Funko Pop Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Unboxing Exclusives

welcome back everybody for another cooltoy unboxing. today in honor of the 25th anniversary is Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers we’re going to take a look at the white tiger Megazord Funko pop as
well as Goldar and pudgy the pig from Gamestop exclusive coming up so for those of you not already aware
Funko is yet again coming back to Power Rangers and teaming up for these 25th
anniversary special edition Funko pops of which they will be releasing a Rita
Repulsa a Lord Zedd gold are individual Rangers without their helmets so you’ll
get a Billy Tommy Jason Kimberley Zak and Trini all
without their morphing helmets also books-a-million will also have an
exclusive where has Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa two and one GameStop will also
have two exclusives they will have the pudgy pig seen right here as well as the
pumpkin wrapper which is set to be released at the beginning of September
also there was a black and gold Megazord that was exclusive to power morphicon
this year an entertainment earth also has a glow-in-the-dark Megazord
and last but not least target you can find the 10 inch Dino Ultra Zords
this thing looks massive and it looks amazing
but enough about all that let’s go ahead and take a closer look at these shall we
so first up we have pledgie pig and if you’re not already aware pudgy Pig was
in episode number 2 the very first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
so there you can see the side box you can see the six Rangers as well Lord
Zedd and Goldar get a little side again and once again
GameStop exclusive so let’s go ahead and open this up and take a closer look at
him does not stand well alright so looking at him the first thing that
stands out is this Funko is not so much a bobblehead but a just head head with
legs there’s a very small torso obviously there’s no articulation this
is not a bobble head but nice silver paint on the utensils well overspray on the feet that’s okay can’t tell if that’s supposed to be
saliva honest I was lip there or or if this is just some scuffs but there he is
looks pretty cool I’m very happy with him the next up we have gold our side
art number 667 once again picture of the six helmetless Rangers Rita Repulsa Lord
Zedd and gold are on the back side image alright let’s go ahead and open him up
free him from his prison okay again I don’t know why I’m getting ones that
don’t stand very well there’s just the weight of the head so let’s take a
closer look at him there we go get some dust on him nice gold paint job not
exactly pure metallic it doesn’t have any kind of like silver flakes in it but
it’s a very gold gold for gold or of course but it’s very pretty gold it’s
not like a mustard or anything like that good job on his wings nice detail there that’s probably it he’s got that heal
that doesn’t want to stand very well good job on his neck collar alright yeah
there’s gold our reader repulses number-one henchman kind of her strong
man so to speak and last but not least is the Hot Topic exclusive
White Tiger Zord number 668 again nice picture I really
like that what they did here with a like the little laser you got the red the
blue the pink yellow obviously you can’t really do black so much but if they got
this you know a little laser design on the outside of the box to represent each
of the five main Rangers against even got a little silhouetted of the
lightning bolt for the Power Rangers in the background really like what they did
there in the side let’s go ahead and open him up alright so he is obviously a
much bigger figure six six inch figure here very top-heavy on the top side but
you know they’ve even went to excruciating detail and putting the
white tiger logo on his forearms they’re really like what they did there it’s
something that they could easily just put a gold circle and called it good but
now they they they did it justice they give him his exact logo as he should
have had nice tiger paint in the middle they did a really good job even you can
get the Reds of the eyes looks really really good a little bit of overspray
there on his forearm there but it’s okay yeah nice nice detail all-around good
paint quality it’s at very top-heavy so if you’re putting him on a shelf you
might want to put him towards the bottom but he looks he looks great
obviously big fan of the white tigers old I thought it was a great great Zord
and or addition to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lore when he first
premiered obviously as a kid I was blown and super saddened when the Green Ranger
lost his powers and essentially was no longer on the team but I was very happy
to see you know not not too long afterwards that he was revitalized with
white ranger powers and brought back and for the most part that’s everybody’s fan
favorite Tommy so let me know in the comments below what do you what do you
guys think of these Funko pops are you gonna get these new 25th anniversary
ones are you just gonna hold off I personally like them I think it’s a neat
change of pace to see the ones without the helmet as well as to see the Zords
and the the villains that are also gonna be relief who’s your favorite power
ranger what’s your favorite power ranger season let me know because I am a super
power ranger mega fan so to speak and I absolutely love all things Power Rangers
and I’d love to talk power interests with you guys so until next time peace why are you giving your baby

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  1. I like the Zed but I’ll put it on the bottom of my list of things I want to buy right now. I’ve never been a funko pop fan though some look cool. Pudgy reminds me of me after a long day at work. If I decide to buy any for the first time, Lord Zed and Pudgy Pig are it.

  2. Oh my god… you opened it. I could or would never ever do that to my Pop Funko. Sorry, Bud but this video was hard to watch. I'm a HUGE collector & I just CAN'T do that. Love the video though 👍

  3. I've never been a PR fan but these look choice! I may have to pick up the bad guys… The Goldar that I remember was from The Space Giants. I could only wish 🙁

  4. Does the "Black and Gold" colourway of the zords hold any show significance? There's a black and gold version of the dinozord as well but not sure why.

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