Fun with Nail Foils

I am making a mess today because I am obsessed with foils (intro music) I’m Suzie, join me, we’re gonna have some fun with foils let’s get started (intro music) So I have a great assortment of foils and I will confess, they’re not mine one of the girls at work just started at my salon and she had a great collection so I stole them from her (laughing) she lent them to me so here’s a beautiful pattern, look a this one this one’s- they’re hard to roll up and get back in the little tubes so these ones were just kinda separate but look at that Camera Man: woooh huh, Camera Man likes shiny things look how beautiful that is and then there’s this one just is- like a plain foil wait till you see what this stuff does and this one’s a pattern it’s kind of that, um, gasoline kinda look okay the designs are- oop I was distracted by shiny things look at this one look at that oooohhhh that’s beautiful Camera Man: I like it the designs are honestly endless here I mean I just can’t even look at the pattern on this one mmmm so I have to focus here I’ll just get totally carried away so I did sorta have an idea and what I decided, I’m gonna pick these two these things are kinda tricky though there’s a lot of tricks to foils to make it work right and if you’re a nail technician and you’re doing this at the end of your nail appointment the last thing you want is it to be tricky and a pain it’s gonna drive you nuts you want something quick that looks gorgeous so I’m gonna give you a few tips to make it look effortless and make it be effortless and look gorgeous I’m gonna work with these guys so let me just take them out my goodness I think one of the reasons why I’m in this industry is because I just love the selections of color and design, look at that Camera Man: oh, I love that one isn’t that- you’ll like this one Camera Man because you like green well green and blue are your favorite, I believe, cause of the ocean, right? Camera Man: yeah look Camera Man: woah that is cool
Suzie: isn’t that, isn’t that really cool? so I was just kinda playing around and I was gonna go with the red, I will be honest with you that was tuggin’ at me but I’m gonna do this, okay so I’ve decided to put it against a blue because I thought it’d be a great backdrop for the blue with the green so what I’ve done here is I’ve got two coats of my color, and it’s called keeping Suzie at bay I seem to go for that color, I’ve used this one before and if I’m looking for a flawless finish I will put a coat or two of the gel polish on then I will remove the sticky layer before I top coat then I’ll slightly buff it and just get rid of any little bump or crevice or anything like that anything that’s not perfect then I will take a lint free pad and I will remove the dust now I’ve already done that, I’ve already filed them, I’ve already got my two layers on and I’ve already filed them and I’m removing the dust and now I’m gonna put that third coat of color on there and I’m gonna cure it nuke it and then we can apply this, this must go to a sticky layer it’s not gonna work with a non-sticky layer it has to be applied to a sticky layer yes I’m shaking I shake everything and it even actually says- does it say? shake well before use OPI says shake well before use so it’s all good okay so I’m gonna bring this over here for a sec just put a nice thinned coat (chill music) so I’m gonna give it about a 30 second nuke this is the fun part this is so cool this is where it gets a little bit sticky so you wanna take a piece of it cut it off and then you wanna take it on a tray or a flat surface not on a towel, it doesn’t work as well you want to spray the backside spray the backside and then wipe it okay you want to wipe off that back layer, look at that Camera Man: eeeww yeah, it’s working yeah get rid of that, yuck and then you want to, I always get this confused it is actually the backside down okay and you literally just hold and press and you come off of it see how it’s coming off? (chill music) and you can actually see it, see how it’s coming off? hence, sort of like a transfer tape the foil is actually releasing off of this and going onto the nail see that? (chill music) this is where it becomes a little bit tricky it doesn’t always work I’m gonna do the same with the green, I’m combining the two together I heard a lot of people say that they can’t seem to make it work something happens with the back of it, doesn’t seem to really work I don’t have a ton of different ones, these aren’t even mine, I’m borrowing Dawn’s at work, so I haven’t used a lot of different brands I don’t even know what brand this is (chill music) so sometimes people are complaining that they don’t always work, and it’s true, they don’t always work but just make sure, sometimes I forget you gotta do a different section of it cause you’re trying to release it see that’s not really working on that side- oop that worked that time (chill music) oh yeah (chill music) you gotta press kinda hard-ish (chill music) look at that very cool (chill music) so I’m gonna get another swatch it’s no- not over saturated just maybe one squirt, how’s that? let’s try that and then I will wipe the back of it ew sure is gross, isn’t it? maybe try not to get too much oils on the other side, that’s probably ooh look at that that’s a big patch (chill music) cut a blue one (chill music) okay just gonna hold the one side don’t touch it with the oils in my skin oh yeah like that oh I’m so silly, I go with the same spot all the time I need to hold it in a different spot go with this finger now kinda have to press hard-ish (chill music) maybe let me sit it on top of here maybe it doesn’t like to seep any of it underneath? that’s just gonna troubleshoot that (chill music) that stuck on my skin it does look cool though, doesn’t it? Camera Man: kind of like an abstract painting yep, that’s what it is I’m an artist Camera Man: yeah it’s nice I faked my way through it but that looks really cool the great thing about this, you can do it on any length long stilettos, nice little short nails, it looks good on anything very cool let’s top coat them up (chill music) these are looking really cool, when they’re cured, we’ll check out the reveals (reveal music) this is a great quick beautiful, abstract as Camera Man said it’s a beautiful design, you can do it so fast I’m teaching a class right now, I cannot wait to show my students this technique thank you for joining me, and I’ll see you in the next video (outtro music)

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  1. I love, love these! And also how involved and entertained camera guy always is but especially in this video 😂

  2. I never knew you could do it without glue! Awesome Suzie, thanks for sharing that. But what's with the brown layer you're removing with water? I have a whole drawer of foils, and they're all on clear Mylar, no brown layer, I get them from born pretty and Amazon. I absolutely love my foils. Try a nice grey shade with abalone shell foil or see thru holo snakeskin print. Classy.

