   gostei   por que  é   primeira   vez  que  eu vejo   eles   darem   o  troco. (Parabêns fun.)                                                          

  12. Ai  que   vergonha !   quando   ela  faz  a  primeira   pergunta ,  Olha  cara  do  nate,  ele  iguinorou o  tempo   todo .

  13. Aww I feel so sorry for FUN. funniest bit was when Jack got told to look at the person and he was acting like he was a kid which was funny

  14. k im only like halfway through but I LEGIT cant tell if nate is like… in on the joke? or like actually mad? I have no clue

  15. Welp, there it is, folks! Anathallo got it's moment. Andrew referenced them, and in a way that was hard to hear the pronunciation of, no less. Such a transition remains unfathomable to me…

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