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– [Raven] Woo! Woo! Woo! (upbeat music) – Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven, welcome back to another MOM VLOG, spend the day with us,
daily routine type video. I wanna take you guys through the whole day with us today, it’s a fun summer day,
Ziya is off from school, it’s a Friday. (Ziya yells) Ziya’s running around my room
like a crazy person already. It is actually 9:30 in the morning, we got a bit of a late start. Sorry about Peppa Pig in
the background, my life. We slept in until about
8:45, usually Ziya wakes up at like seven, 7:30 but we slept in, she slept in until about 8:45 and I got up, I took a shower, and I am about to get dressed, I’ve already kind of started
getting Ziya dressed, and we are going to go
to the Children’s Museum. Ziya loves this museum, it’s like one of her favorite places to go. I think my mom and my older
sister are gonna come with us. My older sister Ashleigh
is in town from Houston. I just kinda wanna take you guys through our little day,
our little routine. So you can kinda see what we
do when Ziya’s not at school, when we’re actually out
together doing stuff. Trying not to show y’all how
dirty the rest of my room is, but I bought this little
gray dress with a hood from Target for Ziya, she just loves wearing anything with a hood. Is these the shoes you wanna wear? Okay, we’ll put ’em on in a minute. And I’m also wearing my little gray short sleeve Walmart dress. Usually when Ziya and I are both trying to get ready to go
somewhere at the same time, well obviously I’m
getting both of us ready, she’s not getting herself ready, I usually have to just
put Peppa Pig on the TV, I put her clothes on, then
I go put my clothes on, I let her watch TV while I do my clothes, and then she comes in here and
starts messing with my stuff and it’s just hectic, but I
can’t do two things at once. I can’t keep full control of her and brush my hair and my
teeth at the same time. So I just try to keep her distracted and try to go as fast as I can before she starts getting into my makeup or inevitably it’s like, I
look away for two seconds trying to brush my teeth
and she grabs somethin’ she’s not supposed to grab. I’m literally just gonna
throw my hair up in a bun because you know me, also
it’s super hot outside, so like ain’t nobody got time. – [Ziya] I’m ready to go. – You’re ready to go? Well I’m not ready yet. Hey, no ma’am, don’t touch that. Go sit on the bed please. And I’ll help you with your
shoes in just a second. (Ziya singing) Ziya, did you pee on yourself? Are you wet? Are you wet? Ziya, answer me. Are you wet or dry? Let me see. Go potty when you need to go potty. Do you need to go potty? Go. Now you need to go get
a fresh pair of panties. Somehow, luckily it didn’t
get on your dress at all, but I need to do laundry, no underwear in here. Lord, please tell me we have one more pair of clean underwear. Ah, here you go, here. – Thank you. – Can you put those on please? Okay, now go potty when
you need to go potty, okay? You know better than that. Now you see why it’s impossible for me to get ready in a timely manner because little things like
that happen constantly as I’m trying to get dressed, and this bun looks, I look
like, not cute right now. But I always use this
L’Oreal root coverup, it’s like black hairspray, to fill in my hairline a little bit. I have something in my eye. Just like spray it on just lightly. Gonna go put on a little bit
of makeup, if I have time. 9:47 and I said we were
gonna leave at 9:45. So uh, that’s how my
morning is going so far, ow. Ziya please do not touch my makeup, you’re supposed to be sitting
down and watching Peppa Pig. If I’m doing my makeup she wants to grab some makeup and
start messing with it cause I have stuff all
over the floor in here. That’s my fault for
having stuff on the floor where she can reach it, but
I have so much stuff in here that everything can’t be high up. Some stuff has to be on the floor. But I don’t wanna like close the door and lock myself in here
cause then I can’t hear or see what she’s doing so it’s just, you gotta work with what you got. Just try to go fast, that’s
the main thing, just go fast. (Ziya talking) What? (Ziya talking) I don’t know what you’re saying, Booboo. (Ziya talking) You need a what for the rain? You need something for the rain,
is that what you’re saying? (Ziya talking) It’s slippery? – Yes. – What’s slippery? (Ziya talking) Hey, what did I just tell you
about touching mommy’s stuff? – [Ziya] I’m just putting it back. Oh, you’re just putting it back, oh okay. You’re just putting my stuff back? Oh, thank you. Ziya, that doesn’t look like you’re just putting my stuff back. What’re you doing? (Ziya talking) Yeah, okay. Just come here, sit down. – Grammy’s here. – Grammy’s here? Okay, hold on. (laughs) – [Mom] Hi Pumpkin. – You ready to go to the museum? – [Mom] Look, take some little water, just press (both talking) (laughter) – This part doesn’t look so bad. – [Mom] Little grease.