  3. I have had this happen with foil papers while I've been scrapbooking, which I always found annoying. I never once considered doing it to my nails but this is Gorgeous! I must give it a try!

  4. Suzie, please keep the foils in their jars. Insert your finger in the middle and slip out the end leaving the rest in the jar. Cut only what your design calls for. The foil can be put back in jar easily. It keeps them pristine for future uses. ✂️

  5. Ooooouuu, Blue Green Opal Nails! Purdie❣️❣️❣️ I'll try this on white. Lovely. 👸🏻

  6. I’m a newbie and have some questions. I’m sitting here with all my foils etc. in front of me! Why buff after the second coat of colour? I understand a gently buffed layer will adhere the third coat better but I wondered it also effects the way in which foil adheres? I’ve not seen nor heard of anyone wiping the foil with alcohol before use either so I’m very curious to see what happens when I do that. I suspect that foiling transfers are quite an imperfect science and that each brand varies.

  7. Found your chanel not that long time ago and I TOTALLY LOVE IT !!!!!
    You are so sweet and professional!!!!)))))))))

  8. Wow…I didn't know to spray first. I did this for the first time before watching your video and I had a hard time trying to figure out how to get the design on to the nail 🤣

  9. I recently subscribed to this channel. I have a nerve condition that hurts whenever someone touches me. So, I do my own nails and I like the tips and tricks the pros show to use the products. I have learned a lot since watching Suzie's videos. Some techniques like the foil really look fun and easy. My manicures look so much better. Thank you for sharing these and I look forward to seeing more.

  10. I love your videos. I'm very depressed and spend a lot of time just… in bed. So this is a nice, calm thing to watch. Thank you so much

  11. They look like opal there beautiful! I want to do nails so bad but money is tight so little by little I’ll get my stuff together. You really inspired me to let my creativity out on nails and I can’t wait 😊 if you have any old nail things u don’t want I’ll definitely take them off your hands lol 😝 keep up the amazing work I love your channel ❤️❤️

  12. I’ve been using foils for almost 5 years. My customers love them. It’s a fast way to glam up a look and make quick cash. Not all foils are created equal and some are hit and miss. One of the issues: doesn’t stick after use. The sticky layer gets messed up after using one color and you’ll have issues trying to get another color on. I use small pieces and hold them together that way all the colors transfer at once. Another tip: after you use a section and you find it’s not sticking: you can wipe the back again with alcohol and it will clean the foil and you can keep using it. There’s different glues available but one of the best brands for foil sticking: Shellac. It is one of the stickiest brands. The base coat is also a good way to get a foil to stick. If you’re using a different brand gel polish: apply, cleanse the sticky layer off your color (gently) apply the Shellac base; cure and then stick your foil. Top coat as usual. Sorry for the wall of text. I hope this helps.

  13. I have foil nails! My cousin is a nail tech and owner of her own shop so I got a discount for great service and fantastic nails. I love them!

  14. I’m gobsmacked, I genuinely assumed foils were nail wraps and you had some sort of way, of transferring them on to nails. This is such a fun project

  15. Mrs .Suzie your videos are "AWESOME SAUCE"!!! ….I love just watching your videos, it brings a calm wave over you, so relaxing, I can watch you for hours talk about anything lol…👉.#ASMR# 👈 (hint-hint)😉 love your channel…thank😘

  16. I LOVE THESE NAILS! Your thumbnail (No pun intended!) looks like a gorgeous pain of Opal earnings I have 😍😍 One day I’ll ask my nail tech if she could do these 😍😍

  17. candycouturedesigns ​@t 20 water decals DIY Manicure versace gold Black full nail 5 sizes very trendy​@t​

  18. Susie u didn’t mention if you needed to clean sticky off after foil application and before final top coat. Thanks. I’m totally addicted to your channel…and I don’t even do nails. Go figure. I find myself watching them until I fall asleep at night. Thank you for sharing. You’re an awesome master technician with an awesome spirit. God bless you and cameraman. He’s awesome too.

  19. 💖💖♥ .•:*¨¨*♥💖💖 THANKS for showing a different way (correct way) to do this. It makes so much sense now. I've been doing the foils WRONG this whole time. My nails came out beautifully but the foils would always peel up…yes, peel up after 1 day! LOL! I won't go into details because I feel, well stupid. I have confidence now. Thank goodness I only did my own and no one else's nails.

  20. I ADORE your videos. And I tried this method, but it didn't work for me. I ended up buying adhesive polish. I have found that you can use that over regular nail polish or gel polish and wait until it dries clear – about 8-10 mins. Then you can apply the foil as Suzie did – but it comes off a LOT in this way. Makes it easy to cover a whole nail, but if you want to mimic her lovely green and blues just touch the back carefully in tiny spots. You don't need to wipe down the ones I got, which came from China (gasp!). But when you are done normal top coats will usually make it dull – do a gel top coat and nuke as Suzie did for a shiny finish.

  21. When I do foils I rub them and more comes off. Just do it gently with a cotton round or an cotton stick.

  22. I’ve noticed she always starts polishing with her middle finger… if I didn’t start with my pinkie I would be such a mess

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