Fun Toy Hacks To Try At Home

– [Narrator] Today, we’re
gonna take some old toys and make something a little
more interesting out of ’em, not to mention create a few
toys of our own from scratch. Let’s kick this little shindig off by making an interesting work of art out of some old toys. Just dig out those old plastic
figurines from the closet and grab a large bowl. We used plastic army
men, a metal mixing bowl, and a heat gun. Lay the figures out in the
bowl so that a part of them is touching one another, and
then start heating them up for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. Now you definitely wanna do this outside or in a very well ventilated
area to avoid any fumes. Once you have your first layer formed, simply add more figures
and melt them as well. Continue building your configuration while heating enough for
them to melt into each other. As it cools, go ahead and feel
around for any weak points. Once you’re happy with
it, let it cool down for several minutes and
remove your new mold from the mixing bowl. You’ll be left with and
interesting table piece that’s sure to stand out in
your kitchen or dining room. Now here’s a real simple way
to make an interesting gift from your old legos. Just rummage through your old set and find yourself a lego man, or woman, and a small base to place it on. Grab a mason jar and a lid. Now hot glue the lid pieces together to form a nice waterproof seal. While you have that hot glue gun out, go ahead and attach the lego base plate to the inside of the lid, and
then plop your lego person right on top. Fill up your mason jar with water, and do a couple tests to make
sure it isn’t gonna overflow when you screw the top back. The next part is simple, add
some glitter into the jar and stir it around a
bit so it’ll sink down. You can also add a small drop of dish soap and it’ll help give some
weight to that glitter. Now slowly screw the
lid back onto the jar. You might want a towel under it, just in case you have some overflow. Once it’s all secure, just shake it up and enjoy your lego snow globe. Bored on a Saturday? You can make a cool rubber band boat with just a handful of
items and a little hot glue. Attach two large soda
bottles together with glue. Adhere one paint mixer stick
to the outside of each bottle. You want it sticking out
about four to five inches from the back edge of each bottle. Now take two more paint
stick and glue them parallel to each other on
the top of each bottle. Wrap a few large rubber bands
around the two paint sticks that stick out the back, now
what you use here is up to you we preferred two wooden spoons,
and we cut the handles off roughly at half an inch from
where the neck meets the bowl of each spoon. Just glue them together
facing opposite directions and create a paddle, so to speak. Secure the paddle to the
middle of the rubber bands and wind it up for a
little DIY boating fun. You might have seen air
cannons at the toy store. They are a harmless
and fun way to fire off a ball of air at any target. You’ll need a large bucket, a drill, some plastic lining and a bungee ball. We took the bucket and put
a four inch circular hole in the center. Now if you don’t have
an attachment like this for your drill you can cut
it by hand with a small saw or just use a dremel tool. When that’s done, drill a small hole about halfway up the
bucket, and then do so on the other side as well. Now grab your bungee ball
and cut it right in half. Lay out some plastic
lining, this is typically used for painting, and
measure out a few layers to the size of the bucket’s opening end. Punch a small hole in the center using a knife of a screwdriver, and run the bungee ball right through it. Push everything into the bucket and then thread the
elastic through each hole on the side. Once you get them through,
just tie off a small knot and it’ll hold it in place. This is gonna be the
trigger for our air cannon. Stretch the plastic up around the edges and tape it down creating
a taught surface. Now you may need an
extra hand for this part if your bungee doesn’t
stretch out too far. Just make sure everything
is snug and secure. You can even apply a little extra tape under the bungee ball to
ensure that it doesn’t tear through the plastic. Pull back the ball and let it rip. Once you get your aim right, you can put a candle out
from across the room. I’ll be honest, this took about 10 takes to get it right. Do you have an old slinky laying around and wanna make sure that the
wildlife in your backyard gets well fed? Make this feeder with
a couple steel clamps, a metal slinky and a bag of nuts. You’ll need some thin wire or twist ties and a fastener as well. You can either use one large clamp or connect two together
to form a large circle. Just insert one end of the
clamps through the slinky, now stretch that crazy
slinky around the ring and secure it with a twist
tie or a piece of wire. Fill your feeder with a bag of peanuts through the opening at the top. And then finish securing
your slinky all together. Finally, attach a ring around the clamp at the top of your
feeder to hang it outside for birds or squirrels. This is a great weekend project, and it’ll add a little
flair to your backyard. Not hitting the basketball
court much anymore? Well why not take that
old deflated basketball and make a new use for it? You know, turn it into a
respectable flower pot. Just carefully cut a
large circle in the top of your deflated ball, grab
yourself a decent looking plant at the store. Slide it on in and set it out for display. You can hang them as well
with a few more steps, but this tabletop method
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here’s a couple more videos to check out and we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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