Fun Textures with Tonic Sparkle Spray – Inktoberfest Day 9

hi everyone welcome back to inktoberfest
can’t believe it’s day and nine is the last day of single digits I hope you
already subscribed liked subscribe to the playlist the channel joined our
perks program one of those fun things that of course joined up to the blog for
our daily blog post giveaways coupons all those fun things anyway today we’re
back with tonic because it’s Wednesday while also be live because we have the
new tonic kit as well so lots of fun things going on today but I wanted to do
for inktober Fest the sparkle sprays because I don’t thing they really got a
fair outing last time out and because I didn’t dry them one key thing with
sparkles phrases you really do need to dry them to see the full effect here’s a
couple of the samples from last time I use them and put my glasses on so I can
see better and but when you dry them look how much Sparkle you get I mean how
cool is that and they’re really cool things about Sparkle sprays compared to
of my chemist is that they dry on non-porous surfaces so you can use them
in your home decor projects you can use monk canvases you can use one word you
can use them on tiles and those kinds of things use on tiles I still recommend
seeing them and those kinds of things it doesn’t really say anything on here as
well it says you can just use the military’s finish for your creative
project or those kinds of things but they do say you can use them on a
non-porous surface but let’s bring over our splatter box hotspot box here so if
you haven’t seen a splat box before they’re super cool because if I do this
one here they’re gonna catch all of our overspray but it folds completely flat
so this will fall down to completely flat
so if I hold this like this you can see it fold completely flat and
I love this because it will fit in my full drawer thing I do have one that’s
called full darling before the studio down here but the one in my craft room
does actually get folded down and then you can see it’s super simple to
reassemble just like this and then just like this and I also use it I have some
pixie spray I spray all of my pick my stencils with pixie spraying in here and
it’s actually really nice I have two picks you spray in because all my
projects stick to him nicely and if I use glitter it sticks in here it doesn’t
go anywhere so that’s also a really nice side and also you can stand it up like
this and you can allow your project to drip nicely um so if for instance you
want to do sparkle sprays and it comes in multiple colors if I wanted to spritz
it and let it drip down come on sparkle spray the sparkle sprays actually a
little bit thicker if you want to get those really cool drips and it doesn’t
want to drip on me but it’s going to because I’ve told it it’s going to there
it comes it’s gonna drip down the side there so you can see it’s starting to
drip here and you can do that with you know these kinds of projects but it’s
gonna contain all of that overspray and we all know that Greg doesn’t like mess
because he doesn’t want to clear it up so this is going to contain that mess
for him and so he’s starting at me that he likes the splat box so you could get
those really cool kind of drip techniques and those kinds of things I’m
gonna lay this down and I’m gonna do a little bit of a dry with my my Ranger he
tipped off so I’m gonna dry off this purple it’s a really intense color it’s
really pretty and same tip as usual you know shake it around and around and up
and down stir it on its side and then when we’re done we turn it upside down
we give it a nice spritz and then we would take a cloth or eight prone and we
give the nozzle a nice clean and I’ll probably give it a nice rinse out
afterwards too but I’m just going to give it a little bit of a dry here so I
can another but it does give these beautiful effects
really really pretty colors and it also gives kind of like a very metallic see
effect to it as I say I think it got a rough deal the first time I showed these
so today’s offer from tonic because they’ve been doing offers there’s a
once-a-week are fur linked to whatever we’re showing in October fest and then
there’s the whole month long offer for inktober fest because they did help me
launch this last year when I had this crazy idea of we only used to put our
video like once or twice a week and I was like I’m gonna do a video every
single day for inktober fest and it’s going to be every single day I had it
Samia new ink every day and I had to get people to help me because there’s no way
I could have done a video every day and they were like are you sure about this
and I was like yes yes I can do this it’s gonna be so cool people are gonna
love this and they did and people loved it and and they were like okay if you
want to do this we’ll help you we’ll support you
and so they supported my crazy crazy ideas and they helped me bring inktober
Fest to life so tonic the founders and they helped me bringing to the fest life
so I have to thank them for that and for supporting me in the partnership with
this so they are here every Wednesday Oktoberfest so I’m doing Sparkle sprays
as my favorite ink this week because they launched this a creative ation and
I think it’s super cool that it works a non-porous surfaces I love the amount of
sparkle you get in it you also get like a 3d effect that I’m
going to show you in a second as well so I’m building up a few layers here on my
tag which is really cool as well so I’m just kind of working drying working
drying for some reason I haven’t brought down the pink I’ve got a morning fog and
a cocoa powder and I don’t have any rose gold which is not like me at all there
is actually a rose gol which is super super pretty and I’m sure you can
imagine is my favorite color but I don’t seem to have brought it down to the
basement with me but it’s it’s really really pretty so there’s actually six
colors of sparkle sprays I are feeling it probably been till Eid I’m just gonna
two minutes in here as well I’m just adding a couple of different colors in
here so you can see the difference and kind of see how it all comes together
then you really can layer these and create some beautiful effects they work
beautifully with your distress products and all those things as well but I just
love the effect you can got in here you can also stump over the top of them with
archival inks you could do stays on but you know stays on to me is a dirty word
I’m not stays on fan so I’m just using my aqua sprays to build up some layers
you could use stencils you could use you could stamp on top you could use maybe
some micro glaze but because it works on non-porous I’m not sure that you’d get
the resist effect that we wanted but you could maybe use some paste underneath to
give you some more texture or some paste on top as well
so lots of fun kind of ideas in there as well so I’m just going to dry off this
last layer and I’m going to show you the textures that I’ve kind of hooked
together because it does give you a really funky fun kind of fun texture so
I want you to show you how that all kind of comes together with sparkle spray is
dry enough okay so let’s show you how these all come together the way so this
is the finished ish tag the blues not quite dry yet but this actually has a
really tactile feel to if you feel this it’s like a pleather feel it actually
feels metallic and this isn’t quite dry because I added the blue on top but it
really does have a 3d feel to it not like a plain paper with a spray over the
top it actually has a 3d indentation feel which i think is super cool and I
just love look how much Sparkle you have on there I think last time I really
didn’t give it a fair outing to show you how much Sparkle you get with sparkle
sprays are just so much color in there as well so super super cool on the
sparkle sprays and then as I say you could stamp over the top with
hybl stays on you could use embossing powder over the top of it as well and
there’s a couple of different things I think you could use over the top that’s
well there are six colors I’ve got five of them here there’s a gunmetal there’s
a cocoa there’s a rose gold there’s the blue the purple the green and of course
there’s today’s coupon code we’re giving away a set Sparkle sprays as well you
can check out how you can win those over on the blog – lots of fun things going
on so go check all of those out in the description below and then again join me
tomorrow for another great inspiration with a new type of egg you can learn
something new create another tag of course don’t forget to write on the back
what day we’re on what we’re learning whatever today’s tip is as well and then
you can build up your tag book for Oktoberfest 2019 I’ll see you all again
tomorrow happy inktober fest bye

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  1. Dear Alexandra You are the one who spoke of sparkle sprays for teh first time. you have tempted me to buy it. thanks a bunch.Blessings

  2. I love these sparkle sprays. I can think of so many ways to use them and especially because of the texture that they have rather than just a flat spray. Very cool. Thank you for the demo.

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