Fun With GarageBand Drummers (#1069)

Hi, this is Gary with On today’s episode let’s have some fun playing
around with Drummers in GarageBand. Let’s use GarageBand. I’m using version 10.0.3
for this. Let’s create an empty project and I’m going to add not a Software Instrument
or an Audio input but a Drummer. This will create the interface here for adding a Drummer. Now let’s get rid of the stuff here on the
left since we are not going to use it and just be able to see everything here for this
Drummer. We can change the Drummer right here by selecting
something different like say Alternative or Songwriter. All these different styles. But
notice the only one here that has the name in color is the one I have installed which
is the one installed by default. You can get the other drummers by going into
the GarageBand menu and you can download more sounds. You can select to download the Drummers.
But we’re just going to focus on this default one here called Kyle. We can select some presets here. Then we have
this matrix where we can select between loud and soft and simple and complex. We’ll see
that Drummer is inserted here with some sound. Let’s here what it sounds like if we just
use these settings. Now let’s look if we drag this down here to
simple and soft. Now let’s go to loud and complex. So we can experiment by moving the dot around
here, changing the preset, and also setting which parts of the drum kit to use and just
some settings that will change what is being played. So let’s try some things here. First I’m going
to get rid of this second piece here to the drummer set. Basically there are two pieces
you can select. I’m going to get rid of the second one and keep the first one here set
to loop. It’s going to loop through here. I’m going to change this section for the Drummer
and it is going to continue the loop so I can hear it as I experiment. You can see it changes right here instantly. I can even add things like tambourine, maracas,
and claps. I can change the fill. That will be a steady
constant there while this will fill more in. You can see right there and there. I can make
the drum swing a little. The great thing about all this is that there
are so many different settings and so many different ways you can change things that
you’ve got a much wider variety of drums than before. Before you just had a bunch that you could
choose from, a bunch of loops you could choose from. So even if you had a hundred loops chances
are if you made something original to put say as background music for a video or something
you were playing around with putting into a project you were working on it was going
to sound a little bit like what somebody else would have created in GarageBand. But now we have so many settings here, let
alone if you go and download all the other Drummers and their styles, that you can make
something that probably no one else has ever used or will ever use because your settings
will be unique.

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