– Grease? (laughing) – [Ashleigh] Who use
grease on people’s hair? Do they even sell hair grease? – [Mom] No, I think they do
sell hair grease, they do. People use hair grease. – [Ashleigh] They use
gel nowadays, actually. – [Mom] Gel, gel, gel. Gel nowadays, there we go, mm-hmm. – You want some hair clips or something? Can I get some hair clips out of here? Oh, Ziya, come on, I can’t
walk with you doing that. You trying to hide from Ashleigh? – [Mom] What are you doing? – [Raven] Ashleigh don’t want you. – [Ashleigh] I don’t want you! – [Mom] Okay, me and Ashleigh
getting ready to leave. – Bye. – [Mom] Okay.
Say bye Ashleigh, They gonna leave you, you not being nice. – [Mom] Okay, Grammy’s
not gonna leave you, boo. – [Raven] After a bunch of hoopla and a little help from
my mom and Ashleigh, finally out the door,
running late of course. – [Mom] Hold your horses. In three weeks, I am going to be… – [Raven] Hey guys, sorry to interrupt, but if you like what you see so far, why don’t you consider
subscribing to my channel? It’s free and it’s fun,
you can join the squad and you won’t miss out on
any of my future uploads. Family fun day! Just pulled up to the children’s museum. Are you excited to go play? – [Mom] Watch her head. – No need for a diaper bag anymore. – [Raven] No more diapers! – Now we keep our panties in our purse. – [Raven] Just one pair of
extra panties, that’s it and you probably won’t even need it. So we’re out here at Mueller in Austin. We’re heading to the
Thinkery children’s museum and we have to come in
the morning at this time because any time we do
something like this, we have to make sure that
we go well before nap time, or else it’s a mess and it’s usually still a mess anyway, but it’s a little bit less of a mess if we go a little earlier in the day, so we were trying to get here at like 10, but it’s actually 11, but
it should still be fine. – [Mom] Nap time’s gonna creep up on us. (happy upbeat music) – [Raven] Whoa. Put it in there, how do you do it? Push it, whee! That’s cool. Here’s one Ziya, right here. Can you push it in there? Whee! (upbeat music) – [Raven] My mom is more
amazed than the little kids. I see you! You ready to come out? (upbeat music) (bouncy music) Yay! – [Ashleigh] Can you do it? Yay, Ziya, can you see where it went? bouncy music – [Raven] Whee! Oh lord, this is a little dangerous. You gotta put it on the blue part, Ziya, you’re not getting it, oh, you got it. Now you try, right there, let go. She wants to do it her way, okay. Can you drop it down the ramp, right here? Ready, go, woo! (bouncy music) – [Group] Light lab, ooh. (bouncy music) Wait, I’m trying to make something. You’re taking them off. Look, look, look, look, Z For Ziya! – [Ziya] No. – [Raven] Kind of. (children yelling) Look, Z for Ziya. Is this your favorite room in here? You’ve just been doing this for ages. You look so serious about
it, is it hard work? I ain’t got time to talk to
you, I’m very busy right now. You look like you’re doing a real job. We tried our best. Does that look like it says Ziya? You got me! (children laughing) There we go.
