Fun with Physics at Cal Day

– Our goal is to give you some
of the feel for the very wide range of phenomena of
things that people do, have a little bit of fun, and
get you excited about this. One, two, three. (gasping) – I’m gonna close my eyes,
and I’m gonna calculate where the bowling ball comes back to. Put ’em out! He slowed down. It’s easy to slow things down. Pull ’em in. And he speeds back up again. Okay, now just rotate it over. All the way over, all the way over. (gasping) That’s the second can
that it went through. They just float. And if I hit it right
I can get it to spin. The thing is getting smaller
and smaller and smaller. What you’re hearing, you’re applying heat to the water until finally it boils
at its high temperature, it starts to rise, which
is kind of cool, right? Michaela is extremely brave. Watch her hair. See it frost up. Three, two, one. (applause) Yeah, there’s up. This is light not moving
in a straight line. The light isn’t nearly as interesting as the information that it can prove. You can use that colored infrared lighter, that frequency of infrared light, to tell temperature. Every object produces infrared light at a color or wavelength that corresponds to its temperature. (upbeat music)

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  1. We're doing "Fun with Physics" again twice on Cal Day, April 18th. Come by LeConte Hall to see & (if you're a kid) take part!


  2. Conservation of momentum fails in an inertial reference frame different from the center-of-mass reference frame.

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