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Do you know what, I’m gonna be totally real with you guys I Okay this shirt I look… It’s a cute shirt trust me it’s just it’s this angle that’s bad for it and, I’m not gonna go change so… Wearing a different shirt now I’m not, gonna lie to you guys i searched the web for hours yesterday trying to find a fun thanksgiving recipe because as we all know thanksgiving is in a few days, weeks. I don’t know I’m no Thanksgiving specialist but, it’s coming up and I wanted to make a thanksgiving recipe for the fam for the squad cooking with Emma, squad. But no. I could not find anything that inspired me. Instead we’re making funfetti cake. Welcome back to another installment of cooking with, Emma. I know, we all love it. Well, especially me. I think I’m the one who loves it the most. It’s fun. Actually, do you know what? Hold on a sec. Oh this? I am taking cooking with, Emma to a, whole new, level this season. no. This episode. Usually I have to like get my hands all dirty and then i try to touch my phone to like See the recipe and then I like scroll in my photo album to like find the recipe that i screenshot it and it takes forever but now I got it right here so this already is going off to a fucking swagging start. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan… anyone can eat it basically unless you’re, like, allergic to sprinkles I don’t know. Preheat the oven to 350. This is old hat for me ok I’ve been doing this for months. I’m feeling like this might be the episode where I don’t have an epic fail. Don’t wanna jinx it though. Ow. Is this even oven safe? Made in USA. Oven wear…Oven wear. This can work in the oven. Or so I think. Oil that shit up baby. Oil it up! I’m gonna use coconut oil today to grease this shit because I don’t know about you but I am a health guru. ooooooooo! woooooo! Sorry I kinda got carried away there. Okay also this camera angle is ass. My camera setup for cooking with Emma is different angle every single time It’s just different, okay, so it’s hard for me to set this up. The large mixing, bowl, combine all dry ingredients. Ew. I’m never doing that again. Big bowl. How big though? By large, bowl, do you mean like this or do you, mean like this? I don’t know if you guys bake a lot like I do… if you start like mixing all your ingredients in a small ass bowl, that is just a recipe for disaster. You will have flour and shit all over your kitchen because it’s just–you can’t! So the bigger, bowl is better. Even though this is impossible to wash. I am not hashtag privileged. A hashtag kardashian and I don’t have a dishwasher so I have to hand wash this shit. And it’s huge! First ingredient… oh, shit. The first ingredient is already complicated because this recipe is gluten free, we basically are using oats as flour. But obviously oats, as you can see here, are big! So I have to grind them up myself. Ugh! I feel like I’m literally in the 1300s grinding with a fucking windmill or some shit. So we have to use our blender today I’m just gonna use one of these little pussy blender cups, because like, that’s just the best option. That was one of the worst things that ever happened to me odhh i didn’t say, what i’m making, okay? I don’t even think i said what i was making i’m making fun fetty, cake That’s a mess i love funfetti i think funfetti is one of the best kinds of cake in my opinion, do you Want this this is gonna be too small this is gonna be way too small, we need the food processor? Where is it i don’t know i have no clue, where is it i’m at? A loss for words i don’t know, where it is oh here it is yes? See, that’s much better i’m kind of hopeful for this episode i think it might be good for me i think it might be really Good for me now it’s time for emma to attempt to use this i have no clue, how To, use it okay so far so good power on? Maybe this isn’t gonna, be so bad after all i’ve never made my, own flower before i feel like a pilgrim Speaking of pilgrims it’s almost thanksgiving i personally am not the biggest fan of thanksgiving it’s just not my fav Okay, thanksgiving for me i like it but, because i’m a vegetarian i don’t have That many food options that i can eat so like it’s not as fun for me as it is for everyone else on the other Hand i do celebrate black friday? Often pre-heated when you learn, about the history of thanksgiving it’s kind of depressing but, we all talk, about that so this is our sweetener? It smells so odd it always smells weird oh my god i never bought, my measuring cups out sorry, yeah, oh, also if you, want to know something fun i One tablespoon of baking powder that’s a lot of fucking baking powder that’s so much I don’t know How to feel, about that hopefully i don’t get poisoned i don’t know. Anyway, okay, now, we mix this You know most people have a whisk at their house it does the job and it does it just fine but My, house, my house is a little bit different because in this house, we raise baking gurus in this house, we have mini whisks If you, have seen, some cooking with, us with, me of course you’re, familiar with, the mini whisk, but if you have not then please, meet my little friend this is my mini whisk he’s honestly the star of this show Moral for is mini whisks are better than regular whisks and i don’t need to discriminate looks like something gordon ramsay Would probably shit out of his, ass one cup of freaking, milk jesus christ Well i’m using almond milk today because guess, what, this recipe is vegan so oh This, recipe called for a flax, egg, which is basically like When you mix flax seeds with water and it forms like a gel and it’s supposed to be like in a kind of well see I didn’t want to do that because that seemed like a lot of work So i’m actually going to be using 1/4 cup of applesauce instead because i googled it and it said that applesauce can Replace eggs in any recipe that might be where i fuck upl this could be the end at the same time i was not trying to Make a flax, egg, so like it was just this is just how. It had to be vanilla extract Let’s see if we fucking spill this today Fuck I already, spilled it i uh i always spill the vanilla *gasp* again? are you kidding? I totally jinxed it Last ingredient, well not quite nut butter in the recipe it says you can, choose any nut butter