– [Ashleigh] There we go. (children laughing) Woo! Woo! Woo! Gotcha! It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just water. (drum beating) (crowd conversing) Ooh. (crowd conversing) – [Child] I want to find an egg! (crowd conversing) – [Mom] It doesn’t really turn on. – I’m ready to order. I would like to order an
omelet with some eggs. (Mom laughing) Cut it, okay, cut it. – [Child 2] Daddy look! Did you crack the egg? Crack the egg, crack it. – [Mom] Go take the food to your mommy. – Are these my eggs? Thank you, just like I wanted. – (mumbles) – What about Ashleigh? (dished clattering) (Crowd conversing) The customers are hungry over here. – Starving. – We’re sitting here with empty plates. – Empty plates. – It’s bad service. (happy upbeat music) So we spent about an hour and
a half here at the museum. Zyia played her little booty off. Did you have fun? – Yes. – Yes, you did, don’t act
like you didn’t have fun. You were having the time of
your life, jumping around and now we’re about to meet
up with, is daddy coming? – [Mom] Yeah, I think he
should be here by now. – We’re meeting up with my dad and going to get something to eat. I’m starving, I didn’t
have breakfast or anything. – [Ashleigh] Hungry! – [Mom] Alright, here we go. – Let’s go. So we’re heading on over
to Colleen’s over here. We ate at this restaurant after we did our photo shoot with Ziya. I did my little mommy and me photo shoot. We were shooting around this area and we came to eat at
Colleen’s that day too. It’s pretty good and there’s
not much else out here. There’s like an Irish pub right here. (car alarm) Ooh, get your car! (upbeat groove music) Like if I say kiss on the cheek, she’ll put her cheek on my cheek. Kiss on the head, she’ll
put her head on my head. Kiss on the lips, she’ll
put her lips on my lips. She thinks it has to be
two of the same thing. – Aunt Ashleigh (mumbles) you. (crowd conversing) Thank you. Ziya, what are you doing? You’re dipping them in the… You know you don’t like dip. Got a good old Mexican coke. (crowd conversing) – [Ashleigh] Ooh, it’s
hot, don’t burn yourself. It’s hot too? Zyia? – [Raven] It’s hot? – [Mom] Let me see, is it hot too? – [Raven] You have to wait, boo boo. – [Mom] Let it cool off. – [Raven] You’re hungry,
too hungry, can’t wait? – Playin’s hard work. – [Raven] I’m sorry
baby I shouldn’t laugh. I’m have to (mumbles). Blow it good. There ya go. Okay. (crowd conversing) Is that better? No, it’s still to hot? (crowd conversing) – [Ashleigh] Blow it papa. – [Raven] Everybody gotta blow it? – There you go try it now, try it now. – [Raven] There you go.
– [Ashleigh] What? What did you get, hot wings? – [Ashleigh] Wings, there house wings. – [Raven] I gotta burger, and it sho look gewd. (crowd conversing) Where out here at the play ground now and it is hot! Hot, hot, hot, and Zyia just keeps on goin’ goin’ goin’ wanna keep playin’. It’s about nap time now though. It is nap time. – Is that binoculars? – [Zyia] (mumbles), telescope. – What?
