Fun times in Pokhara|Nepal vlog #3

[Music] [Music] hi Robin Robin hi Robin hi my dears how you doing I’m okay and you I really miss all the people from RMS summit me too I was going through my clips that I took from Oprah and I was thinking to make a blog but I’m afraid I don’t have so many clips but I also have some clips maybe we should put them together and see what happens it may not make any sense but let’s do it anyway yeah let’s do this [Music] oh hi guys you want meet my team here in Pokhara let’s do this [Music] I remember very well one day in particular after two weeks of hard work we had an excursion day and it was so hot under the Sun Oh guys today we’re doing Bukhara [Music] this was a big contrast to what my team had been doing the last couple of days locked up in the dark room with no air conditioning and we also filled the room with not-so-healthy smoke all for the art and quality of our film all right yeah what’s your rice ready yes actually it was a dark story and tough to make but it turned out that very good [Music] [Applause] [Music] it looks so good to look now I miss I miss all the people it was so good and actually we were searching in school Nepal Army Nepal police and the school in Pokhara baka story school or something they cooperated us so well and we had to use some kids in our movie there are so good years and we were sitting in the Sun all day that that that was hard but I’m starting now this is me Robin and this is my friend I must say from there sure is many peaceful places in this area now this is absolutely [Music] this was fun Lara fun times what are you up to now so when I got back from the summit I got busy in my office now I’m having a vacation for six seven days then I’ll be traveling abroad what are off to I’m still developing my freelance business it’s a lot of work you know and but it’s also very very funny speaking on that I should end my coffee break here but this was a really fun coffee break thank you very much Robin it was nice working with you Mattias and I’m you see obviously and we congratulations since you are in iOS four-member and that’s that’s the huge thing and I hope to see you soon maybe we can work together in coming days absolutely take care now and see you later [Music] [Music] would it be [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Wonderful concept and really great composition 😊
    Brand new concept to recall memories from such a lovely moments 👏
    Well done Robin 🇳🇵 and Mattias 🇸🇪
    Just love it 💞😍

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