You, want but it says, we recommend? cashew Butter which is weird but it’s even better because that means all of you guys with peanut allergies or? Even almond allergies you guys are safe to eat this recipe you are welcome a hashtag versatility, okay? You’re, welcome anyways cashew, butter i don’t know how i feel about it on its, own but in recipes i’ve actually Had it in recipes and it is phenom You know so it says 1/2 cup of melted I have a bunch in front of my microwave right now let’s move it out of the way That’s up to pee so bad if you pee so bad but like i’m not gonna go because, oh? I’m busy right now. Cashew, butter, is sticky as fuck that’s probably, why, we’re supposed to microwave it, oh? sorry, neighbors and Okay, we’re gonna warm this up for 30-second intervals it doesn’t tell me how Many sprinkles to add it just says, add sprinkles so like this is gonna be fuckin wild can i also tell a story About them i bought these sprinkles this one too getting these sprinkles, was not easy, may i also mention getting this Cashew, butter, was not easy i had to go to two stores to get this cashew Butter i had to go to three stores to get the sprinkles wow Okay, i kind of explained that badly, okay, so first i start out By, going to trader joe’s they, did not have sprinkles or cashew, butter then, i went to whole foods They, had cashew, butter, which i then purchased, but they, did not have sprinkles at all then i went cvs And i was like they must have sprinkles no it was walgreens, fuck you Walgreens They had literally every kind of baking thing that you would ever need, along with 15 different flavors of jell-o but they did not have any sprinkles so then last but not least i go to safeway, shout out to you safeway, i found exactly the sprinkles that I needed did I just burn this? Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew, maybe I did just burn this i don’t know Okay, now it looks like it’s time to actually, add the sprinkles i’m adding a bunch, okay i’m sorry They’re all sinking to the bottom look, they all sunk to the bottom i can’t even see it okay that That was a sound i’m sad to say it but the mini whisk has to go into retirement for now Because this is a big, bowl and it requires the big guns i don’t know About you but i like a Ton of in funfetti i don’t like it to be just like every once in a while you get a little color spec i like There to be fucking color specs muffin, everywhere, okay, this matter smells so, weird so we’re two balls deep in it now you, that’s a gross Okay, anyway i’m to add more sprinkles fish i knew that this was gonna happen i was gonna go overboard i’m gonna go overboard that’s So much better Okay, i think we’re. Like almost done which is like really weird if you like, these videos always go by so quick Because like i’m just like a really efficient, baker i’m just really efficient in the kitchen There’s one of those pour batter into greased baking dish and top with extra sprinkles Right balls i mean, okay so this is my, baking dish It kind of looks nasty it literally kind of looks like, ass no no not like Ass it looks like actually poop feces have you heard of her, oh, oh? oh Okay, i ate too much okay She’s so cute, okay, she’s going in the oven now 25 minutes baby Normally i’d be really upset that i’d have to wait 25 minutes for this to be done but in the meantime i have another assignment I have to make the glaze because obviously this is cake, not so it needs to have like Some sort of frosting classic glaze on the top obviously Okay, two tablespoons of coconut, butter You, don’t know, what coconut butter is i don’t either so that’s fine where’s my tablespoon i’m freaking out, oh? oh i grew in the same shit this is so hard that’s what she said coconut butter is so hard i Can’t even get it out. Okay, that’s like i’m gonna work out for the rest of the year 15 seconds on the clock Next step it’s adds two scoops of protein powder to the coconut butter so i have all of these i don’t know Which one to use i’m super ripped if you can’t see so, my, like, main food group is protein powder so i have a lot, laying around, and Where’s, my, fucking mini whisk She i have to piss i have to piss i’ve had to pee this entire filming process Half the reason, why i talk so fast because they, always have to pee this, makes me nervous Because protein powder to me actually, like realtalk protein powder is kind of doesn’t taste good i mean i love the effects? Because it makes me fucking ripped Oh it has like nice little vanilla beans in it that’s so cute it has like little vanilla beans in it that’s an artsy bro Okay, i mean it’s not the worst thing i’ve had i mean it’s up there but it’s not that bad i can definitely consume this On top of cake especially yeah count, me in so i should probably clean up my station this is my Melis hair part about fucking with, emma, is it i’d actually clean up after myself which is appalling? Why’d i do that, why, did that why, did i do that i really? Don’t want to clean this up i do not, want to clean this up right now i do not Want to clean it up i don’t ever want to clean up ever if it was up to me i don’t know i just would Never clean up again It’s ready let’s see how it looks look at her she looks kind of good i think i can’t really no Oh, i think she’s done Okay, so this is i have to let, it sit for another five minutes which, is kind of a long time and i’m a Little bit pissed, because like i was ready to eat but all good things come with time All right it looks like i’ll see you little sweetie babe It’s time to, assemble the pie i mean cake, what the fuck we’re. Just gonna, add that glaze straight on over? Look at that We are so cute together she didn’t really hold, together too, well but she Also, is kind of brown, which i guess is what you would expect, if he trying to make healthy, cake But it’s all about the flavor let’s just have a nice bite She’s not great you know, she sucks i’m mad don’t make this at home i tried, okay? I, did she said it didn’t work out, oh? But i hope you have fun with me anyways if you Did give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down below Anything you want i love you all so much appreciate every single last one of you and i can’t, wait to see you next time you

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