– [Mom] She said parascope. – Oh, parascope. – Excuse me. How do you know parascope? What do you know about a parascope? – A telescope? – Oh, a telescope, well still. – They talk about telescopes on Peppa Pig. – Oh, it’s a telescope? (children laughing) – Are you getting sleepy for nap time? You ready to go home? – I tell you what I’m gonna go get the car and drive around here and get y’all. – Okay. Zyia, we have to go home sometime. – No, no, no, no, no. – Okay fine, I’ll leave you here you can live at the playground. – No. – You wanna live at the playground? Hmm? (Zyia talking) – What’s on your shoe? You have something inside your shoe? Let’s see what’s in there. Uh, found it! It was a little stick. What are you looking for in there? You already got snacks outta my purse. You found the snacks? You ready to go home yet? No, you’re not sleepy? You outta be sleepy? (car engine) So much for summer break, summer fun day. I mean we did have summer fun today the first half of the day, but my mom just dropped
me off back at home and she took Zyia with
her back to here house because guess what the grind don’t stop, I still have to work (laughs). Today I actually have a video that needs to go up tomorrow
that I still need to edit, so, Zyia is off from school
today and were kinda off of our normal routine, but I
still need my time to edit. So, although I am tired from the sun and I got the itis from
that food I just ate, I have got work to do. The grind don’t stop. Road to a million though, okay? I’m still feeling very motivated in terms of continuing to
post consistent content. No breaks, no days off, I said I was gonna take a break this week because it is Zyia’s summer break, I did not end up doing that. I just kept right on filming and editing and doing everything as normal. I just cut it, like I have videos that I wanted to give up, and I was just like no
I’m just gonna keep going, I’m not gonna take a break. So I kept on with my
regular schedule this week, and I gotta finish it out. So I have a video that I need to edit to go up tomorrow. Eventually at some point, I
will need to take a real break, and like go on and actual
real vacation with Zyia and just like, really take
time away from the camera, away from social media, away from YouTube, but right now, I’m just so focused on hitting a million subscribers and just pushing through, and you gotta keep posting
content that’s the thing. If you’re trying grow your channel, you have to keep posting,
posting, posting. You have to keep up with it, filming and editing every single day. Okay, so I just finished editing, I’m feeling very productive, I actually have my next three uploads already edited and ready to go so that means that next week, I think I will get a bit of a break but I have some travel coming up so it will give me time to… I need to go shopping ’cause I need to get some clothes and I need
to get my pedicure done and just some other stuff. So next week I should
have some time to myself to run some errands
while Zyia is at school instead of working on videos, ’cause all my videos are done, so yay! Now I need to go to my moms house to pick up Zyia because like I said they goin’ to wine night, so I gotta go pick up my baby. (foreign hip hop music) So I had forgotten to check in with the vlog the rest of this night, but we really haven’t been doing anything. Ever since I brought Zyia
back from my mom’s house, that was around 6:00 PM
when I brought her back. We came back, we ate dinner, Zyia had her leftovers
from lunch earlier today. I had some tamales, and
now I’m just sitting on the couch watching this show on Netflix called Cheer
Squad, I think it’s called. What’s this called? I like don’t know where the remote is but I think this show
is called Cheer Squad. It’s just about a cheer leading squad, and like I’m kinda into cheerleading because I feel like in a past
life I was a cheerleader. Like I did cheer leading
when I was really little for like a hot minute,
like a hot, hot minute. Like not seriously at all. I did like one competition, and it was when I was in
four grade or something. So definitely not a real cheerleader, but I feel like if I didn’t become like and artistic, creative,
YouTuber type person, I low key feel like I
would’ve done cheerleading. And I feel like Zyia might do cheerleading or something like that. So yeah, I’ve been really in to this show. Zyia’s over here on her I
pad because she never wants to watch the same stuff that I’m watching, so she’s over here watching
her own show on her I pad. Whatcha ya watching? – The tiger? – The tiger? Is that Daniel Tiger? What’s his name? Is it Daniel? Yeah, okay. So yeah, I’m not gonna lie I
thought this fun summer day was gonna be a little bit more fun, but I think we all kinds got worn out, just from going to the
Children’s Museum this morning. And then like I said
I had some work to do. And now the day is over
and we’re just watching TV and we’re just gonna
got to bed after this. But it’s Friday we still
have Saturday and Sunday. Actually tomorrow, Zyia and I have to do a pool-side photo shoot
because we’re shooting some Mommy and Me swimsuits for a brand deal. For Zyia it’s going to be
a fun time at the pool, while I try to stand next to here and while we try and
get some pictures of it. Hopefully she doesn’t even
realize the photo shoot because I just want to
get some candid shots of her having at the pool anyway. So we will be going to the pool tomorrow and hopefully try to
find something else fun to do before she has to go
back to school on Monday. But yeah, I guess that’s
pretty much it for this vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’m really tired I feel like
I’m like slurring my words. I need to get a good nights sleep ’cause I have not been
getting good sleep recently. But yeah, I hope you
guys enjoyed this vlog make sure to give it a
thumbs up if you did. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys in my next one. Bye – Bye
– (laughs)

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