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Time Kid,” with Mya. [GIGGLING] Hi, I’m Mya. Today on “Full Time Kid,” we’ll
be learning about rubber bands. Rubber bands are made
from the rubber tree. The rubber band was invented
in England on March 17, 1845 by Stephen Perry. He invented the rubber band
to hold papers together, but we can do much
more with them. You can make a rubber band ball
by bunching up a few rubber bands and continually wrapping
them with other rubber bands, like this. The largest rubber band
ball weighs 9,032 pounds and was made by Joe Waul. You can make a rubber band gun
by wrapping the rubber band around your hand, like this. You can even make
a rubber band chain by linking rubber bands
together, like this. The longest rubber band
chain I hear is 1.32 miles and was created by
11-year-old Allison Coach. You can also make shapes
and letters, like this. Star, X, Y, B, L, I, O. Or
you can make a rubber band instrument by
wrapping rubber bands around a plastic
container, like this. And the last thing I want to
show you is a magic trick. I’m going to make these
two rubber bands switch. Watch carefully. Ta da! That’s it. Thanks for learning about
rubber bands on “Full Time Kid.” Bye! (LAUGHING) Sorry. I can’t make a straight face. OK, one more time. One more time. Hi. Today on– [SPEAKING GIBBERISH] I forgot what I
was going to say. Hi, I’m Mya. Hi, I’m Mya. Today on “Full Time Kid,” we– [SPEAKING GIBBERISH]

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